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Amir Miguel Asgari and things done whilst on bail for trafficking in MDMA and possession of cocaine, MDMA, methylamphetamine, cannabis and cannabis resin

By johnboy - 7 July 2009 22

Many judgments of the court are exceedingly tedious. But not [2009] ACTSC 74, which while dated 23 June has only just gone online.

Amir Miguel Asgari of Kambah has plead guilty to charges including “trafficking in MDMA and possession of cocaine, MDMA, methylamphetamine, cannabis and cannabis resin”. And yet in his first paragraph Justice Refshauge notes:

    He has been on bail for some time. Neither counsel could tell me exactly how long, but on the court records it appears to have been since 27 August 2007.

On bail so long that no-one can remember? So long that the standard for bail conditions has changed in the meantime? Having plead guilty?

It does, however, get better, considering Amir’s bail conditions did require him to stay home between midnight and 6am:

    He comes before me having breached those bail conditions. The breach was detected when he was stopped in a motor vehicle he was driving at 1.50 am this morning on Drakeford Drive, Isabella Plains, about three or four suburbs away from where he was to reside at Kambah. He was subject to breath analysis and the analysis showed him to have a breath alcohol content of 0.122%, a level three reading which would render him liable to a maximum penalty of nine months imprisonment or 15 penalty units.

    He has appeared in the Magistrates Court for this offence and has been bailed without conditions to appear in that court again on 14 July 2009. That is perhaps a little surprising since he has already accumulated two prior drink driving offences, an offence of driving in a manner dangerous and driving whilst disqualified.

    It appears that he had only had his licence returned, after the last 12 months disqualification, on or about 9 March 2009, less than four months ago. Nevertheless, that is a matter for the Magistrates Court and I do not wish to say any more about it.

There’s plenty more gold to be found there. Amir’s sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place in a couple of days on 9 July.

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22 Responses to
Amir Miguel Asgari and things done whilst on bail for trafficking in MDMA and possession of cocaine, MDMA, methylamphetamine, cannabis and cannabis resin
Hugh Lews 1:19 pm 08 Jul 09

“Amir Miguel Asgari”

That is the sound I make when I’m trying to be sick or cough something up….

It’s been said before, if your going to commit the crime, do it in Canberra…

Joshua 12:27 am 08 Jul 09

You really have to wonder what the point of bail conditions are when bail is continued after they’re breached.
In this case he clearly breached 2 of the conditions. 1. Not consume alcohol and 2. The imposed curfew.

It hardly sends the right message to others on bail when the courts allow things like this to happen.
Also the man has plead guilty to trafficking drugs not just possession so will no doubt be getting a prison sentence so I really can’t see why the judge didn’t just let him get started on serving it.

farnarkler 8:38 pm 07 Jul 09

Skidd Marx from what was written in the CT article, he copped a decent (and well deserved if he is a wife beater) touch up with a baseball bat and crowbar.

Surprise, surprise, he’s from Kambah.

nyssa76 8:35 pm 07 Jul 09

An example of why recidivist should be labotomised and sterilised.

Skidd Marx 5:40 pm 07 Jul 09
Skidd Marx 5:37 pm 07 Jul 09

I know this dude. He is a dirty phucking wife beating grub. In any other jurisdiction in the worlf he’d have been locked up long ago. Here’s another excerpt from his biography:

astrojax 5:25 pm 07 Jul 09

surely if he committed an offence for which he lost his licence for 12ths, in 2008, since he has been on bail, should in itself be a reason to have him up for breach of conditions – or are the ‘conditions’ of bail so flimsy..? isn’t it supposed to be ‘go away and be good’, not ‘go away and do what ya want cause we don’t care’..?

ahappychappy 4:03 pm 07 Jul 09

Okay sorry – just read the link.

The revoked bail conditions was the drink driving offence. NOT the offence heard in court.

My apologies. Still doesn’t explain why he’s been granted bail…

ahappychappy 3:58 pm 07 Jul 09

Wait so hang on…

He was on bail WITH conditions which he breached so then they:
a) gave him bail again?
b) removed ALL conditions?

What on earth is this world coming to?

Chopper 3:56 pm 07 Jul 09

he will just end up in jail people dont worry. he gets robbed every 2nd day anyway

misspris 11:51 am 07 Jul 09

Crims would be elated to have Refshauge preside over their case I imagine. What a joke.

pptvb 11:42 am 07 Jul 09

And he will now get his 15th & final chance to reform.

Jim Jones 11:37 am 07 Jul 09

G-Fresh said :

Man that’d be a tough pill to swallow.

Just chop it up and snort it then.

G-Fresh 11:26 am 07 Jul 09

Man that’d be a tough pill to swallow.

weeziepops 11:01 am 07 Jul 09

I only wish I could believe this was a joke post but history suggests it is not only legit, but also not unusual…

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