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All Ages No Alcohol gig (at a pub): not pretty.

By Carzee - 10 October 2007 29

I photographed an All Ages thrash/scream metal gig at Jamison Inn last Sunday. The line-up was 4 Dead, 50Lions, and Parkway Drive –all from north coast NSW. Disclosure: I am late 40’s.

Anyway, from the first chord of the first song of the first band there was a LAM, large area mosh. It was like someone threw a switch. Well, lets get physical! Lets get violent! I’ve seen mosh before, but at gigs like Wolfmother etc the security dudes damp it right down pretty quick as they can and get rid of the nasty -usually drunk- boofheads that can ruin it for others. Well, this was an under-18 event and these guys were not drunk. I’d guess they were on caffeine or red cordial because they moved around very fast. ‘Frenzied’ fits here. So does ‘disturbed’.

I don’t think it can last. Yeah, I know, “alert the fun police”… but who’s insurance company was covering this? If my 15 something year old was in there at risk from the stage diving and human dodgem cars etc I’d be concerned. [ I didn’t include a ref to girls just then because this mosh stuff is a wannabe alpha male thing apparently. A smaller percentage of the audience were female. They were there waving their arms around but unable to see much to the front and sensibly staying out of the way of the running-jumping-shoving rumble in the center which looked like a gang fight with a soundtrack].

It may be a Jamison thing. The band’s singer encouraged “this weird thing you do down here” and launched in another set of lyrics. Thats being kind btw. The rock star wannabe also felt it a necessary part of the thrash scene to fill the breaks with very very crude/off jokes about oral sex with babies (3 or 4 jokes on the subject) and one other obligatory joke about sex during menstruation.

The main act had about 1 metre of space between themselves and The Front Squashees at the front of the audience. By the time this photo was taken the energy level had died off a tad (!) and the worst of the boofheads-on-cordial were most probably worn out. In this pic you can’t see The Front Squashees, but they’re down there.

Jamieson Inn

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29 Responses to
All Ages No Alcohol gig (at a pub): not pretty.
Danman_straight6_EB_ 12:32 pm 10 Oct 07

I am almost 30 and love a little bit of a circle at gigs liek this – like someone said – the dickheads get worked out pretty soon and the genuine people always get a hand up or are offered a hand up…..good outlet for emotion – I mean hell – these kids could be out casing cars and stuff – I reckon if my 15 year old girl wanted to go I would let her – not like its a culture of drugs and organised crime.

Mike Crowther 11:33 am 10 Oct 07

Pull up a bit Carzee. This is an event ostensively for kids. For gods sake they’ve got to have somewhere to cut loose or we’ll end up with a totally neurotic generation. We cotton-wool school age ones enough now day’s, at least let the teenagers scream and slam each other. Believe it or not they’re learning to socialise as well as having fun. You can’t condemn something just because its outside your cultural paradigm. I’m over 50 and though I still enjoy the odd Metal moment, joining in a mosh pit is simply not on my menu. (But then they aren’t designed for us are they?)

Princess 11:31 am 10 Oct 07

I’d be more worried about creepy old guys taking photo’s of 15yo girls! Just joking.

I will make sure I drag you into the mosh with me if I see you at the next gig.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:12 am 10 Oct 07

I went to concerts on my own when I was 14 and I would always get in the mosh and have a fucking blast. I’m now 10 years older and still enjoy a good moshpit. I hope I never get old enough to be concerned about it.

shenanigans 10:55 am 10 Oct 07

Boo hoo. Welcome to Canberra, buddy. We like our metal loud and our moshpits reeking. If you feel you’re not up to it then go and stand up the back with the girlfriends. Rock n roll!

josh 10:51 am 10 Oct 07

oh no, a band within a metre of the audience! alert the authorities!

yes, some people occasionally get hurt. but people get hurt having showers, too. at least at a hardcore show, there’s (often) a fair sense of unity, and people will be there to pick you up/drag you out. don’t be a tool, and people will respect you – they’re all there to have a good time.

that said, 4dead often go a fair way over the top though.

Absent Diane 10:38 am 10 Oct 07

if you go in – you are fair game. if you fall over normally someone will try and pick you up.. the fckers I hate are the ones that come screaming in from the back somewhere to join the mosh knocking over those who are just at the back where it is nice and roomy, having dance. I have scared the fck out of some hardcore pussies that have knocked my girlfriend down in that circumstance. Don’t fck wit da jesus!!

Mobsta 9:50 am 10 Oct 07

People complain if there is alcohol…People complain if there isn’t alcohol…It’s a no win situation…

All ages usually means anyone under 18…If you didn’t like it maybe search for a club that accommodates late 40s on a Sunday??

justbands 9:23 am 10 Oct 07

Looks like fun to me.

Carzee 9:06 am 10 Oct 07

Kevin, to clarify, this was my first hardcore under 18’s gig. I am a recent arrival from Newcastle, a place not short of hardcore.

In Newie and Sydeny over 18 hardcore gigs/venues I have attended, the publicans have at least one eye on their licence/insurance, and the crowd is controlled by security persons and stage barriers (some effective, some not).

Locally, the Greenroom security (hardcore gig or not) will definitely put you outside for stage diving and assaulting other patrons etc.

In part I’m saying the “All Ages” label at this gig, at this pub, on this occasion, with this minimalist security… is a niche for boofheads who can’t “be themselves” at properly secured pubs/clubs.

Gonna be okay with your 15 yo daughter going there?

Tempestas 8:47 am 10 Oct 07

\m/ \m/

Reminds me of the old days at the now demolished Civic Youth Centre
2nd the Parkway Drive are awesome comment.

The rules of the mosh are if you can’t take it, don’t go there. Never been in any violence and a Metal Gig, lots of energy, rarely violence. Can’t say the same for mainstream pop though

hingo_VRCalaisV6 8:41 am 10 Oct 07

Parkway Drive are pretty awesome. Gigs where the whole crowd are going nuts like that are the best.

Thumper 8:33 am 10 Oct 07

No grog…

faarrrkkkk, what is the world coming to…

Danman_straight6_EB_ 8:20 am 10 Oct 07

4 dead = Canberra band – I used to work with the drummer.

kevn 8:18 am 10 Oct 07

Your first time at a hardcore gig, or what?

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