Acne treatment in Canberra

Greta 22 June 2010 16

Can anybody recommend a good skin clinic or doctor for acne treatment in Canberra?

Pimply greetings,


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16 Responses to Acne treatment in Canberra
zllauh zllauh 2:30 am 24 Jul 15

Hi Greta ,
I dropped my acne a few months back to their own backyard. Finally Got rid of them and now my self confidence is back on the rise.

Got the treatment done by .

The Clinic is opposite to the Kingston shops.

Pimple goodluck :p

ex-vectis ex-vectis 9:54 am 13 Aug 10

Hia Greta, as someone who was plagued with zits (face & chest mainly) as a teen I can 100% recommend Roaccutane (i think that might be a commercial name, sorry Johnboy) as it totally cured me. I’d tried all the creams, soaps, diets, and pills that were available but all no good.

Depression had started to kick in and as a last resort my GP put me on to a dermatologist. The dermatologist decided to try me on a new (it was 1983ish) drug called Roaccutane. It was horrible. My lips cracked and bled a bit, i had nose bleeds, my eyes were dry and painful, i had to visit the GP regularly to check for suicidal tendencies (a possible side effect), it was just dreadful. Even the zits GOT WORSE!! After the 6-month course I was taken off the drug and the lips/eyes/nose/etc cleared up, but the Zit problem went away and never returned. I’ve slight indentations and marks from my zits, but otherwise great skin now!

So, as dundle said, if it really is badly affecting you get yourself to a Dermy asap. Roaccutane is probably a last resort (really, being on it is NOT nice! And whatever you do, dont get pregnant while on it. To be totally sure i wouldn’t get pregnant, I went on the pill and i’m male!), and you may have a different cause which could make Roaccutane (lets see just how many times I can say the name! :-)) wrong for you (I had ‘Acne Vulgaris’ – whatever that is… Just bad bad zits as far as I’m concerned), but at least there IS a possiblility for you.

Hope that helped 🙂


PS. – Just found a page of info,

    johnboy johnboy 10:02 am 13 Aug 10

    Do we look like the ABC??? Commercial names are fine.

JumpingTurkey JumpingTurkey 1:41 pm 21 Jul 10

There are a variety of treatments for acne – dermatologist will undoubtedly give you excellent advice but 95% of people will be satisfied with treatment that can be provided by a good GP. A combination of effective skin hygiene (including twice a day wash with Clearasil or something similar) and one or two types of skin treatments (some which are prescription medicine) and patience (acne typically worsens after 2-3 weeks of treatment, then improves after that) will be enough for most people.

dundle dundle 8:50 pm 22 Jun 10

Probably best to see your GP and ask for a referral to a dermatologist. Though GPs can give you stuff that often works.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 7:36 pm 22 Jun 10

Alternatively, get some silver nitrate in powder form, mix a couple of spoons into a cup of warm water and dab it onto your skin. Pretty soon you won’t have an issue with acne at all.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 7:30 pm 22 Jun 10

Scrub it hard with warm salty water.

Azza Azza 7:15 pm 22 Jun 10

Hi Greta,

Go and see Dr Dianna Rubel at the Corrina Chambers. She is a skin specialist and very good at clearing up acne.

SmileOnTrial SmileOnTrial 3:37 pm 22 Jun 10

Ive got some cream for that.

thy_dungeonman thy_dungeonman 12:50 pm 22 Jun 10

is that you Greta?

Chupachup Chupachup 12:31 pm 22 Jun 10

Like Conan said any docotor can prescribe some drugs that may or may not work and they can be very nast things. The strongest drug is Roaccutane, it does the job but it’s a harsh ride and has side effects that read like a horror story, but like I said it does the job.

A good alternative I found was the Danne Montague-King range

PBO PBO 11:54 am 22 Jun 10

Hi Greta,

This may sound a bit weird but maybe you should go on the pill (birth control type) as one of the side effects is that it clears up acne. Some women who have acne and who go on the pill tend to find their acne improves because the female hormone oestrogen in the pill counteracts the acne producing effect of androgens in womens bodies. My ex used to do this and it works.

Marvin_78 Marvin_78 11:29 am 22 Jun 10

* Complexions

I was a little quick off the mark.

Marvin_78 Marvin_78 11:28 am 22 Jun 10

I can’t speak personally, but Clear Complextions totally sorted my friend out.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 10:29 am 22 Jun 10

Any doctor can prescribe a swathe of drugs that may or may not work.

Davo111 Davo111 9:20 am 22 Jun 10

I think you should be looking for a dermatologist if the skin is that bad.

best of luck

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