ACT Government wins “Dirty Ashtray Award”

johnboy 24 August 2005 53

ABCC Online is reporting on the AMA’s broadsides at our local government’s smoking-in=bars-and-restaurants legislation.

[The] stance on smoking is illogical and makes a complete mockery of the intent of the original legislation.

If illogical legislation keeps winning awards the ACT Government is going to need a mighty big trophy cabinet.

On the other hand the AMA’s argument that the whims of non-smokers (of which I am one) should take absolute priority seems a bit flimsy to me. I want a dinner date with Angelina Jolie but I don’t expect (nor particularly desire) for it to be legislated.

53 Responses to ACT Government wins “Dirty Ashtray Award”
Maelinar Maelinar 10:55 am 24 Aug 05

Just think mr Face, in 6 years you will be allowed to drink Fosters. I’m sure you’re looking forward to it.

ufuckface ufuckface 10:41 am 24 Aug 05

I appreciate the words, I don’t beleive them though…and nothing you can say will make me.

Comment by Samuel Gordon-Stewart

say what please learn how to talk in english!!!!

ufuckface ufuckface 10:39 am 24 Aug 05

lol like your granfather was. Australia is just a bunch of thiefs

*fosters Australian for piss*

Maelinar Maelinar 10:12 am 24 Aug 05

The funny thing is, 100 years ago, he’d probably be on a ship to Australia by now.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:03 am 24 Aug 05

I appreciate the words, I don’t beleive them though…and nothing you can say will make me.

ufuckface ufuckface 10:00 pm 23 Aug 05

bye no it acualy it wasnt any of the things you have just said i was just fucking about trying to get a laugh and i got it thank you again

terubo terubo 8:36 pm 23 Aug 05

What made the wee shite so contrite? Either he got a kicking from the UDA (in which his dad seems to be a main heavy), or our tracking him back to his school has scared the bejabers out of him.
-Either way, nice to see an apology, no matter how appallingly written. Bye, Mr Small Face.

Thumper Thumper 6:54 pm 23 Aug 05

Actually, I was thinking along these lines.

Mr, sorry, Master Face, there is a big bad world out there that you know absolutely nothing about. And that world really could’nt give a toss about what you think because you are a child.

Learn to be nice, learn to be part of the community, learn to speak properly, learn some respect, learn how to write and spell correctly.

Or your life is going to be very fucked.

And I don’t want to pay my taxes for your dole dickhead.

All the best.


Thumper Thumper 6:50 pm 23 Aug 05

Oh, JB, someone let the child in…..

ufuckface ufuckface 6:27 pm 23 Aug 05

well ppl bye bye srry for being a complete dickhead

ufuckface ufuckface 6:25 pm 23 Aug 05

and smokin stinks ppl who smoke r just ass holes

ufuckface ufuckface 6:21 pm 23 Aug 05

any you will b happ to no my sister got 9 “a”s in her gsces today and 1 “B”

ufuckface ufuckface 6:19 pm 23 Aug 05

ppl i was a cheeky little gob-shite and i need my fuck kicked in this will b the last ever time i use riotact so bye bye

Thumper Thumper 4:52 pm 23 Aug 05

Ah… good point there K.

Kerces Kerces 4:47 pm 23 Aug 05

So although you’ve never dated a woman that smoked bonfire, you’ve tasted at least one…

bonfire bonfire 4:33 pm 23 Aug 05

I like a drink or two at the pub. my favourites in ACT are:

Wig and Pen.
George Harcourt.

I’d also never date a woman that smoked. Cant stand the taste.

Thumper Thumper 4:30 pm 23 Aug 05

i should add that I do smoke at the pub.

And drink as well….

And sometimes swear, okay, lots of times….

My God, I’m evil….

bonfire bonfire 4:25 pm 23 Aug 05

i should also add that i dont smoke when im at the pub.

although i defend the rights of those who do.

Kerces Kerces 4:25 pm 23 Aug 05

Mael, yay for Canberra’s warm sun. This morning I spent most of a lecture asleep in it…

simto simto 4:24 pm 23 Aug 05

Ladys and gents, we have our next logline.

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