An affordable Health Club for the time poor.

Advertising Feature 29 July 2010 6

[First filed: Jul 22, 2010 @ 10:30]

It hasn’t been promoted all that much, but Club Lime (Health Clubs) have a useful membership option for those of us that want to stay fit but can’t or don’t want to operate our lives on a “fixed” schedule. It’s called and it’s a do it yourself type arrangement where you purchase your health club membership online in blocks of a week or more, up to a maximum of three months.

There are no contract terms and from just $3 a day, this membership is great for students, shift workers and people who travel a lot or who never know what they’ll be doing one day to the next.

Onlime memberships can be used at any of Club Lime’s 7 locations and there’s even an “add on” option for access to the pool at CISAC. is the place to go for more info.

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6 Responses to An affordable Health Club for the time poor.
Jazz Jazz 12:04 pm 01 Aug 10

blub, try the mute button. 🙂 problem solved.

we dont dictate if an ad has sound attached. particularly when it comes through one of our affiliate channels

Outta Control Outta Control 12:24 pm 28 Jul 10

To all gym members, enjoy the next few weeks because around late August/early Sept the gym will start to get crowded as the fairweather fitness people come out of hibernation. These are the people who look at the calendar, realise summer is just around the corner and rush off to the gym thinking they can become Arnold S in the few short months before their holidays down the coast and the beach. As soon as the Australia Day holiday is over and the business end of the year begins these people once again disappear only to reappear at the gym next August.

watto23 watto23 5:01 pm 27 Jul 10

Understand, but as someone time poor who used to be overweight, its usually not that you don’t have time, but that you are poor at prioritisng your time and what you do with it.
I make the time to go to the gym now, ahead of many things including work, for example my boxfit class doesn’t get missed because i’m busy at work. I go to the class and either take the work home, get in early the next day etc.

The same time poor people also seem to be too busy to have lunch and think slaving away at their desk and skipping lunch is good for them.

Write down what you do for every hour of every day in detail and add it up, you’d be surprised. The same goes for food you eat.

That said i can see where say a winter membership would be useful, but i’m guessing these short term rates could end up more expensive than just having an annual membership and skipping a few weeks.

blub blub 9:53 pm 22 Jul 10

Nice. I’ve been looking for something like this.
I don’t know about the time poor part, but I just want some flexibility. Some weeks I just want to do stuff indoors, sometimes outdoors – and it’s those outdoors days that I hate that I have a gym membership.

P.S. To the RA crew -the new ads with sound are so not cool!

XO_VSOP XO_VSOP 3:30 pm 22 Jul 10

I think this an innovative service, well done to these guys, in a time poor society initiatives like this work.

Lazy I Lazy I 11:13 am 22 Jul 10

If you are claiming you are ‘time poor’ or making excuses for why you can’t attend a regular gym before you start.. a gym isn’t going to get you results.

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