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AEC Declares local results

By BeyondThought - 18 December 2007 21

The AEC declared the results for the ACT Senate, Canberra and Fraser at old Parliament House today.  No surprises with the results:

    ACT Senate: Kate Lundy & Gary Humphries
    Canberra: Annette Ellis
    Fraser: Bob McMullan

Lundy, Humphries and Ellis were there, except for McMullan who couldn’t make it.  An “urgent” meeting somewhere no doubt.  Looks like three more years of the same in Fraser.

Apparently Lundy, Humphries and Ellis made their speeches with Fraser represented by the Liberal Candidate, Troy Williams who made more of an effort than the guy who defeated him.  Increadibly the candidate that nobody could find, Kerri Taranto, also was there.

So, that is that.  Voters (and the member for Fraser) can sleep safely for another three years.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
AEC Declares local results
Deadmandrinking 9:12 pm 18 Dec 07

I was personally a bit disappointed that Tucker didn’t get in, despite the unnecessary conduct of some of her staffers. Guess I can’t complain though. Hooray for safe Labor Seats! Hoo…………ray….

Pandy 9:02 pm 18 Dec 07

Reynolds has enough blood in him to make several new blood Liberal candidates.

NickD 8:39 pm 18 Dec 07

“Troy Williams who made more of an effort than the guy who defeated him”

…though that effort seems to have been, if anything, counter-productive – the Liberals had a 1.75% swing against them in two party prefered terms and actually went backwards by more (-2.41%) on primary votes. It’s worth noting that in 2004 the Liberals achieved a relatively strong swing in primary votes (+2.82%) and a smaller negative swing in two-party prefered terms (-0.64%) so Williams seems to have done worse than Adam Giles did in 2004 (though 2004 was obviously a better year for the Liberals than 2007).

In short, Williams’ campaign tactic of spamming Canberra seems to have been something of a flop. Goodness knows why the ACT Liberals thought that it was a good idea to spend so much money trying to win a rock-solid Labor safe seat – I bet that they’ll wish that they had that money in the bank when the ACT election comes up next year.

mikey 8:29 pm 18 Dec 07

Ummm, that would have been because an election was coming up?

CanberraGreen 8:26 pm 18 Dec 07

Some new blood in both the Libs and Labor would be good. May as well replace Foskey too!

Jonathon Reynolds 6:58 pm 18 Dec 07

Actually I’ll give him credit where credit is due – he has attended several GCC events recently.

boomacat 6:54 pm 18 Dec 07

And I don’t think it’s fair to portray Bob McMullan as the “missing member”, he is always sending me invites to electorate events.

boomacat 6:52 pm 18 Dec 07

If the so-called Liberals had any brains, they would totally clean out their current assembly representatives, they should DEFINITELY get rid of:
* Vicki Dunne; and
* Steve “Prat” Pratt.

Jacqui Burke, Brendan Smyth and Bill Stefaniak are maybes, they should get rid of at least one of these three and keep the other two to provide an air of consistency/experience to the voting public.

Perhaps a new thread “Who should/shouldn’t the so-called Liberals stand as candidates for the next Assembly election”?

Jonathon Reynolds 6:48 pm 18 Dec 07
Crikey 5:31 pm 18 Dec 07

‘No Show’ Bob didn’t turn up, what a surprise. Yeah, Troy should run for the Assembly, he seems decent enough. I would like Kerrie to run again as well. OMG, I just has a horrible thought – Margo running!!!

Ava 5:07 pm 18 Dec 07

I hope Troy Williams puts himself up as a candidate for the upcoming ACT election.

tickboom 4:24 pm 18 Dec 07

“Lundy, Humphries and Ellis were there, except for McMullan who couldn’t make it.”

That sentence hurts my brain.

barking toad 4:15 pm 18 Dec 07

Bob’s o/s pledging dough to terrorists

Mr Evil 2:41 pm 18 Dec 07

Well of course Kerri was there – it’ll be her last media opportunity for quite some time.

I hope Margo isn’t taking it too hard – I mean, losing that is.

Go Gary, Go Gary, Gooooooooooooooo Gary! 😉

CanberraGreen 1:39 pm 18 Dec 07

I think kerri tucker was there too.

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