3 August 2006

ADFA bans cordies from Cube

| johnboy
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The Canberra Times has the bizarre news that ADFA is banning its cadets from going to the Cube nightclub.

the decision to impose a ban was made “in consideration of recent events alleging very serious assaults at the Cube nightclub”.

The ban was also deemed appropriate “for the maintenance of discipline and the public’s perception of ADFA”.

So the bar’s efforts to keep out violent thugs makes it inappropriate? I don’t recall Cadets being banned from the Private Bin/Insomnia/ICBM/Whatever it is now after violence in and around those clubs. Discipline and public perception are served by cadets going to mooseheads, getting belligerently drunk, and being used as sex toys by lonely late 20-something women?

Or is this just blatant and discriminatory gay-bashing by proxy?

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Kaptain Kordie9:38 pm 08 Aug 06

Hmm, vg was a civilian in Canberra for 36 years; also lived in Canberra for 35 years; is nearly forty; and was also a former junior officer in the ADF from 85 to 89. Seems to me that you never served in the military in Canberra; certainly makes for a weak basis to comment on the cadet culture and slang of Canberra. Methinks I smell a “been there-done that” reservist.

VG – welcolme to the evolution of contemporary slang. It’s not incorrect usage, it’s alternative/updated usage. Things develop. They change. The world does not stay the same for 36 years, no matter how hard you may stamp your feet about it…

Whilst I believe that the origin of the term ‘cordie’ unquestionably finds it’s root in the Royal Military College, Duntroon and is therefore inexorably Army in origin, I would tend towards JBs contemporary interpretation. I suspect that the original thinking behind the policy that gave birth to the “cordie” is in part responsible. Officer Cadets are still required to dress in a presentable manner when out and about – although the DoD no longer issues “civvies” so the Company mentality kicks in with novice cadets eager to mimic the stylistic (in)eptitude of their superiors – in the nineties the “uniform” was beige chinos with loafers or elastic sided boots and a chambray shit, today its probably something not to different.

It was a duntroon thing, then ADFA came along and we civilians,, neither knowing nor caring to which exactly institution the belligerent drunk drinking bourbon and coke from a jug with his trousers round his ankles came from, we used it for both ADFA and RMC.

We have been for at least the last 20 years and we’re going to keep doing, it so get used it.

That’s but one interpretation of it, but entirely validates my assertion that it is an Army phrase.

vg’s way out of his depth on this one I’m afraid.

The term ‘cordie’ really was a Duntroon thing – the ADFA not being around then and it really did relate to their dress – in the free lovin’ 60s with Vietnam and everything the crusty old handle-bar moustache types in the Army thought that denim jeans were a bit of a political hot potato and decided that they were inappropriate garb for cadets – the sanctioned alternative was in fact corduroy, but the Army being the Army actually went to the length of issuing cadets with corduroy trousers and a fetching matching corduroy blazer. It took only a matter of minutes after the first merry band of boy soldiers stepped out in Civic for the name to be coined and it has stuck ever since as a colloquial reference to Defence cadets.

Its quite easy really, dopey. I am nearly 40 and was in the military for 4 years. Clearly mathematics is not your strong point. I have been a ‘civvy’ for nigh on 36 years.

Blow away little blow in

Kaptain Kordie7:02 pm 05 Aug 06

Anybody who can simultaneously claim to have been a civilian for the last 36 years (or was it 35?) and also a junior officer in the ADF clearly has trouble understanding their own history; let alone that of anything else.

Not really. If they are ignorant of their own history then why should I try. KK only proved me right anyway. Cordies go to Duntroon, anyone else borrowed the name.

Thanks for proving me right though, appreciated

Jeez VG, it’s going to take you forever to set all those “wrong” cadets straight about their own nickname.

Kaptain Kordie12:16 pm 05 Aug 06

Despite his assertions to the contrary, the simple fact of the matter is that vg is wrong. Whilst the term cordie did originate at Duntroon, it is commonly applied to both ADFA and RMC cadets. A quick look at Bruce Moore’s book, A Lexicon of Cadet Language, will show that the term cordie is most commonly attributed to a time when cadets were not allowed to wear jeans and wore corduroy in lieu.

“A great thing about being a civilian is that you can’t tell us what to think.”

Think what you like, even when its wrong.

I have been a ‘civilian’ in this town for 36 years and I have only ever associated ‘cordies’ with Duntroon, as that’s what they were known as before ADFA opened in 86.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong though

It’d be a brave cadet to try and challenge the decision anywhere.

A cadet that wants out of ADFA maybe…

Any ADFA types interested in such a challenge should let me know by posting on this blog.

Surely this stupid decision is amenable to challenge in a relevant court or tribunal?

VG if you were saying “military slang is…” then you might be right

but i can tell you that a great many civilians call all the cadets “cordies”.

A great thing about being a civilian is that you can’t tell us what to think.

Oh yeah, not having been out on an all night bender in Canberra of late, does the Cube still do the whole 5 to 6 am lock in, drinks voucher thing so you can keep drinking after everywhere else shuts?

I first read about this in the SMH, and only just came across the Canberra Times report here on RA. The SMH take on it is a bit lighter: “Only Cadet in the Village” http://www.smh.com.au/stayintouch/?page=2

While there’s a serious side to all this (as eveidenced by all the earlier comments) I couldn’t help pissing myself that the Moose’ Eagle Rock phenomonem made a national paper – I’d had a hard time convinving people I knew this story was true after I first moved to Canberra.

As an aside, going to Cube (or any gay bar) is not a definitive test for homosexuality or any other secual orientation or predelection – I write this from Sydney where some of the best entertainment is at gay or gay-friendly venues, and why would you deny yourself hearing good music simply on the basis some of the patrons at the venue are same-sex orientated. In fact, I first got together, may years ago, with my current long term girlfriend (via drunken dance-floor horribly embarassing messy pash) at the bar that is now the Cube, back in an earlie, but no less gay, incarnation.

Nice try, but as a former junior officer in the ADF from 1985-1989 I’d suggest my knowledge of what is or isn’t called what in the military would be slightly more expanded than yours…..with I gather 0 experience. Top that off with living here for 35 years and hey presto, I may know what I’m speaking of

There are at least six different explanations I’ve heard for that nickname, yours is only one.

I know you have vast experience VG, but i hadn’t realised that Lord High Arbiter Of Colloquial English was one of your roles.

Does the job come with a badge?

“Common usage for both VG, try and keep up with the times”

Sorry JB, its not common usage. ‘Cordies’ is a phrase exclusive to the Army. It originates from the use of the word ‘corps’, again exclusive to the Army in modern times.

S4anta, don’t high five the ADFA staff member refered to the article. All he did was wander around randomly telling people he was a paramedic, which he was not, and did nothing to help anyone.

Don’t believe everything you read.

word AD. those wankers have been keeping mates of mine in the money for years.

Absent Diane11:02 am 04 Aug 06

Im sure if you tested the lower gene pool that populate headmooses a large majority of them would have ecstasy/speed/ice/coke in their system.

By the way, how’s Naval tradition meant to survive this? What’s Rum, Sodomy and the lash if you’re going to have issues with the middle one?

I’ve picked a couple of ADFA boys at Cube and have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in sodomy with them, including on the premises of said academy. I look forward to engaging in more of said activity in the future.

Common usage for both VG, try and keep up with the times.

As to the substances, Lot 33 is getting banned too then is it?

And cordies go to Duntroon, not ADFA

I would suggest the ban has less to do with the sex aspect of it, and more to do with the other things that proliferate in those types of places

My two bobs worth..I was a cordie at the ‘Battle of the Bin’ in 1989 and that was a very bad night..many injuries and hospitalisations…but the bin wasn’t placed off limits..

Mine only had 6, and I think the pussers are the same? Anyone?

Well, I’m gay and I’ve been to cube precisely twice in my entire life. I went more often when it was the a straight venue and named the Liquid Lounge….

Then again, if it means that gay ADFA cadets are going to have to go looking for companionship elsewhere, I won’t be complaining…

You’ll never see the same standard. The world is filled espoused values that don’t reflect culture be it military, business or life.

ADFA cadets joining the armed services knowing the history of the military and (presumably) know its culture. Of course cadets won’t saying anything about the ban because they know it will “bone their careers”. I know if was in the military i wouldn’t be saying against the ban.

And would 101375 be your service number, by any chance?

I like your take on it AD, which on the face of it seems like a logical action. Cadets = homophobes, Cube = gay. So Cadets are bared from Cube.

ADF military culture is misogynistic and anti anything not str8 and macho. Why is anyone surprised they’ve done as they have?

unbeliever: “a str8 dim wit” Who are you? Avril Lavigne????????

Toby: There are no words. You are a fuckhead of the highest order. I thought we’d bred ignorant intolerant arseholes like you virtually out of existance. “Just like the Jews”??????????????

Fuck me.

LG (getting close to her swear word quota for today)

toby101375 – anti-homosexual, anti-semite. if you hate women as well you get the trifecta.

And bone their careers right at the start?

You don’t think you’re asking just a little bit much of them?

I’d just like to see the same standard applied to Mooseheads and other bars.

I’m sure if the ADFA cadets feel strongly about wanting to go to Cube they’ll make a song and dance about it (no pun intended) or they’ll comply like good little soldiers.

Seepi like i keep saying, it’s not the first serious assault carried out near a bar in civic. In fact those normally happen outside the bars frequented by cadets.

It is the one outside a gay bar.

Interesting theory AD.

As the approach they’ve chosen punishes Cube and gay cadets I’m guessing it isn’t it though.

All because one poor fella had the guts to help out administering first aid. High fives to said indivudal, boo to ADFA for putting their heads in the sand yet again.

The ban could be just due to the stabbing/fear of violence? There was no ban until that happened.

And those reasons are only being applied because it’s a gay bar.

You’re saying that’s speculation? You’re saying there’s never been “very serious assaults” outside Mooseheads or other nightclubs ADFA doesn’t have a problem with?

You’re honestly saying this isn’t about it being a gay bar?

Because you’re pretty funny saying that with your line about:

“You guys sound like the Jews. Whinge whinge whinge, we’re a poor minority and everyone is out to ruin us.”

Which combines a nice line of anti-semitism with your homophobia.

How’s your goose-stepping?

Absent Diane1:20 pm 03 Aug 06

is it possible that they realise the caddies may well be homophobes (generally speaking of course) and they don’t want to allow them for any reason to go down to cube and start something.

ADFA has advised their reasons for placing the ban, you guys are intent distorting that into something completely unfounded.

Statement of fact!!

No skin of my nose, it’s your credibility which is sacrificed.

I’m sorry, where’s the speculation here?

The ban is substantiated and the reasons given are plainly bogus as argued above.

So what the hell are you talking about?

And for the record I’m not gay either.

You guys sound like the Jews. Whinge whinge whinge, we’re a poor minority and everyone is out to ruin us.

Nohting but speculation have you bought forward. You’re really making yourselves look bad.

I agree thumper, that’s why they’re doing it.

The problems are
a) they’re lying about it
b) they’re only applying this to a gay bar and not other places where cadets misbehave.

It just looks that way.

I thought cordies could only go to Mooseheads ?

can we leave the causes of homosexuality to one side?

ADFA is supposed to accept gays and lesbians for all that most gays won’t particularly want to go there (lesbians are a whole other world).

Thumper’s right, most wouldn’t want to go to Cube anyway (even if they were gay).

The question is why they can’t, as the stated reasons are garbage.

Hell, they’re lies.

How’s that for conduct unbecoming an officer?

i dont think you can catch homosexuality, perversion is a genetic thing. thats why mental health professionals were unable to ‘cure’ homosexuals.

Absent Diane11:54 am 03 Aug 06

maybe they are just scared of their impressionable cadets of catching gayness.

Of course the Aust. military hates anything that’s not str8 AND macho but there’s no where enough info in this CT report to explain the actual reasons behind this latest band.

Still these are the same people who less than a year ago would pay to move an ADF personnel’s furniture, car and pets to a new posting, but refused to pay for said personnel’s same-sex partner’s moving expenses. Thankfully that single policy has been junked.

“And asking permission to go to Cube would basically be stating I’m gay.”(CT) Just like going to Mooseheads would make me a str8 dim wit skinhead without 2 brain cells to rub together.

Maybe they’re worried that the cadets might get AIDS if one of the gay patrons coughs on them???

Absent Diane10:54 am 03 Aug 06

was any of the violence at cube the other week involving adfa dudes

they’re supposed to at least pretend.

oh yes, the adf has always been tolerant of homosexuals.

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