Another Wheely Bin? No No No

johnboy 1 August 2005 23

Vicki Dunne interrupted her Sunday rest to put out a media release calling for an extra wheely bin for organic waste to be foisted upon the households of Canberra at vast expense.

John Hargreaves is, thankfully, having none of it.

The current regime has transformed the kitchens of the conscientious into waste transfer stations, and frankly any more complexity is going to exceed my own “Can’t be arsed with it” threshold. Two bins Vicki. No more.

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23 Responses to Another Wheely Bin? No No No
Thumper Thumper 2:42 pm 04 Aug 05


ever thought that the reason there is no bus service to the airport could be sour grapes on the part of the government?

Stanhope does take great delight in thumbing his nose at the Federal government. And remember, this is the champion of public transport, except when it happens to be not to his liking, then he doesn’t want to know about it.

Whatever the reason, its simply ludicrous to think that the capital of Australia doesn’t even have a bus to its airport.

GuruJ GuruJ 2:05 pm 04 Aug 05

ACT ‘self-government’ is a joke.

Not only can any Territory legislation be overruled by the Federal Parliament, but the National Capital Authority sticks its nose in whatever planning matter it feels like, *and* has the right to arbitrarily approve developments in areas under their control — like the airport.

No wonder there’s no bus services that run to the airport — as far as the ACT government’s concerned it’s just a way to give money to the Feds.

andy andy 12:46 pm 04 Aug 05

i don’t recycle as it is.
as if im going to care about a 3rd bin.

occi occi 4:28 pm 02 Aug 05

In sydney, waverley council has a bin for green waste, one for paper and one for other recyleables (although they are changing to just one recyclable bin). This system seems to work well. There certainly aren’t people looking confused each garbage night…They also have a general clean up day every few months where they take any rubbish away. I think a green waste bin is a great idea, particularly for the elderly who love to garden and have to take a trip to the green waste dump every time they rake leaves. Well my grandparents in-law do at any rate. Having to need a trailer to take greeen waste to the dump is rediculous for a city – who has time?? Going to the dump with trailer seems a little uncivilised don’t you think? Canberra needs to get with times a bit and become a little less ‘country-fied’!

em em 3:03 pm 02 Aug 05

Who’d have thought a load of rubbish would generate this many comments?

terubo terubo 11:31 am 02 Aug 05

Nice one, bonfire. AND…what did you find inside?

RandomGit RandomGit 10:51 am 02 Aug 05

In Coffs Harbour they have the large bin in two section for recycling and rubbish and the smaller green bin for greenwaste.

Thats because they get plenty of rain and shit just GROWS on the coast.

We, on the other hand, get stuff all rain. Unneccessary indeed.

bonfire bonfire 9:57 am 02 Aug 05

I like the stove thats been sitting by the side of owen dixon drive for the last few months. Last week around 1 am one morning, i stopped, and opened the griller door.

Thumper Thumper 9:42 am 02 Aug 05


Some of the Councils have it as a rubbish collection scheme, not just a three monthly thing.

It would certainly be worth trying.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:33 am 02 Aug 05

Having been active in this years cleanup Australia day, I can certainly inform you where the ‘major restricted’ items end up…

terubo terubo 9:26 am 02 Aug 05

Thumper, they have a ‘clean-up’ day every 3 months. Good for getting rid of the large items, as you say. However, there still are major restrictions on what you can put out, so in the end you’re limited to beds etc.
-And I don’t wear out mattresses that fast, don’t know about everyone else.

xman xman 9:21 am 02 Aug 05

Over regulation – and the endless stream of dingbat press realeases is a classic sign of over government. They have nothing better (ie REAL governence issues) to do. How sad.

Thumper Thumper 8:35 am 02 Aug 05

Get a compost bin. They sit there and do nothing. Quite exciting really, especially when you go to put something in it and you get a faceful, and gobful, of those little insects that live in them….

Please, no more wheelie bins….

Actually, a better idea would be to put into place the system they have in some Sydney Councils where you simply put large unused or unwanted objects out the front and the council takes it away.

Got an old lounge you no longer need? No worries, put it out the front and someone will take it, maybe not the council, but who cares?

There’s one for Ms Dunne and Mr Hargreaves. How about it? You know that it makes sense, especially in this day and age of no waste by God knows whatever year.

terubo terubo 8:07 am 02 Aug 05

I beg to differ…the sensible/responsible way ahead is: one bin for kitchen waste and all the usual crap – weekly; another for recycling – fortnightly; and one for those unlucky enough to have gardens, for all the garden crap – monthly.
-The there’s the added entertainment of watching everyone get them all mixed up: more fun than watching tv.

Thumper Thumper 10:15 pm 01 Aug 05

Geez, no way….

I have enough trouble with two bins. Another one and I think I’d roll it down the street and leave it there so i don’t have to worry about it!

Then again, why not have another bin as well, for oil from engines, and another for steel and iron, and another for paint and paint products?

Man, we are so over-regulated..

em em 8:46 pm 01 Aug 05

I’m in Chifley, and that failed trial wheelie bin has come in handy for storing horse feed. I did call to see if they want it back, and Urban Services said I can do what I want with it. It’s much smaller than the rubbish wheelie bin, but probably would smell bad after a week in the sun. At least compost bins don’t smell that bad.

A trial in a higher-density area where compost bins aren’t an option might have been different. But I doubt the average apartment-dweller would want to walk downstairs and tip their kitchen filth pot in a reeking skip.

The cat did it The cat did it 7:15 pm 01 Aug 05

What is it with Ms Dunne and such daft releases? Does she think she is in a bad media release competition with the Pratt? Has she sworn an oath on the tomb of Bob Menzies that she will put out media releases every day, and this means she puts out releases regardless of whether there is an issue or not. Never mind the quality, feel the width, eh Vicki?

johnboy johnboy 6:23 pm 01 Aug 05

Mr Hargreaves does refer to that Trial

you have to remember the Liberals idea of a trial was always something you did to figure out how best to inflict it on the public and not something you might do to test feasability.

sk8erboi sk8erboi 6:19 pm 01 Aug 05

Wasn’t there a trial of this in, I think Chifley sometime in the last few years? Surely an organic waste wheelie bin would reek if it wasn’t collected very frequently (every ‘couple of days)

johnboy johnboy 5:07 pm 01 Aug 05

I have to say the Rolypig composters appearing in the ads look kind of cute though.

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