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Another driver [dis]courtesy story. Am I wrong?

astrojax 18 June 2013 81

[no cyclists were harmed or even invoked in the development of this article]

so, what do rioters think?  i am approaching among other traffic at or just under the posted speed limit, on a major arterial road in the nearside (left) lane, a major thoroughfare (let’s call it ‘northbourne avenue’) when about two-three hundred metres ahead the lights go red – so i know i’m going to have to stop, and likely for a little while.

instinctively, i ease off the accelerator and coast up towards the red light.  bloke in a 4wd (always seems to be a bloke – young-ish usually, too) behind me continues at his speed until he is right up my clacker (ie, dangerously tailgating) and, as we’re about there pops on his left indicator as it transpires he is wanting to use the slip lane and turn left at his [safe] will…

as i pull far enough ahead and almost stop at said red traffic signal he zooms underneath me, sounds the horn fitted to his vehicle, glares grimly at me while flipping a bird; as if i should have known he wanted to get ahead of me and i was delaying him for some important fire or something…  the hide of me.

similar scenario has played out a few times the past week or so; i’m not crawling at three k’s an hour, but fu***ed if i’m going to keep accelerating, using more of my fuel and then use more of my brake pads simply to facilitate his progress past me.  especially when he didn’t give me notice of his intent [it’s called an ‘indicator, goose.  you might find its control on the steering column].

what should i have done? (for the record, i smiled at him – think it pissed him off more…) am i at any fault?  is this flagrant display of discourtesy more prevalent of late or am i having a bad run?

thoughts please.

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81 Responses to Another driver [dis]courtesy story. Am I wrong?
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nhand42 nhand42 12:44 am 21 Jun 13

Coasting slowly towards an intersection might be seen by others as a bit inconsiderate, particularly if you are blocking somebody behind you who wants to turn left at the intersection. They won’t be held up by the red light, but they are being held up by you.

You should try coasting in the middle lane, or not coasting at all if there’s somebody behind you. It’s a good idea to check your mirrors whenever you slow down, regardless of the reason why, just because it improves your situational awareness.

That said, the guy was still being a jerk. I don’t personally care if people in front of me coast, but it’s a personal preference and I can see why other people get annoyed. It’s a bit like somebody sauntering slowly on a footpath, taking up the whole space, when you are in a rush to get somewhere. It doesn’t substantially affect how quickly you get there, but it does seem to make some people angry.

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