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ANU Cans Terrorfest

By David Heidelberg 27 September 2005 40

Not the ideal result, however Fightdemback! report that the ANU have decided not to host this years Terrorfest.

The Terror Fest was not canned as a result of pressure from anti-racist groups or because of the Uni bar being unfairly tough on metal. The Terror Fest came unstuck because in this day and age, no-one wants to do business with organised racists, let alone people who go around saying “Heil Hitler.”

As I said, this was not the outcome that Fightdemback! wanted or expected.

What’s Your opinion?

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ANU Cans Terrorfest
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Maelinar 11:23 am 30 Sep 05

Bonfire, I’m finding it incredibly hard to get my image of hard core rockers shoving hoses up their asses to give themselves enema’s out of my head right now.

Sometimes I think people should really think about what they want to call things…

David Heidelberg 10:23 am 30 Sep 05

It is going ahead again at the Holy Grail Civic.

This time without mad nazis.

Hope it goes well.

bonfire 10:01 am 30 Sep 05

umm sorry to get back to toxic thrash metal, but i noted on my wander through teh belco bus exchaneg today that those little shits that put posters over everything are advertising the toxic thrash metal night at the holy grail.

it has a title, but due to some weird graphic confabulation, its illegible. i think its thrashenema or something.

johnboy 7:00 am 30 Sep 05

I think there’s a lot to be said for a re-alignment of services on campuses.

Child Care and counselling, for instance should never have been a SU/SA responsibility.

As for ratbag student politicians they come in all flavours and shades.

Personally I support VSU just to see their snouts out of the trough.

If babies need to go out with bathwater on that one, then so be it for all I care.

Splat Guy 12:17 am 30 Sep 05

If student unions provided a service worth what they charge, students would join
voluntarily. If they don’t, students won’t join.

Kind of explains why unions and their supporters are so terrified by the idea of VSU – they
know students aren’t getting value for money and won’t continue to subsidise the
mess and silliness.

Kerces 5:42 pm 29 Sep 05

But Bulldog, there is a hell of a lot more to student unions than the politicians.

And, as I said before, the organisations actually called unions, at least in my (admittedly limited) experience, are NOT the ones that are the homes to the politicians.

bulldog 4:58 pm 29 Sep 05

Alright, I misconstrued where you were coming from with the club analogy.

As for ‘spurious’ claims regarding breeding grounds for left wingers I only speak from my own experiences. I don’t have a fact sheet on every uni in Oz and what brand of poison is corrupting them. And unless you have such a fact sheet I suggest you think more carefully about using the term ‘spurious’ before making more rash generalisations.

But enough, we are now both giulty of a similar crime.

What I would like to address is your acknowledgement that student unions ARE in fact a platform for wannabe political firebrands. Personally I don’t give a damn whether it’s left (which I still think is correct), right or swinging; this is not what student unions should be about and therefore it should not be compulsory for students to pay.

David Heidelberg 3:35 pm 29 Sep 05

BTW Dave, no-one has ever forced me to join a club. I get cheap beer because I voluntarily pay my membership. You have just deflated that whole anti-VSU argument.

No, I didn’t. I merely answered your question about how you can join a cheap beer union.

I also wanted to address your spurious claim regarding unions being the breading ground for ‘left wing’ politicians. Quite the opposite actually. During my stay at the ANU, the right-wing nuts had complete control. This is duplicated throughout the country with a few exceptions.

bulldog 3:05 pm 29 Sep 05

Nice one Mael, it’s been a while since we’ve been treated to a good rant. First rate stuff.

Dave and Colsim; I appreciate your input, you’ve answered my question and raised some vaild points. After taking in these added benefits of SU I still haven’t changed my mind, but hey, I never went to uni.

BTW Dave, no-one has ever forced me to join a club. I get cheap beer because I voluntarily pay my membership. You have just deflated that whole anti-VSU argument.

The rest of the country is based on a user pays system; why should university be any different? I’m not saying I necessarily agree with the Govt’s current modus operandi, but there should be one set of rules for all.

Solution: Based on the club analogy we could install pokies in the universities. The revenue this will raise will offset the loss of SU fees and then some.

Maelinar 3:00 pm 29 Sep 05

err, sorry had to rush the last bit as I was heading out for a meeting 🙁

What I was trying to say was since they haven’t adapted with the requirements of the students, they’ve become obsolete. (hence where I was going with evolution)

Absent Diane 2:46 pm 29 Sep 05

ever revolving never evolving

Maelinar 2:00 pm 29 Sep 05

Having decided to get a real job instead of going to Uni, I feel that I can approach this situation from a uniquely perspective angle. I note that there have been comparisons to tax and student unionism, SU paying for wannabe politicians, and discussion about what SU actually discounts.

Let me get this out of my system first. Tax is compulsory. Student Unionism is a FEE that is attached (currently) cumpulsorily to attendees at a university.

To put it another way, I don’t go to uni, therefore I don’t have to pay CSU. Any income I earn in Australia, no matter where I live, contains a tax liability to the ATO.

So don’t fucking compare tax to CSU again aight ?

If you want to compare it to something, consider it a membership fee for things comparable to such as a Gym, private club, etc.

Ok, onto Student Unionism paying for wannabe pollies. Yes there are those who know how to use the system, in the trade we have a word for them, it’s leeches.

They seem to be so damn busy sprouting their leftist ideals on anybody who will listen, that you begin to wonder how they are managing to do any work at all (afterall you are there to study – apparently).

Very simple solution #1: toilet wall journalism, you’d be surprised how many people read what’s on the walls and how long their memories are.

Very simple solution #2 (extremely rapid) Within abovementioned toilets, politely inform the leech what you think of their policies, and how they could improve them. (I’m employing veiled speech incase nobody has noticed)

Very Simple Solution #3 Don’t vote for them, surely they are a member of a representative body, get onto the body and have them removed as spokesman and/or leader. Stand against them if you’re that way inclined. When they are holding public talks, stand up and speak up, get them to justify just what the hell they are receiving your money to do.

OK, rant nearly over.

Bulldog was right. I’ve worked at military pubs, when you walk up to a liquor store and say words that include ‘beer’ and ‘pallets’, the next word included is generally ‘discount’.

As I have indicated in alternative posts, we are currently in this rut of ‘we’ve never done it, so it can’t be done’.

Well here’s a wakeup call, If you don’t evolve, evolution catches up.

colsim 1:47 pm 29 Sep 05

Well, that put cat with pigeons – excuse the delayed response, bastards making me work.

Student unions also provide subsidies for many of the caf’s, shops and businesses (bookshops etc) that are run on uni campuses that are otherwise unviable given the amount of time that there are no students around during the year.

There are also all the sports clubs and facilities and all the other clubs and organisations that allow students to develop their minds, bodies and Buffy collections.

There’s counselling services, student papers/magazines/websites, safe sex stuff, entertainment, support for international students, mature age students, blah blah blah blah.

Kerces is right, the legislation strictly prohibits the collecting of any kind of fee to pay for such services – Barnaby (“I’d like to vote from home”) Joyce even floated a similar idea of allowing regional and rural unis to charge a service fee.

Does this help?

David Heidelberg 1:31 pm 29 Sep 05

Bulldog, if you join a club, any club around Canberra, you’ll get your subsidised cheap beer. Why do you think that beer is so much cheaper at tuggies for example?

Student politicians are the most unpleasant loathsome prats I’ve ever met, however, they represent a very small portion of what union money is spent on. Cheap food, counselling services, childcare are the most important. I predict that loss of childcare and counselling on campus will have a noticable negative affect on students in the short term.

bulldog 1:08 pm 29 Sep 05

Thumper, the Government would allow it but we would be charged a special tax for it.

I’m all for this plan AD. Tell me more.

Absent Diane 1:01 pm 29 Sep 05

mmmmm what if you were to not state that it was say a union… just a club… that has meetings at various pubs on those specified nights…with random members turning up on random nights….. it might last for a while…. why do governments have to ban everything that makes life ‘interesting’

Thumper 12:53 pm 29 Sep 05

The government will regulate against you because they know its not good for you and therefore you can’t do it.

‘Cause they said so….

Over regulation…. (I’m getting sick of saying that….)

Absent Diane 12:50 pm 29 Sep 05

you could have focus nights eg… if you have 8 bars keen to participate.. you have a rotation spanning 2 months whereby every thursday, friday and saturday a different bar is the focus… but still have the other bars not on focus offer cheap beer to members!! if we claim this as business then we open ourselves up to heaps more loopholes!!!

Absent Diane 12:46 pm 29 Sep 05

MMM…. cheap beer union (CBU!!)…. what if we set-up a pseudo union, where by pledge solid patronage to certain bars in return for cheaper beer…. so basically you promise more numbers through the door for cheaper prices… obviously people want to be where the action is… so that would draw non-CBU members in aswell and would probably increase profits for any struggling bar…

bulldog 12:39 pm 29 Sep 05

AD I feel you knockin’. I don’t have a problem with cheap beer; but why can’t I have it at the same price as students? Is there a cheap beer union I can join in the public or private sector? N fucking O, there is not. THAT is real the injustice.

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