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ACT water usage targets

By NathanaelB - 8 February 2008 62

Driving along Adelaide this afternoon,  past one of those ACTEWAGL water consumption electronic boards by the side of the road … and thinking, ok the target is 139 megalitres per day and yesterday we used a mere 112. Dam levels at just over 48%. Shouldn’t we be setting more ambitious targets? Or is the purpose of the signs and the target consumption figures just to make us feel good about ourselves that we’re using about 80% of what “we” aimed for. How many people have really tightened up on water usage beyond the mandatory water restrictions … taking shorter showers, installing water tanks, shorter laundry cycles etc.

Or is there cause to believe we’re out of the danger zone now and it’s ok to allow the dam to refill to 100% over the next 2 years and there’s no rush?

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
ACT water usage targets
VYBerlinaV8 9:50 am 08 Feb 08

I do wash my car regularly, but I take it to our local car-lovers type self serve, where they recycle the water.

justbands 9:49 am 08 Feb 08

Yes, Maelinar….because you’re the expert in water management.

justbands 9:48 am 08 Feb 08

Ahh, cool VY. You never know on this site lately. 🙂

VYBerlinaV8 9:47 am 08 Feb 08

… (I was actually kidding). Thanks for that.

Mælinar 9:46 am 08 Feb 08

Holden Caulfield – yes I have actually.

When you choose to view the world in black and white, yes THAT dam is empty. I am telling you that this is greenwash.

It would not take a lot of infrastructure to fill that dam by taking off the top of every other dam that is UNUSED at the moment. Or you can sponsor the highly technical, hugely expensive and prone to error poo treatment plant option.

Unfortunately, it is the current Government that have restricted the deck of cards avaliable to be played.

justbands 9:41 am 08 Feb 08

A very large percentage of it is lost VYBerlinaV8.

hingo 9:40 am 08 Feb 08

I think Standope believes that all the worlds problems can be solved by using signs. He probably believes that a “Don’t detonate bombs” sign in the Middle East would end all conflict.

VYBerlinaV8 9:39 am 08 Feb 08

Does the water I use to wash the car on my concrete driveway run into the dam?

justbands 9:37 am 08 Feb 08

Exactly what I was getting at excession. Why all this want to waste water anyway? Get used to the restrictions people, they’re here to stay…& rightly so.

caf 9:35 am 08 Feb 08

1 gigalite is fractionally over a single week’s consumption at the target rate.

excession 9:28 am 08 Feb 08

1 litre = 1 kilogram
1,000 litres = 1 tonne
1,000,000 litres = 1 megalitre = 1,000 tonnes
130Ml = 130,000 TONNES of water a day.

I have seen those signs showing daily usage at 150, 165, 179 and other numbers. Usage on cool wet days is much lower than on hot dry days.

Holden Caulfield 9:26 am 08 Feb 08

Yeah, let’s just waste water for the heck of it. There’s plenty around! I can’t wait until I can hose down my driveway again, that’s just the best.

Have you been to visit Corin Dam? Googong Dam? Thank goodness we have had decent rain over the last few months, because the last time I checked out those two dams it was downright scary!

Thumper 9:08 am 08 Feb 08

And I drink beer instead of water.

Every little bit helps.

Mælinar 9:08 am 08 Feb 08

The signs are greenwash. Stanhope will have you drinking recycled poo before drinking treated lakewater, because the wool is very much, over your eyes.

As a practical example, nominate anywhere in the ACT that is further than 20 minutes from a water source of over 1 gigalitre.

justbands 9:03 am 08 Feb 08

We’re often above the targets. Has it rained every day this week? I do believe it has!

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