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ADFA bans cordies from Cube

By johnboy 3 August 2006 68

The Canberra Times has the bizarre news that ADFA is banning its cadets from going to the Cube nightclub.

the decision to impose a ban was made “in consideration of recent events alleging very serious assaults at the Cube nightclub”.

The ban was also deemed appropriate “for the maintenance of discipline and the public’s perception of ADFA”.

So the bar’s efforts to keep out violent thugs makes it inappropriate? I don’t recall Cadets being banned from the Private Bin/Insomnia/ICBM/Whatever it is now after violence in and around those clubs. Discipline and public perception are served by cadets going to mooseheads, getting belligerently drunk, and being used as sex toys by lonely late 20-something women?

Or is this just blatant and discriminatory gay-bashing by proxy?

What’s Your opinion?

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ADFA bans cordies from Cube
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Kaptain Kordie 9:38 pm 08 Aug 06

Hmm, vg was a civilian in Canberra for 36 years; also lived in Canberra for 35 years; is nearly forty; and was also a former junior officer in the ADF from 85 to 89. Seems to me that you never served in the military in Canberra; certainly makes for a weak basis to comment on the cadet culture and slang of Canberra. Methinks I smell a “been there-done that” reservist.

simto 8:55 am 07 Aug 06

VG – welcolme to the evolution of contemporary slang. It’s not incorrect usage, it’s alternative/updated usage. Things develop. They change. The world does not stay the same for 36 years, no matter how hard you may stamp your feet about it…

Big Al 9:42 pm 06 Aug 06

Whilst I believe that the origin of the term ‘cordie’ unquestionably finds it’s root in the Royal Military College, Duntroon and is therefore inexorably Army in origin, I would tend towards JBs contemporary interpretation. I suspect that the original thinking behind the policy that gave birth to the “cordie” is in part responsible. Officer Cadets are still required to dress in a presentable manner when out and about – although the DoD no longer issues “civvies” so the Company mentality kicks in with novice cadets eager to mimic the stylistic (in)eptitude of their superiors – in the nineties the “uniform” was beige chinos with loafers or elastic sided boots and a chambray shit, today its probably something not to different.

johnboy 9:23 pm 06 Aug 06

It was a duntroon thing, then ADFA came along and we civilians,, neither knowing nor caring to which exactly institution the belligerent drunk drinking bourbon and coke from a jug with his trousers round his ankles came from, we used it for both ADFA and RMC.

We have been for at least the last 20 years and we’re going to keep doing, it so get used it.

Thumper 8:45 pm 06 Aug 06

I have to agree with VG on this one.

As far as I’m concerned cordies have always been from Duntrron, not ADFA.

Then again, maybe it’s become a generic triservices term for all officers in training.

But who am I too argue a point as an ex grunt….

vg 7:51 pm 06 Aug 06

That’s but one interpretation of it, but entirely validates my assertion that it is an Army phrase.

Big Al 2:37 pm 06 Aug 06

vg’s way out of his depth on this one I’m afraid.

The term ‘cordie’ really was a Duntroon thing – the ADFA not being around then and it really did relate to their dress – in the free lovin’ 60s with Vietnam and everything the crusty old handle-bar moustache types in the Army thought that denim jeans were a bit of a political hot potato and decided that they were inappropriate garb for cadets – the sanctioned alternative was in fact corduroy, but the Army being the Army actually went to the length of issuing cadets with corduroy trousers and a fetching matching corduroy blazer. It took only a matter of minutes after the first merry band of boy soldiers stepped out in Civic for the name to be coined and it has stuck ever since as a colloquial reference to Defence cadets.

vg 10:16 am 06 Aug 06

Its quite easy really, dopey. I am nearly 40 and was in the military for 4 years. Clearly mathematics is not your strong point. I have been a ‘civvy’ for nigh on 36 years.

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