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ACT to reject $30m in Commonwealth Education funding

By Jazz 1 August 2007 26

It seems that the ACT Government is set to reject $30 Million in Commonwealth education funding because, in Andrew Barr’s words “current system of continuous assessment is best for students.”

I would have thought a decision of that magnitude would have at least involved the formation of a committee (in true govt form) to consider the Commonwealths proposal of streamlining the ACT system with the rest of Australia.

However like many other Commonwealth initiatives at the moment this could be just another pre-election stunt by the incumbent Federal Govt. What do you think?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
ACT to reject $30m in Commonwealth Education funding
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Jazz 3:27 pm 07 Aug 07

yes nyssa, yes we are

nyssa76 10:54 pm 05 Aug 07

asp, my “boss”.

Apparently they don’t need it. Some can’t even string together a grammatically correct sentence, so I was addressing their needs.

Funny thing is, it’s in the curriculum outline for Yr 7…

Also, I was looking at some things for work and came across the NSW BOS K-6 syllabus. The unit they want me to teach Yr 8 (ACT) is taught in NSW to Yr 5/6!

FFS, are we dumbing down Canberra?

jemmy 6:02 pm 04 Aug 07

emd, it’s wedge politics. Howard has totally failed at trying to force the Rudd to oppose him on Haneef and on terrorism in general. (IMO, the Fed ALP has played it very smartly; they must *fnally* have some good political strategists advising them. Oppositions don’t win elections, sitting governments lose them, and it would have been suicide for Rudd to stand up for something that’s such a hot potato with the fearful and the rednecks. He can afford to wait until he’s in government.)

So Howard’s dilemma is how to attack the ALP, and his answer is by proxy. By giving the impression that the Labor states can’t manage their own affairs (NT aborigines, Tas Mersey Hosp, Murray river), the great white knight of the Federal Libs rides into town and saves the day. Responsible govt to the rescue and damn these Laborites.

My personal opinion is that Howard has seriously mis-judged the electorate’s tolerance of pork-barrelling this time around — the workcover ads, the taxpayer-funded political spending, I think people are sick of it and will see his attempts for what they are, using our money to buy votes.

I think Rudd has a very strong chance of winning this election. The electorate are bored with Howard and much less tolerant of his peccadiloes now.

asp 4:18 pm 04 Aug 07

“I was “told off” recently for teaching grammar to Yr7 students. Apparently they don’t need it”

What kind of stooge told you off? I’ve seen how a lot of yr 7s talk and write. They need grammer lessons.

Also, did anyone see the article on ABC News about a victorian academic saying that maths questions for kindy/yr1 students are too dificult and are more grade 3 level. The example he gave was like this “Susie bouught three apples, and Mike bought two apples, how many apples do they have altogeather?” WTF! I could do that in Yr1. And if that’s a year three question, then then our title of the “clever country’ is well an truly screwed!

nyssa76 7:33 am 03 Aug 07

The one problem I have found in my employment is the number of applications I receive for jobs where the person simply has no idea about spelling or grammar.

Thumper, I was “told off” recently for teaching grammar to Yr7 students. Apparently they don’t need it – no I am not joking.

Bring on the world of the year 2020, where the kids can’t write a sentence and spell Canberra – Kyanbera.

asp 2:35 pm 02 Aug 07

Spell check certainly should not be relied on as the sole way to ensure you spell correctly.
But seeing some of the errors I see often from 16-25 yr olds, one would have to wonder if they know what that red line under the word is telling them. And red line or not, a teenager should now that band-aid is not spelt band-ade or that cat is not normally spelt with a K and two Ts.

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