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ADFA bans cordies from Cube

By johnboy - 3 August 2006 68

The Canberra Times has the bizarre news that ADFA is banning its cadets from going to the Cube nightclub.

the decision to impose a ban was made “in consideration of recent events alleging very serious assaults at the Cube nightclub”.

The ban was also deemed appropriate “for the maintenance of discipline and the public’s perception of ADFA”.

So the bar’s efforts to keep out violent thugs makes it inappropriate? I don’t recall Cadets being banned from the Private Bin/Insomnia/ICBM/Whatever it is now after violence in and around those clubs. Discipline and public perception are served by cadets going to mooseheads, getting belligerently drunk, and being used as sex toys by lonely late 20-something women?

Or is this just blatant and discriminatory gay-bashing by proxy?

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
ADFA bans cordies from Cube
johnboy 1:09 pm 03 Aug 06

I’m sorry, where’s the speculation here?

The ban is substantiated and the reasons given are plainly bogus as argued above.

So what the hell are you talking about?

And for the record I’m not gay either.

toby101375 1:06 pm 03 Aug 06

You guys sound like the Jews. Whinge whinge whinge, we’re a poor minority and everyone is out to ruin us.

Nohting but speculation have you bought forward. You’re really making yourselves look bad.

johnboy 12:46 pm 03 Aug 06

I agree thumper, that’s why they’re doing it.

The problems are
a) they’re lying about it
b) they’re only applying this to a gay bar and not other places where cadets misbehave.

Thumper 12:39 pm 03 Aug 06

It’s simple JB,

The brass at ADFA don’t want their students to be seen there and be seen associating with gays. They believe it is not a good look for their students, nor for ADFA itself.

And as much as you say that homosexuals are accepted in the military, and indeed it is policy, it is not reality.

And the Brass are also a product of the late 60s early 70s, some would say dinosaurs in their views, but they do know military stuff.

johnboy 12:38 pm 03 Aug 06

It just looks that way.

bonfire 12:34 pm 03 Aug 06

I thought cordies could only go to Mooseheads ?

johnboy 12:29 pm 03 Aug 06

can we leave the causes of homosexuality to one side?

ADFA is supposed to accept gays and lesbians for all that most gays won’t particularly want to go there (lesbians are a whole other world).

Thumper’s right, most wouldn’t want to go to Cube anyway (even if they were gay).

The question is why they can’t, as the stated reasons are garbage.

Hell, they’re lies.

How’s that for conduct unbecoming an officer?

bonfire 12:18 pm 03 Aug 06

i dont think you can catch homosexuality, perversion is a genetic thing. thats why mental health professionals were unable to ‘cure’ homosexuals.

Thumper 12:09 pm 03 Aug 06

Any cordie worth his salt or with half a brain would not be seen dead there anyway.

His instructors would take the piss out of him/ her for the rest of the time they are at ADFA.

And then they get to their unit….

Absent Diane 11:54 am 03 Aug 06

maybe they are just scared of their impressionable cadets of catching gayness.

Unbeliever 11:35 am 03 Aug 06

Of course the Aust. military hates anything that’s not str8 AND macho but there’s no where enough info in this CT report to explain the actual reasons behind this latest band.

Still these are the same people who less than a year ago would pay to move an ADF personnel’s furniture, car and pets to a new posting, but refused to pay for said personnel’s same-sex partner’s moving expenses. Thankfully that single policy has been junked.

“And asking permission to go to Cube would basically be stating I’m gay.”(CT) Just like going to Mooseheads would make me a str8 dim wit skinhead without 2 brain cells to rub together.

Mr Evil 11:30 am 03 Aug 06

Maybe they’re worried that the cadets might get AIDS if one of the gay patrons coughs on them???

Absent Diane 10:54 am 03 Aug 06

was any of the violence at cube the other week involving adfa dudes

johnboy 10:24 am 03 Aug 06

they’re supposed to at least pretend.

bonfire 10:19 am 03 Aug 06

oh yes, the adf has always been tolerant of homosexuals.

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