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ANU Cans Terrorfest

By David Heidelberg - 27 September 2005 40

Not the ideal result, however Fightdemback! report that the ANU have decided not to host this years Terrorfest.

The Terror Fest was not canned as a result of pressure from anti-racist groups or because of the Uni bar being unfairly tough on metal. The Terror Fest came unstuck because in this day and age, no-one wants to do business with organised racists, let alone people who go around saying “Heil Hitler.”

As I said, this was not the outcome that Fightdemback! wanted or expected.

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40 Responses to
ANU Cans Terrorfest
Mr Evil 7:24 am 29 Sep 05

Kerces, I am sure ‘we’ can find some way around that!

Kerces 9:03 pm 28 Sep 05

The trouble is, Mr Evil, that under the proposed legislation the unis won’t be able to collect money for anything non-academic (at least, that’s my understanding of it).

So they can’t just “collect another fee from the students to pay for the services that students require”.

Mr Evil 7:14 pm 28 Sep 05

I still say roll on VSU. The universities can collect another fee from the students to pay for the services that students require, which isn’t then bled off to pay for wanking student politicians to go on junkets to bleat about how cruel and unfair the world is! Let Labor, The Greens, Liberals, et al pay for student pollies if they want to.

Kerces 5:30 pm 28 Sep 05

Bulldog, do you mind that your taxes are used to pay for the dole even though you don’t use/access it?

I certainly don’t mind that my ASF and GSF (and going to both ANU and UC I pay both) go to fund support services that I don’t use. But that’s my choice about how I feel about it. I’ve certainly never heard anyone complaining about having to pay, it’s just what you do. Just like you have to pay taxes.

What people just don’t seem to understand is that most of the money doesn’t go to student politicians at all, but to the services provided. And at UC and ANU at least there are two organisations these funds go to — the student union and the student association. And it’s the SAs that the student politicians are in, not the things that are called unions at all.

Unfortunately the government propaganda seems to be working and the majority think there’s all this money going to nasty wannabe politicians and not to things that can potentially benefit the whole student community.

bulldog 4:33 pm 28 Sep 05

Colsim – meh, you’re probably right about the motives behind it. But can you clarify just what services are offered to the students as a result of coin collected by NVSU?

And are all the students taking up these services or, like the dole, is it the same people going back again and again?

colsim 4:26 pm 28 Sep 05

Paying money for services is just the same as paying taxes. You might prefer not to pay the tax in the first place but you benefit from the services.

I don’t give a rats about funding student politics, that can go, politicians should come from the community in my book but that doesn’t appear to be an acceptable compromise to the govt.

I do suspect that this is much more about payback for little Johnny and Bren-bren being given a hard time for being young Libs than any particularly useful social goal.

bulldog 4:15 pm 28 Sep 05

I’m with you Evil, bring on VSU. If it’s not compulsory in the workplace then why in the universities? Aren’t we supposed to be grooming these students for the workplace?

I know when I had mates at uni they could have used the extra couple of hundred dollars in their own skyrockets rather than helping an elitist pack of wankers build a platform to voice left wing political opinions…

colsim 3:29 pm 28 Sep 05

Roll on VSU…? (calm down, it’s just a troll 🙂
Yeah, let’s have no bar at all. University is for studying after all.

Absent Diane 3:20 pm 28 Sep 05

I quite like PC/conservatiness it gives me someone to rile up!!

Mr Evil 1:12 pm 28 Sep 05

Roll on VSU……….

Thumper 12:58 pm 28 Sep 05


that is priceless in its stupidity…..

ssanta 12:37 pm 28 Sep 05

what happened to freedom of speech? Association? Perhaps the fact that it all might be a stage show? These neo conservatives are beginning to piss me off. Another example of this stupidity is this hullabaloo

Absent Diane 9:38 am 28 Sep 05

I still don’t see how religous bigotry equates to racial bigotry….. religions are the biggest purveyors of bigotry there is…. they deserve it!! Racial bigotry can get fucked though

theonlyjames 8:21 am 28 Sep 05

According to Lailoken, the ANU cancelled the gig for a number of reasons even after Baal Gadrial was removed from the lineup.
His comments can be found here:

The venue has been moved from the ANU to the Holy Grail, with Tasmania’s Intense Hammer Rage now headlining.

Also of note, FightDemBack clarified that most of the bands involved (many of them local) are definately not racist, and in particular pointed out that local lads Darkim stood out as taking a stand against racism. Clarification can be found here:

Thumper 6:49 pm 27 Sep 05


Whether true or not I don’t know, but thought of people walking around, or standing on a stage shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ frightens the hell out of me.

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