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ACT Greens’ petition to stop school closures

By Kerces 12 July 2006 8

The ACT Greens have put out a press release asking people to download a petition (and, presumably, sign it) to support Deb Foskey’s bill for a moratorium on school closures.

They have also helpfully included a link to the bill they are asking you to support.

The basics of it are that Dr Foskey is proposing to change two subsections of the Education Act 2004 so that no schools can be closed or amalgamated before 2008 and after then, not without proper consultation and a resolution to carry out the closure/amalgamation being passed by the Legislative Assembly.

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ACT Greens’ petition to stop school closures
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Maelinar 8:05 am 28 Jul 06

I am paticularly curious how they can justify upkeep costs skyrocketing on a 70’s besa-brick building that has never been painted.

Just how much does it cost to maintain that ?

My guess would be pretty close to zero considering they don’t even do any grounds maintenance either.

publius 6:15 am 28 Jul 06

Foskey is irrelevant. Barr and Stanhope need to swallow their pride and pull back on this one. It has been a monumental mistake. Sure some schools need to close from time to time – but suddenly fingering 39 smacks of “discovering” a problem and overeacting.

Chris S 8:40 am 13 Jul 06

Nyssa, you are dead right – put to one side Deb Foskey’s errors over public housing, and look at her position on school closures. What bonfire says sounds fine, but the problem is that any process is open to interpretation and distortion.

School closures are one of the most emotive matters to emerge in the Canberra community (I was sort of involved last time all this came up, and the emotion then was pretty intense).

We therefore need to make sure that it is done openly, and based on evidence and facts. What I don’t want to see is a situation where one side of politics uses this issue as something to bash the govt (as happened last time) so that when it gets looked at again, the situation is much worse.

Andrew Barr may not have done the best job on this so far but really, he is reaping what the ALP sowed when the Libs tried this last time. Let’s remove the politics and make decisions based on good education policy and public administration standards.

Actually, I think my argument is sort of what bonfire is saying… Need coffee!

nyssa76 5:25 pm 12 Jul 06

Yes there has to be school closures, but the numbers being used are 9 years old. Hardly a valid case being set there now is it?

Why 39? Is it a “magic number”? Why are more in the same area than others?

So many questions too little time, which should have been asked BEFORE the release of Towards 2020.

bonfire 5:13 pm 12 Jul 06

so every school closure has to get debated in the legislative assembly ?

bad idea.

a better proposal is a formula used to resource schools. when enrolments fall, reallocate resources appropriately.

if that means closing a school – so be it.

as long as the process is transparent i dont think ratepayers would mind.

and as long as she’s proposing change – can she ask for rock eistedfodds to be banned.

nyssa76 5:04 pm 12 Jul 06

Irrespective of Dr. Foskey’s housing situation, the fact that she is putting forth changes to the Education Act 2004 is an important one.

Towards 2020 is a joke. Something has to be done.

Ari 4:45 pm 12 Jul 06

Could we have another petition on tax-sponging public-housing freeloaders?

Pandy 4:38 pm 12 Jul 06

Ok here it goes:


Good luck Professor Foskey.

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