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Airport says no to looking after taxi customers

By johnboy - 14 January 2009 38

The Canberra Times reports that the darkness on the edge of town (aka the Airport) is refusing to pay for “Commissionaires”.

The commissionaires were the people who up until 18 months ago organised the cattle on the forecourt to try and shift them into taxis as efficiently as possible.

Now, despite charging the drivers for the privilege of completing customer journeys, the airport is digging in.

It never ceases to amaze the problems the airport is willing to create and then tolerate literally on its own doorstep.

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38 Responses to
Airport says no to looking after taxi customers
ant 11:53 am 14 Jan 09

As others have said, Snowtown have their eyes fixed on making uber-profit as fast as possible. Being good citizens, being decent, that kind of thing, can’t be put on a spreadsheet so it doesn’t rate.

What disgusts me about them is the way they created a horrible problem (the roads) knowing that the government would be pressured to act on it. They’ve held us all to ransom so they could make profits for themselves.

I also hate to see their clever PR machine running lines like “if Tralee goes ahead you’ll all get aircraft noise”, implying without saying that if Tralee doesn’t go ahead, everyone will be SAFE from aircraft noise. This is baloney, but plenty of people have been hooked.

Snowtown is run by cynical money-men, represented by slick PR people, and are poor corporate citizens.

This taxi commissionaire thing just highlights it. Snowtown created teh problem whereby taxis can’t get to and from the airport easily (traffic jams), they also charge taxis for the pleasure of coming there (to pick up Snowtown’s passengers!), the commissionaires helped to alleviate the problem by filling seats in teh taxis that did come, and Snowtown won’t pay for them.

Mr Evil 11:29 am 14 Jan 09

The rules about set-down only are to stop people from parking out front of the terminal for longer than a few moments while they wait for Auntie Jean or their best mate, Bertie to faff around taking their merry time coming out to the car.

p1 11:24 am 14 Jan 09

Yes, I think it is.

iObject 11:17 am 14 Jan 09

I still don’t understand this “set-down only” situation at the airport…

Is it simply a money making exercise?

chrispy 11:05 am 14 Jan 09

Wouldnt it be nice to have a couple of competing terminals run by different organisations.

Aurelius 10:48 am 14 Jan 09

Mr Evil, they all aspire to be like LAX – a shopping precinct with an airport hidden somewhere.

Mr Evil 10:43 am 14 Jan 09

The Snow Empire is just so typical of so many private airport operators in Australia – make money flogging off as much land on the airport site for development, first priority; then double or triple rents and fees to force as many exisiting tenants off site as quickly as possible to make more room for further development, second priority; operating a fully functional airport, third priority!

And now the redevelopment of the terminal building is on hold because of the global financial situation!

I truly hope you bleed, Snow………

jube_V8Fairlane_235k 10:31 am 14 Jan 09

The commssionaires of old were pretty efficient at organising groups going in the same direction, thereby cutting down waiting times and queues considerably.

tortfeaser 10:20 am 14 Jan 09

Why do you need a dude to point you to the queue? Its not like the forecourt was some rowdy scrum like LAX seems.

caf 10:07 am 14 Jan 09

If you don’t like the taxi queues you can just take your business to one of the other airports…

… oh.

p1 9:35 am 14 Jan 09

and then require some government funding help to upgrade the roads?

Aurelius 9:33 am 14 Jan 09

They’ll create a problem, then in a few months time, they’ll complain it’s the fault of the taxis.

p1 9:25 am 14 Jan 09

It’s missing basic services eg… …allowing kerb side pickup…

I still do the kerbside pick-up thing, haven’t been booked yet 🙂

harvyk1 9:14 am 14 Jan 09

I’ve been to every major airport in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a few not so major ones. As far as I’m concerned, Canberra airport is the worst one I’ve been too. It’s missing basic services eg an easy way to get to and from and allowing kerb side pickup, nothing airside (at least on the Qantas side) and a large number of non-aerobridge flights.

It’s also missing international flights, you know, the thing that is normally required before you call yourself an international airport.

From what I have heard it also has some of the highest fees to airlines of any airport in Australia.

jube_V8Fairlane_235k 8:52 am 14 Jan 09

These people are amazing! You want to meet the stereo-typical publc servants of Canberra – just look in to the (private enterprise) world of Snowtown. It was my misfortune to have to deal with these horse-blinkered beaureaucrats on many occasions (in relation to hire cars, but that’s a whole new thread).

Great to see the customer service hasn’t changed since I left!

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