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ACT to go it alone on R18+ video games?

By johnboy - 29 April 2011 28

The ABC is carrying the musings of Simon Corbell on making Canberra a haven for R18+ rated games, a bit like our DVD industry with the X rating.

ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell says even if a stalemate situation eventuates, the ACT will move to change its own classification system for adult games.

“Because the ACT has supported the R18+ classification I think it will be incumbent on us to consider the issue of legislating before the sale of that material in the ACT,” Mr Corbell said.

“Regardless of what happens in other places around Australia.”

Mr Corbell says the territory will push to introduce the classification despite the outcome of the final meeting.

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28 Responses to
ACT to go it alone on R18+ video games?
Skidbladnir 11:27 am 30 Apr 11

Commonwealth Heads?
COAG, even.


dvaey 11:01 am 30 Apr 11

thatsnotme said :

I haven’t bought a game from a store for a long time – digital delivery through services like Steam is the way games are going (and if that means awful brick and mortar stores like EB Games go out of business then I couldn’t be happier)

Ask the owners of adult world, adam and eve, etc if theyre going out of business since porn has been on the internet. A lot of people dont trust the idea that you pay $x to download a game, but you dont actually own the game or own any manuals or anything, youre simply paying to be allowed access to a restricted version of the software, much less than youd get if you went to the store.

Also, buying games on steam is fine if the only thing you use is a PC. As soon as you get into the world of game consoles, the market for R18+ games to be bought locally increases dramatically. Not everyone has a modchipped console and the ability/knowledge to backup/create game discs.

Aeek 10:49 am 30 Apr 11

Doubt the Feds would block it, they want it; they’re more likely to assist in getting them into the country

vauxhall 10:33 am 30 Apr 11

Actually the Commonwealth stated a few months ago that if states can’t agree to bring in a R18 classification by July it will look at other options to bring it in, so unlikely it would overturn ACT law if they did this

Skidbladnir 10:21 am 30 Apr 11

Multiple Attorneys-General talking R18+ prior top Commonwealth Heads, but only one from a State which has been traditionally opposed?

Simon isn’t leading anyone anywhere, he’s just decided to take credit.

TheSilver 10:12 am 30 Apr 11

The ACT can’t go it alone, at least not without the Federal Government’s support. One of the powers that the Federal Government deliberately didn’t grant the ACT for self government is the power of classification. Actually, the constitution has been interpreted to say that the Commonwealth itself doesn’t have this power either. The National Classification Scheme works as a national scheme because it, as written, only applies to the ACT, and every other State and Territory have laws that say that the National scheme is also their scheme. South Australis still has its own Classification Board, for instance, while most other states defer completely to the National scheme. Even if the ACT government wanted to eliminate the X rating, it can’t, it’s a Federal law. Same is true for an R18+ rating for games. Simon Corbell should know this.

It would be interesting to see the Federal government change the National Classification Scheme legislation without state support. In principle, this would make an R18+ rating for games national, as all states defer to the national legislation. There is also precedence for this, as the 2007 anti-terrorism laws changed this legislation without state agreement. It could, however, really piss off the states and if any feel strongly enough about it, fracture the national scheme.

AKT 8:56 am 30 Apr 11

Correct me if I am wrong….but does not the Fed Government still have the option to “torpedoes” any ACT legislation that it does not like?

Deref 8:36 am 30 Apr 11

About bloody time. It’ll be overturned by the federal government though.

John Moulis 5:45 am 30 Apr 11

Bravo to Corbell for making a courageous decision. It was the discredited Attorney-General of SA who was dragging the chain and holding back the normalisation of ratings for video games, and it was puzzling to say the least that the lethargy continued more than a year after his demise. In any case, censorship is ultimately useless and redundant in these days of the global village created by the Net.

It is old fashioned and obsolete for parochial governments to adopt a Fortress Australia mentality, and that the attitudes and commerce of other countries is somehow impure and needs to be filtered by some big brother bureaucrats before we can get it. If we ever get it.

This is the 21st century and silly old Victorian era puritanism should be consigned to the WPB forthwith.

gooterz 4:07 am 30 Apr 11

If its legal in the ACT then it will be legal to actually have in australia and therefore should be legal to order from within australia. Thats how i read the X-rated videos to work.

SA are going backwards on this, forced to accept the R rating they’re planning on dropping the MA15+ rating.

Maybe we should just drop the ratings and put age limits on the box?

Piratemonkey 11:59 pm 29 Apr 11

Woot! I am most excited.

matt31221 9:43 pm 29 Apr 11

Bring on banned games baybee! Good on ya Corbell.

thatsnotme 9:40 pm 29 Apr 11

While I agree with the principle of going it alone, in reality, it does need to be something that’s a national approach if it’s to make a real difference.

I haven’t bought a game from a store for a long time – digital delivery through services like Steam is the way games are going (and if that means awful brick and mortar stores like EB Games go out of business then I couldn’t be happier) but these services aren’t granular enough to recognise that I live in the ACT. As far as they’re concerned, I’m in Australia – so if the game is rated R, and that rating isn’t allowed here, that’s just too bad.

When it comes to big name titles, we end up with edited versions of games that are rated R, and I can’t see the bricks and mortar chains suddenly importing and distributing two versions of the same game – one for the ACT, and one for everywhere else.

I applaud the sentiment, and I hope as a gesture it ends up helping to build the momentum towards what must be inevidible – but can’t see it producing any real change in the ACT.

Ozi 8:47 pm 29 Apr 11

What a strange feeling it is to actually agree with our current government’s stance on something… having said that Corbell is a nice bloke in person. Much better than Stanhopeless.

GottaLoveCanberra 7:00 pm 29 Apr 11

Wow, this guy (Corbell) stuck to his guns on the FiT and now he’s preaching this……the dudes stocks are rapidly rising in my books!

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