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ACT Budget – They’ve done it again!

By PantsMan 4 March 2010 67

The ACT Budget is broken again.  Where should the repairs begin?

Here’s my wish list:

* 500+ jobs from the public service – What does Tourism ACT do?

* close the Arboretum.

* contract out TAMS.

* close a few more schools.

* kidnap the Governor-General until the Feds hand over more money.

What’s Your opinion?

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67 Responses to
ACT Budget – They’ve done it again!
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peterh 2:37 pm 15 Mar 10

Thoroughly Smashed said :

* contract out TAMS

That’ll turn out well.

Why not redeploy the staff in intact back into the departments from whence they originally came, close it down, this will remove the “management fee” for all purchases by intact, and for the staff left over, can you say job cuts? got to be a viable cost cutting exercise…

DavoDavo 2:45 pm 12 Mar 10

Genie said :

make the alexander mochonochie luxury motel a user-pays abode?


Wanna save money, I say start with Centrelink !
– Cut off anyone who has been on unemployment benefits for longer than 6 months and hasn’t worked a single day in that 6 months.
– Reassess everyone on a disability. (I’m sorry but Chronic Fatigue is not an illness worth being on a disability pension for over 5 years)
– Fire 50% of the bloody useless and rude staff that work there.
– Save paper and cash by NOT sending out a million forms each week.
– Single parent income / Unemployed ? Well hang on, how come you claim you don’t work and your in a Government house and you want more money coz your broke but your house is full of plasma’s and game consoles and you pay for your children to go to private schools ??

Next – Go over to Medicare….
Why are things like plastic surgery available for rebates ? Why does anyone get to use the “Free” medical clinics.

Ok sorry…. must end rant, or I never will.

I totally agree (dunno about Centrelink staff though as I never go there, however – why only fire 50% of the rude and useless buggers? Fire ALL the rude and useless! :-)).

miz 10:49 am 09 Mar 10

Another statue is now in the pipeline – a statue of Lauren Jackson. FFS.

miz 7:09 pm 07 Mar 10

kakosi, if only! and pantsman, our family uses the library a lot, and would use it even more it were actually open on public holidays when I have more time 🙁 ( Not happy Jon – it’s always closed when it would most suit me, it seems).

And it won’t solve our money woes to keep selling off land to developers – land is finite and is only a temporary fix. I reckon ACT govt should just stick to the basic council business (roads, mowing, rubbish, public transport, and other general tidytown stuff) and stop swanning about doing State stuff. While I know the govt must participate in State level education and health, surely they can cull the non-essentials like horrid public art and the travesties like selling off the family silver (eg Kingston foreshore).

It also does no good to keep bagging public housing – it’s a community service. However, it would be nice if they could implement a decent loan scheme (maybe through a bond scheme?), so good tenants could purchase their home from them. I personally would jump at that chance if only I could get a loan.

Genie 6:04 pm 07 Mar 10

OMG I agree on wasting money resurfacing roads… My street didn’t need doing but was done a few months back, it doesn’t get much traffic the gravel still on the road is ridiculous. My bro-in-law almost lost it on the end of the street on his motorbike, and even turning into the street you cant go more than about 10kph for fear of losing it in the gravel.

The amount of roadworks going on in Canberra is insane! I loved the article in CanberraNews recently about what Obama was going to see when he’s here in a few weeks, the pictures were all our major roads and icons with roadworks going on.

Seriously pick one area and employ all the staff on that one project and get it finished quicker. I swear they refill the potholes at the Belconnen Interchange roadworks every week because of how bad they are. I cant remember the last time i drove somewhere and didn’t see roadworks

SammyLivesHere 2:03 pm 07 Mar 10

Some of the things I see as cost saving include:

1. Review the policy for people who have regular jobs renting housing commission homes
2. Bring in more speed cameras in the local streets and revenue raise for infrastructure improvements (speeding could finance footpath upgrades, road works and signage in a suburb).
3. Close more schools where the population has changed demographics to cater for the residents.
4. Stop employing contractors in IT earning lots of $ but not improving services – I mean how much has the IT system at the Goal really cost us?
5. Sponsor Neighbourhood watch initiatives – to get the community back in the mood of getting to know their neighbours, could reduce overall policing costs.
6. Collect all outstanding monies – even from dipos.

sepi 11:47 am 07 Mar 10

Road resurfacing does seem to be on some sort of timetable, rather than needs based. Hackett shop carpark was recently done – It never seemed to need it to me. Whereas parts of limestone Ave and Nthbourne continually develop potholes in the same spots that just get occaisionally filled in, which lasts til the next rain.

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