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ACT Liberals Twitter horrors

By I live in Macgregor 26 January 2012 22

ACT Liberals Twitter horrors

No doubt some of your readers may have seen the story in the Canberra Times on the collective confected horror from Zed Seselja, Steven Doyle and their friends on my use of the term “twitter troll” to describe blatant party propaganda from Liberal staffers.

I should start by reiterating for the ACT Liberals that the widely held view across ALL social media is that the term “troll” is an acceptable description for the blatant political messages and links like those being broadcast from Zed Seselja’s office. A “troll is someone who posts inflammatory messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers” (See )

Anyone who knows me or even takes a passing interest in my views and opinions would understand the message I sent was not meant to be in any way personal, offensive or misinterpreted as sexist. I even added an extra explanatory prefix to my tweet i.e “twitter troll” to focus the message on the twitter propaganda emanating from Zed’s office.


Lucky for me, Australia Day is a public holiday so I have a few spare minutes to share some amazing facts on the ACT Liberals and twitter:

1) Liberal MLAs are engaging in a social medium with reasonably open rules of behaviour and a reasonably common vocabulary that they refuse to accept or try to learn. You’d think by now they would have asked someone for advice or done some research themselves?

2) They have awoken from their summer slumber to return to what they know best: shallow negativity and no regard or interest in engaging on issues of more importance or concern than party-political matters directly related to their own purely political ambitions. Their lack of interest in real policy is mind-boggling.

3) When the Chief Minister and her colleagues have been hard at work for weeks dealing with important issues like local jobs, the local economy and important health initiatives, Zed Seselja, Brendan Smyth, Jeremy Hanson, Vicki Dunne, Alistair Coe AND ALL THEIR STAFF are still obsessing about a 30-year old relationship between the Canberra Labor Club and the ACT Branch of the ALP and, now, wait for it … commonly used language on twitter.

4) Speaking of summer slumber, I suspect the real reason Zed fired off his letter of confected horror to the Chief Minister was that he was particularly upset with me for taking the mickey out of him on Tuesday. After an extended break from work (his last tweet in 2011 was on 20 Dec at 10:30 am), he publicly re-awakened to politics and twitter with the curious revelation via twitter at 10:50am on Tuesday 24 January that he was “currently reading the Canberra Times”. This guy uses twitter to give all workers in Canberra a bad reputation! All I did was reply to Zed’s own tweet a few minutes later with “Good morning Zed. Great to see you are up and reading. Alarm clock not working? RT @ZedMLA: Currently reading Canberra Times.” Don’t most people who work in politics/communications/government departments and the corporate world read the local paper soon after it is delivered in the morning? Personally I am surprised if it’s not on the driveway by 6am each day. I suppose I should just expect more twitter trolling from Liberals and their sympathisers from now on…

5) If the ACT Liberals continue to experience twitter horror at the hands of Canberra’s articulate and educated social media users there is a strong rumour that they will ask Tim the Yowie Man to include the Assembly on his regular tours of Canberra’s macabre and haunted past. His minibus tour will include a stop in the Assembly car-park and he will point to Zed’s office window and recall the terrible day in January 2012 when the ACT Liberals discovered that people on twitter could ask questions and respond to Liberal propaganda with sarcasm and logic in consecutive tweets. Oh the horror!

Elias Hallaj

(known as ‘I live in Macgregor’ on RiotACT)

[ED – Just so we’re all on an even keel here, this is the tweet exchange in question]


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ACT Liberals Twitter horrors
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p1 5:57 pm 27 Jan 12

I live in Macgregor said :

…(describing what I believe was a 10am announcement and doorstop at Canberra Hospital with Andrew Barr, to which I believe the local media were alerted about “a major funding announcement” at around 8.30am)

and this is Zed’s sole tweet in the past 24 hours…

@ZedMLA:heading out with @BrendanSmythMLA to enjoy some brain games at #CanCon. (timestamp 10:14am)

nuf said.

While I find the ACT Liberals to be pretty much non-existent for any meaningful purpose, I’m not sure what you expect? Should Zed have gone to the announcement and supported Kate? Should he have vocally opposed it (simply because he is in opposition, and that is what oppositions do)? Should he have supported it if he agrees with it, giving his opponent free publicity?

NoImRight 3:32 pm 27 Jan 12

I think the Libs should call upon the Chief Minister to do something. Its why we voted them into Opposition after all.

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