28 February 2006

Airport - bigger - better - and noisier

| seepi
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The airport is proudly trumpeting the fact that they are extending the runway in order to accept more and larger planes, more often [Covered in passing earlier]. I understand the need for expansion, and it will benefit Canberrans if we can fly overseas directly from Canberra. But I think now is the time to start thinking about a curfew for our airport.

At times planes over my house make conversation impossible as they fly overhead. This is only brief, and doesn’t bother me too much, but if it becomes a constant, or goes through the night it certainly will.

This issue also affects anyone in Canberra who ever flies. Ever noticed that the last plane back from Melbourne (9.50PM) is usually delayed until about midnight? This is not because of any issue affecting that plane, it is because nearly evey other airport in Australia has a curfew, so they take pains to get those planes out before the Canberra plane.

I think a curfew of 8.00 AM -10.30 PM would be suitable. (I’d like it to start later on weekends, but I’m trying to be realistic…).

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In regards to night flights, it sounds like from the Canberra Airport website that no passenger planes arrive at night time but some freight planes and ambulance planes do but the airport has guidelines for them to minimise noise.

“All the thriving metropolises do have curfews. If Canberra is to become one, it should consider a curfew too.”

By this logic all it would take to make Thargominda a thriving metropolis is for that town to impose an airport curfew (they may have to build an airport first).

“This would be better thought about in advance, rather than trying to bring one in once the problem has arisen.”

This is exactly what the airport has been doing – e.g. by fighting Queanbeyan Council’s stupid push to fill up the flightpath with housing.

Move to Holt.

No planes
No summernats
No boyracers
No ambulance sirens

Then the fucking magpies and galah’s keep us up all night anyway. (but it’s the peaceful sounds of nature instead of those nasty sounds of humankind)

The moral of the story: Shoot birds.

Andy, not necessarily so. After a northerly takeoff the aircraft heading to Melbourne do turn over the northern suburbs on their way southwards. Airservices do try and spread the flightpaths around a bit to try and appease the terminal whingers, but I guess there’s no pleasing some people!

George W. Bush had the kind of security that no other foreign leader has requested before or since. The aircraft keeping people awake all night were actually RAAF F/A-18 Hornets.

Planes taking off from canberra wouldn’t even be flying over hackett.. they kind of follow majura road, and mt majura would get in the way if they tried to fly over hackett….

1. Moving – great plan – seems to be the answer to any difficulty really. We just need to find a colony of deaf people to buy up all the hosues in our suburb.
2. All the thriving metropolises do have curfews. If Canberra is to become one, it should consider a curfew too. This would be better thought about in advance, rather than trying to bring one in once the problem has arisen.

3 I wasn’t whinging. I specifically said the situation at the moment is not a problem

4. I live in Hackett – it seems to be planes taking off and flying low overhead that we hear, not landing – I think. Although when George Bush arrived with his entourage of enormous planes which circled overhead all night it did keep us up. One reason they want to expand the airport is so we can have more such visiting dignitaries – can’t wait.

5. yes I bought a house nearish to an airport. But as things are now, and were when I bought it, this wasnt’ a problem. But the airport significantly expanding could be.

1. Move
2. I think its ridiculous that people are trying to make Canberra the thriving metropolis that it really should be…and yet they complain about fucking airplanes making noise.
This is a capital city for fucks sake. I hope they make the airport bigger and get tons of planes flying in and out every minute of the day and night.

people just need any fucking excuse to have a whinge (this is mine).

seepi you are a selfish softhead.

your proposal defys commonsense.

in relative terms, the airport is far enough away from canberras slumbering suburbs that noone is affected by the small amount of noise that occurs by planes landing overnight.

i used to live in campbell and the drone fo a few planes through the night was barely noticeable unless i was awake doing work or with insomnia.

instead of posting overwhelmingly whinging themes topics, how about something positive or an idea to improve things. all your anti this anti that posts are quite tiresome.

Canberra Airport (like most other airports in the world) is only going to get busier over time, and if some people are stupid enough to pay $600 000 (or more!) to live underneath a flightpath within 3 km of an established airport, I have no sympathy for them.

I am sure that Canberra doesn’t have a official curfew (apart from the fact that the tower isn’t staffed overnight) because there are several freight aircraft that operate into Canberra in the wee hours of the morning most nights of the week. I think the reason behind this is that as the base for RAAF 34SQN (VIP aircraft) they may be required to operate outside regular hours for important duties from time to time.

theres a curfew on planes taking off of 10.30, and landing of midnight, first landing in the morning of 5.30

That adds a new meaning to “taking off” time from work.

Andy, I’m surprised you’ve survived the planes “inside the building” 🙂

Nobody’s being forced to live under the flightpath. Why choose to live there if it’s a problem?

I understand that there is no curfew at the airport and they plan to take advantage of this in the near future especially as a freight hub.

I have no problems with the airport growing as we need a prosperous airport.

where do you live where you hear planes ?
Admittedly, i have a friend who lives in jerra and can hear planes there occasionally, but working out here at Brindabella, we very rarely hear the planes inside the building.

Surely you mean a curfew of 10.30pm to 8am, seepi? Unless you want planes flying through the night and not the day?

I don’t really think this is a realistic curfew given a lot of people who use the airport catch the 6am-ish flights to Sydney and Melbourne for work reasons.

swissbignose9:22 pm 28 Feb 06

Actually, it’s not a curfew just because no one is in the control tower. Planes do land in the middle of the night, but they tend to be freight-related. Having said that, Qantas have a policy that they don’t land unless someone is in the tower.

there is already a curfew at the airport, it shuts around 11 and no planes arrive until 6 the next morning…there is no one in the control tower at this time

could do
if so they won’t mind a curfew.

On the other hand, bigger planes could well mean less of them.

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