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ANU researcher suggests link between baby bonus and fat kids

S4anta 18 March 2008 37

Finally, Maelinar can stop blaming his faulty genes.
Young Andrew Leigh and a colleague of the ANU, has suggested that parents deliberately delaying their childrens birth to take advantage of the baby bonus, is creating a generation of ‘over cooked’, fat children. Mr Leigh also seems to beleive that there will a similar spike from 1 July this year.

I would go further and say those idiots using the baby bonus for flat screen tellys and other home entertainment devices, are only adding to the problem and your children will look like this.

However the news is not too god for premature babies, who also have more health problems than an Asthmatic stuck in a Hookah.

Well, the stats dont lie, damned if you do damned if you don’t.

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37 Responses to ANU researcher suggests link between baby bonus and fat kids
Thumper Thumper 2:38 pm 19 Mar 08

Or spin?

par for the course if it’s spin…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:30 pm 19 Mar 08

Jenny Macklin tells you this because major changes are on the way for child benefits and other things in Jenny Macklin’s portfolio.
I propose smokescreening is the strategy in play here.

Thumper Thumper 2:25 pm 19 Mar 08

Jenny Macklin has indicated that there will be changes to the baby bonues eligibility. makes a lot of sense to me.

See the Australian article here.,25197,23401249-601,00.html

GnT GnT 12:27 pm 19 Mar 08

It would affect the stats, but it wouldn’t affect the health of the child. Avoiding going into labour naturally is mostly so the doctor can make sure he (or she) will be available, not because labour is bad for the baby or being born early is better for the baby. The opposite is true.

Special G Special G 8:10 am 19 Mar 08

Steve – Elective Ceasers are generally booked in about 37-38 weeks so the mother doesn’t go into spontaeneous labour. If you could book yours in anytime in the 2 weeks prior to the new financial year and get $4000 or the first day of the new financial year and get $5000 which day wold you choose. This would skew the stats significantly.

eh_steve eh_steve 11:07 pm 18 Mar 08

I think the main point really is that there is no way you can delay childbirth, unless as previously stated you refuse a ceaser. Once labor starts a mum can’t just ignore it, it’s involuntary. Would people delaying ceasers really affect stats significantly?

GregW GregW 10:22 pm 18 Mar 08

Reverse eugenics = Dysgenics? Probably the biggest and least reported threat to humankind..

“Better would be a (much) larger tax deduction for children.”


Ralph Ralph 10:03 pm 18 Mar 08

This baby bonus is an exercise in reverse eugenics.

sepi sepi 9:21 pm 18 Mar 08

Maternity leave is a government expense in every other civilised country in the world.

Why is it any different to pensions or healthcare. It is a necessary thing and Australia is very backward in this area.

Special G Special G 7:33 pm 18 Mar 08

Problem with spending the cash on the bigger ticket baby items is that you generally need them before the baby arrives and have therefore already spent the cash. As such it can then be spent on luxury items such as plasma TV’s and the like.

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 5:44 pm 18 Mar 08

Another case of double standards and hypocrisy. If that same professor had suggested a link between the Baby Bonus and too many Asian or Muslim kids being born all hell would have broken loose.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:07 pm 18 Mar 08

……or on public artworks! 🙂

Mælinar Mælinar 3:41 pm 18 Mar 08

Child Care and Maternity Leave should not be Government expenditure items in the first place.

A better way to spend Government money is to spend it on what they should be spending it on, like roads, and suchlike.

GnT GnT 3:10 pm 18 Mar 08

With a baby due in August, I am in favour of keeping the increase (of course). However, objectively, I think tax deductible child care and better paid maternity leave is a better way to spend government money to boost the population.

This idea of people deliberately delaying the birth of their children is ridiculous. How can you delay the birth of a child? The only way is to delay an elective caesar or induction, in which case you are letting nature take its course. The researcher says that some births were delayed up to 2 weeks. I fully intend to delay my upcoming birth by 2 weeks past the due date before I book in for a caesar. Of course, if the baby has other ideas and comes earlier there’s no way you can delay it even for $5000.

Of course some people might book their induction/caesar for 1/7 instead of 30/6, but I doubt this has serious long term health complications for the child.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:53 pm 18 Mar 08

So, didn’t put it to its intended use of paying off small-cost baby-related items?

Get out there and obey your government instead of making common-sense decisions!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 2:51 pm 18 Mar 08

We put our baby bonus off the mortgage on our home.

Chalker Chalker 2:28 pm 18 Mar 08

I would favour a tax break incentive, as this would also provide ongoing financial assistance to the costs of raising a child.
As it is, the baby bonus my wife and I received recently became the initial dollop of cash in our childs trust fund.

Typsy McStaggers Typsy McStaggers 2:27 pm 18 Mar 08

S4anta said :

As for Maggie meaties, there is nothing more fun tham watching the punters behave like drunken pack of zebras of a jumping castle.

Pffft! You miss it man, can’t kid a kidder. One travelly walking distance and two absenths back again balancing a plate of snags and a twelve pack. Ahhh the good old days 😉

Love the new format.

ant ant 2:23 pm 18 Mar 08

Shovelling money at people for excercising their right to a lifestyle choice. weird!

Thumper Thumper 1:57 pm 18 Mar 08

And I still don’t like the new format….

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