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AFP Guide to Personal Safety

By soulman - 4 June 2007 21

With the recent spate of street crimes, perhaps it is just as well that the AFP has seen fit to expand their online guide on how to keep safe in Canberra.

“Safety Out and About” (AFP website) Link

The guide contains some commonsense tips we should all know and some things you may not have thought of. I know I learnt a thing or two.
Kids, seniors, shift workers and… well everyone really should have a look.

P.S. If you do follow the advice about carrying a panic/attack alarm, be careful with it. Don’t do what my sister did and drop it outside a packed restaurant in Manuka at lunchtime, deafening al-fresco dinners with a 120db alarm while trying to figure out how to mute it. If anyone from Verve is reading this, she sends her apologies.

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21 Responses to
AFP Guide to Personal Safety
soulman 5:46 pm 04 Jun 07

Personally, some parts of this guide are overkill, as you pointed out GnT, the tip about don’t respond to conversation from strangers on the street or in a a car. In the past month, two people have pulled up while I was walking home. Both were women needing directions. I didn’t get to close but still responded. Now if it was a car full of yokels with guns, then I might keep walking?

With regards to sepi’s comment on if your being followed. I pieced togeather these important safety tips from the NYPD website and from episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger, that I’d seen.

1) Make three consecutive right turns
2) If still being followed, stop at the nearest truckers stop or diner.
3) Approach the vehicle following you while puting on a cowboy hat or sunbrerro.
4) If more than once person is following you, call over your shorter sidekick/passenger. Ensure he two is wearing a cowboy hat.
5) Exchange sarcastic, cliched remarks that do nothing but inflame situation. Then take pause while “singing in the eyes of a ranger…”
6) Round house kick driver of vehicle so that he is thrown over bonnet of his car.
7) Help sidekick punch and karate chop other offenders who despite repeated assaults, seem to jump up and continue fighting.
8) Once offenders are on the ground unconscious, call 911 (000) for assistance.
9) Ask sidekick how cowboy hat stayed on head despite repeated karate moves and back flips while subduing offenders.
10) Finish by looking towards the mobile phone camera of local teenager while doing cheesy grin that can be used as freeze frame closer for YouTube video.

sepi 4:28 pm 04 Jun 07

And the one that suggests that if you are being followed, drive to a police station – not much good in Canberra I would have thought – they are either tucked away off the street, or closed at night.

GnT 3:15 pm 04 Jun 07

Back to commenting on the actual story …

Most is commonsense, but as for this one:
“Do not respond to conversation from strangers on the street or in a car – continue walking”

I would like to think that if I approached someone to politely ask the time or when the bus arrived, they would respond instead of rudely walking away.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:08 pm 04 Jun 07


The missus’ handbag isn’t huge, just full of mess!

JD114 1:20 pm 04 Jun 07

To VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt: Geez your Mrs must have a big handbag, and are you a paid up member of ACT Swingers or do you just see who turns up on the night?

schmerica_ 1:05 pm 04 Jun 07

There is no Theory of Evolution – Just a list of animals Chuck Norris has allowed to live…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 12:40 pm 04 Jun 07

“Put some nunchuckas (sp?) in there vy 😛 “

Yeah right. As if I’d let her drive the V8. She has a small-medium econobox I bought her a couple of years ago.

Danman 12:30 pm 04 Jun 07

Chuck norris does not break wind – he destroys it

DarkLadyWolfMother 12:17 pm 04 Jun 07

It’s good to know women are safe from him then.

Thumper 11:59 am 04 Jun 07

It’s rumoured that Chuck Norris can kill a man by simply thinking about it….

Danman 10:42 am 04 Jun 07

Walker…….Texas Ranger………

Maelinar 10:30 am 04 Jun 07

There hasn’t been enough Nunchuka in the world since the 80’s and Chuck Norris.

Thumper 10:13 am 04 Jun 07


Danman 9:46 am 04 Jun 07

Put some nunchuckas (sp?) in there vy 😛

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:48 am 04 Jun 07

This supports my constant hassling of the missus that standing by the car in the parking lot rooting around in the depths of an oversize handbag for keys is not a good idea.

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