ACTION Bus on fire – who knows the story?

johnboy 17 December 2008 32

It’s been doing the rounds but we haven’t done it yet.

Does anyone know the story behind these pictures of a burning ACTION bus?

Slideshow below:

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32 Responses to ACTION Bus on fire – who knows the story?
farnarkler farnarkler 7:36 am 18 Dec 08

Looks like London mayor Boris Johnson has been exporting his incendiary buses to Canberra.

Aurelius Aurelius 6:00 am 18 Dec 08

Looks like it might have been a lot more serious if this had happened in any other city. Like where the buses actually carry passengers.

Capitalist Capitalist 2:05 am 18 Dec 08

(In Charlton Heston voice)

You maniacs, you blew it up, you blew it all up. Damn you, damn you all to hell. Now the apes will take over.

G-Fresh G-Fresh 12:24 am 18 Dec 08

heinous said :

Looks like it’s bus-ted.


ant ant 10:46 pm 17 Dec 08

Poptop said

poptop said :

[Sadly their 1150 pictures of Action buses does not extend to the old galah coloured ones of my childhood.

I remember those! Maroon and grey, kind-of. With leatherette seats… a yucky brown, I think.

bubzie bubzie 10:39 pm 17 Dec 08


(yeah, ok, 79% of statistics are totally made up on the spot, clearly like that one, evedentally..)

poptop poptop 9:43 pm 17 Dec 08

The really disturbing thing is that being the number one site suggests there are others . . . =-/

Mathman Mathman 9:25 pm 17 Dec 08

poptop said :

Who knew there is a Canberra’s Number One Transport Enthusiast Website? Well there is!

Damn you poptop, that’s another three hours of my life wasted.

JC JC 7:43 pm 17 Dec 08

poptop said :

[Sadly their 1150 pictures of Action buses does not extend to the old galah coloured ones of my childhood.

Have a look here

then click on AEC.

I-filed I-filed 7:39 pm 17 Dec 08

Speaking of traffic matters – Lyneham Shops pedestrian crossing on Wattle street has police markings and signs of a hard braking ending in the crossing – and a circled spot a little way away. Was someone badly damaged there in the last couple of days? Looked like it.

heinous heinous 7:30 pm 17 Dec 08

Looks like it’s bus-ted.

Timd Timd 4:25 pm 17 Dec 08

trevar said :

Timd said :

trevar said :

It says ‘midi bus’ on the side: you you think the alcohol from the driver’s midi was ignigted by his cigarette?

Personally, I would prefer to ride in a schooner bus.

clearly a pint bus is better

But a pint bus would be warm, whereas a schooner bus is nice and cold!

ah, but the warmth can be counteracted by drinking it quickly 🙂

all this talk is making me feel like one.. and a cigarette funnily enough

Spectra Spectra 4:16 pm 17 Dec 08

I got 404ed. =-(
That’s what I get for trying to use correct punctuation. Take the full stop off the end of the URL – that’ll fix it.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 4:08 pm 17 Dec 08

Sorry – it’s just clicked – I had the same problem earlier today with a post on here!

wishuwell wishuwell 3:45 pm 17 Dec 08

WMC, need a towel?

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 3:40 pm 17 Dec 08

coffee > nose > monitor

Huh – you’ve lost me WMC

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:37 pm 17 Dec 08

“let off some steam Bennett”

coffee > nose > monitor

Kizzle Kizzle 3:25 pm 17 Dec 08

Looks great.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:17 pm 17 Dec 08

Students dry-humping on the backseat?

toriness toriness 2:46 pm 17 Dec 08

i am disappointed by the mundane reason for the fire – why couldn’t it be another bus arson attack like that adelaide kiddies’ bus in civic a few weeks back? then rather than being known as the ‘bush capital’ we could be the ‘bus burnin’ capital’!

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