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ADFA might be closed

By ant - 4 April 2008 20

From today’s Fin Review (page 15), Defence “sources” have said Defence has been asked to cost axing ADFA. In my experience, when it gets to that point, it’s gone.  

Apparently if ADFA were to go, then they’d return to the old officer training system where officer trainees attended civilian universities, and then did their officer training at Duntroon, Creswell and Point Cook.

These on-going snippets about where the new government is looking to save money is building a picture of not just shaving here and tightening there, but wholesale abolition of existing institutions and programs, many that have existed for decades. ADFA, for instance, is 22 years old.  This budget may well be more radical than those of the early Howard government.

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20 Responses to
ADFA might be closed
Dave_K 5:23 pm 05 Apr 08

The Liberals could do Canberra over in ’96 cause it was a solid Labor town. Labor does its own over because that ‘s just the way the Labor Party works. Learn to swing, Canberra.

ant 11:42 am 05 Apr 08

CPSU are useless. Back when the Howard gov’t started abolishing the CES (it was leaked to me that they’d “sought costings” and the leaker was basically telling me that we were gone, get out), the CPSU’s tactics were to use Labor numbers to block it in the Senate. The Howard gov’t totally out-manouvered them by not legislating the abolition at all, but using executive powers. CPSU failed utterly. I’ll never give them a cent.

Thumper 10:26 am 05 Apr 08

but I would like the Rudd government staunchly come out and deny it,

Somehow I doubt this will happen so get used to it.

Just keep listening to the spin, working families, education revolution, new leadership, etc, etc, etc…..

sepi 9:58 am 05 Apr 08

I don’t think we complained BEfore the Howard cuts either.

it is wait and see at the moment. I’m getting a wee bit nervous though…

Mælinar 11:14 pm 04 Apr 08

@beasley and schenanigans – firstly, Canberra is kind of reknown for voting on its conscience rather than its wallet, a good point to remember when implying that Canberrans have put themselves on the sword by voting in labor.

Further, its not difficult to ascertain (apart from you idiots with blinkers on) that the machinery of Government changes that are occuring are simply an alignment towards labor policy over liberal policy. What took a divison of personnel across several departments to deny that climate change existed to all parties concerned now takes only one person to say, yeah we signed onto Kyoto, ktksbye. For example…

Yes those people in the most part have been rather redundant since Krudd went to Bali.

Of concern is the ramping up, on silent mode, of the transitional sections that were last ramped up during the Keating and Howard purges. To date I haven’t heard any mumblings from the CPSU, nor wider Government, of why that may be necessary, even though the purpose of the sections is to transition several thousand staff.

Lets wait for the budget.

Given I, among others, routinely pay my surcharge into the CPSU, I have a legit complaint that those cnuts are fcuking me over bigtime by not telling me anything – but hey, thats just a perception from the sceptical street. I dont lay blame with the Government for doing what I kind of expect them to do, however the implication I’m laying on those who are meant to be looking after my interests couldn’t be more direct.

I’ll leave it there. They can read between the lines. My only after comment is; I’m not alone and prepare to be taken over – to those who will take note of that statement.

Of bigger concern, at least on a personal level, is the growing divide between capability and personnel. While the labor government is in an envious position of being more popular than the scout with the M&M’s, the capacity of the incumbent public service is diminishing, at a great rate of knots.

This ties in with my perception of have’s and have nots. The house ownership/rental divide is being recognised, and the boundaries have been drawn. People who own houses now, will own houses in the future, and those who do not, will never own property.

Not owning property relegates you to the spectrum of life that I’ll just call bogan. It involves your entire wage being sucked up in a $50k+ 4wd, a household that involves some kind of deal with Freedom Furniture or similar hire purchase agreement for absolute shit furniture, continual outgoing rent, and the continual reinforcement that dropping your children off at school is some kind of analogy towards being a tough trucker delivering your cargo, or that Target can magically replace all of your bathroom linen at the touch of a button just because your mother in law is over.

Those people, with their diminished view of the world, become our next layer of shop assistants, woolies checkout operators, and general nohopers without a cause – we all know the typeset.

In opposition, those who have access to free money (like rental income for example) will be putting their children into private schools, educating them, and they will be the highly valued and ever more rare managers holding the skeleton together.

My personal bet is they’ll fail, because there wont be enough of them, but I’m optimistic they may pull through in some form.

As the pool of have’s grows smaller, the world will recess at a phonenomenal rate. Its not hard to see the first twinges of whats coming up when you read the rabid input of those who come by this site even on the occasional news/gossip tip.

How to stop this happening ? I do have answers, but it involves eugenics and a deal of single women in flowy clothes currently employed as teachers with a chip on their shoulders the size of Greece being immediately sacked, to be replaced with grumpy old bastards and witches with no hesitation to use the cane if necessary, among other things.

Food for thought anyway. I’m off to bed cause I’ve drunk way to much.

barney 10:29 pm 04 Apr 08

Actually, IF it is true, maybe it’s actually a “weening Canberra off the pubic spervant way of life” type of policy. Heh. Look out…….May our riotact posts will go un-moderated also.

barney 10:23 pm 04 Apr 08

I vote Labour, and I don’t like the way the Liberals have constantly screwed the Canberra region over. But, what is the Rudd government doing to change this….Nothing, from what I have seen. I don’t know where all this speculation is coming from, perhaps it is bullshit, but I would like the Rudd government staunchly come out and deny it, if it were to be false. Not good enough….

shenanigans 7:49 pm 04 Apr 08

John Kerin is a well-known journo, originally from Adelaide. He did fed politics for the Australian for ages.

I also agree with beasley. Why does Canberra reward a Labor government that promises to make thousands of job cuts to its main industry?

el 6:52 pm 04 Apr 08

Full article available to subscribers only.

ant 4:39 pm 04 Apr 08

Go have a look at the front page of the Fin, as there’s a little headline there. In fact, let’s make it official:

Interestingly, it’s by John Kerin. I wonder if that’s the one who used to be primary resources minister?

beasley 4:36 pm 04 Apr 08

Where are all the latte-sippers expressing their outrage over Rudd’s razor gang and its impact on Canberra?

I remember when Howard took to Canberra in his first year, the howls of outrage could have been heard on the moon.

Stanhope is unusually silent on this as well. He would do well to remember that Howard’s cuts put Canberra into recession with housing prices even going backwards for several years.

Even the Public Service union has hardly raised a meow at these cuts! Under Howard, they were advocating anarchy in the streets over the cuts.

This town is quite amazing. The PS largely hates the Libs (we have two of the safest Red seats in the nation) despite Howard growing the PS faster than the private sector and consistently standing up for them under political attack.

Wide Boy Jake 4:21 pm 04 Apr 08

Is this another late April Fools Day joke, a la WIN News being axed?

Mælinar 12:53 pm 04 Apr 08

RMC will still be there S4anta, and Mooseheads.

Defence will find they have the same problem they made ADFA in the first place if they close: Nobody with a diploma wants to work for Defence unless coerced.

Thumper 11:49 am 04 Apr 08

No-one should be surprised given Rudd’s policy on the run method.

However, having said that, I think the old system worked quite well, albeit, without the interforces liaison.

This could be a very good move by Rudd to streamline the officer training thread.

S4anta 10:34 am 04 Apr 08

I would be surprised if this was to occur. I am sure that Mooseheads would have to somethign to say as well.

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