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johnboy 21 February 2007 100

Well we’re in the process of corporatising RiotACT. We hope this means we’ll be able to make it a better site for you all along the way.

While we go through that process we want to get some practice with managing advertising, which is where you come in.

Send in an image 300×150 pixels to and we’ll run it in a series of ad blocks above the current search blocks.

It’s absolutely free until the end of January (and as the vagaries of company setup go, possibly beyond).

Your band, your gig, your blog, your business, your hobby, absolutely free as long as the image (jpeg, anigif, swf) fits our size guidelines (It’d also be nice if you could send us a website URI to push the ad through to, but not essential).

The one proviso is we can’t run any content, even an ad, that is inappropriate for the workplace.

Knock yourselves out kids.

UPDATED: And congratulations to Matty Ellis for being the first cab off the rank. More coming in now

Another Update: Until the accountants extract their digits feel free to keep sending the free ads through.

Final Update: The introductory rate card can now be seen.

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100 Responses to Advertise on RiotACT, for free!
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Ralph Ralph 2:25 pm 29 Jan 07

The name is Anglo.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 2:10 pm 29 Jan 07

maybe he’s new australian?

Maelinar Maelinar 12:02 pm 29 Jan 07

G’day water harvest rain – I’ll help you as your web-content wizard for an honest contract rate (let’s talk $80k/year). What you’ll get for your buck is a website hosted and updated by me, which will attract business interest in your product. A majority of my job will be rewriting all of your existing content into correct spelling and grammar – a necessity for ebusiness.

JB – no annoying emails asking me to pay to renew my advertising contract ?

(I presume Che will take over his ‘- not the drink’ ad)

Also, do you still accept beer as legal tender ?

Thumper Thumper 11:01 am 26 Jan 07

I can’t quite understand it.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 9:12 am 26 Jan 07

Its a spelling and gramatical nightmare.

water harvest rain water harvest rain 8:37 am 26 Jan 07

How can i get yous to show my website?

Can help irrigators leve murrey alone catch there Owen water tax free. Common
Can i have my website below shown to give farmers a option give them a say please.see how much response yous get.
Wanting a reply I have sent over 20 emails and kept them all.
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. I’m trying to help farmers.And all. I have good practicable ideas and designs I have ready to go now portable dams from 40.000 leter up 400.000 leters 40.000 leter rain catchers from $3800 portable dams with cover to stop water evaporation .
Please help me help farmers.
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2meters by 600mm deep.=10.000lts $1700. Better then rain tanks thay catch more.
My designs are tuff and safe. Ways to keep up with climate changes with rain bands that have speed up.
We can man have fencet off part of car park at sports fields or out side field to have water to water grass. Rain we will all ways have we have to keep up with it.Contain it.Not watch it go to wast.
Have at schools for there sports fields. Hanging rain catchers for trees drip feed. and can be man filled
to save on water wastige.Frow soaking. Fill every 4weeks not water every secend day. Save on man power. Fuel . and most in portent save water no wast.
It is not counselling or hand outs farmers want. Farmers want help to stay on the land by having feed and[ [water] for their stock .They want to have meat on their plates other then chicken. [Water]And essential to life.Water Harvesting Rain Catching..
Michael Blundell. 0433645015 Queanbeyan

Thumper Thumper 8:21 am 19 Jan 07

Well, I am not a drummer, well, not a very good one anyway….

But I’m a reasonable bass player!

terubo terubo 8:00 am 19 Jan 07

Thumper, like the site, like the music. Still trying to figure out which one is you, though: altho’ I suppose “Mark’s World Cup” may be a clue?

Maelinar Maelinar 11:30 am 18 Jan 07

Pandy, lucky then eh.

Save up that sequence of events for the next time it happens, that way you won’t have to think of any original material when the heat is on.

From the content of your previous posts, I have concluded you may need a kickstart in initiative anyway, so I’m sure it will come in useful.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 11:11 am 18 Jan 07

Sex is only wrong if you are not getting any…. or involves a goat…

RandomGit RandomGit 10:58 am 18 Jan 07

Hambo upgrading the Drupal version, but obviously is at work right now so isn’t actively working on it.

Or has forgotten to switch off the maintenance message.

Whatever, I emailed him. It’s not like there’s anything there you need to know, and only stuff you are trying to avoid.

And seeing as how Sex isn’t wrong, I hardly see why it is karma.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 10:53 am 18 Jan 07

MGR is still broken, is this internets Karma?

RandomGit RandomGit 10:02 am 18 Jan 07

As a man of religion I suggest you don’t go to MGR Hasdrubahl.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:22 am 18 Jan 07

Fortunately I have not a clue what this is about.

Pandy Pandy 9:16 am 18 Jan 07

Even a fewl would have realized following the discussion that I had not clicked on the link at work (8:02pm anyone?) and of course only a fewl would have not closed the link immediately if they had done so.

RandomGit RandomGit 9:12 am 18 Jan 07

Pandy, I seriously don’t know how to get through to you. Now you call me out as a blatant sneak. Did it occur to you I took that strand of the conversation over there because there is where it belongs, not here?

You are a emaciated whiner. Fuck you, I hope you get fired.

Thumper Thumper 9:00 am 18 Jan 07

The elf,


Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 8:59 am 18 Jan 07

The elf has a point! 🙂

Maelinar Maelinar 8:43 am 18 Jan 07

boo hoo, really.

Here’s a sequence of events;

Mr Pandy is approached by his security advisor

(SA) Hello Mr Pandy, I would like to talk to you about inappropriate content over the innernet

(P) Yes, I am aware of that, I clicked a link which took me to a bad site. Once I realised that, I closed the explorer window by clicking on the red x.

(SA) No problems then, in future, be careful about the links you follow

(P) *phew*, that was close. I’m sweating at the knees! Thankfully they didn’t realise that I curiously surfed around the site for a good 30+ mins before I decided I was offended at the website.

Pandy Pandy 7:46 am 18 Jan 07

RandomGit I saw what you wrote on MGR and the link back to this discussion. You asked if the tagline was clear: It is not. You also sneakily challenged Shambo to place cocks and c*nts all over the front page of MGR. As at this moment MGR is off line for some reason.
However, I I did laugh my head off watching the crack spider in his pimpmobile.

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