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ANU researcher suggests link between baby bonus and fat kids

By S4anta - 18 March 2008 37

Finally, Maelinar can stop blaming his faulty genes.
Young Andrew Leigh and a colleague of the ANU, has suggested that parents deliberately delaying their childrens birth to take advantage of the baby bonus, is creating a generation of ‘over cooked’, fat children. Mr Leigh also seems to beleive that there will a similar spike from 1 July this year.

I would go further and say those idiots using the baby bonus for flat screen tellys and other home entertainment devices, are only adding to the problem and your children will look like this.

However the news is not too god for premature babies, who also have more health problems than an Asthmatic stuck in a Hookah.

Well, the stats dont lie, damned if you do damned if you don’t.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
ANU researcher suggests link between baby bonus and fat kids
Woody Mann-Caruso 1:41 pm 18 Mar 08

F*ck bonuses – let couples with kids income split if one parent stays at home. It’s stupid that I pay more tax than a family with two earners and the same gross household income. Even letting me claim my wife’s tax-free threshold would make a difference.

Skidbladnir 1:27 pm 18 Mar 08

The fun has evaporated, yes…

I also have no idea what “grey background on a post” means, or why once in the mod queue for posting links for vetting the thread becomes locked.
Baby bonuses were meant as some kind of poulation boost incentive, but probably have some kind of economic inflation effect too…

I support the tax deduction ideas, though.
Let Maelinar finance his gold-plated crackpipe using his own money (freed up through tax break) instead of public funds.

S4anta 1:25 pm 18 Mar 08

Change is good. I am sure the ‘Overlords’ as they are now called will slowly knock together a product that will turn out to a rip snorter. Thye have gotten this far, I am sure there is a method to their methadone induced madness.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:18 pm 18 Mar 08

The new format is definitely inferior to the previous one. It’s less usable, and seems to have lost it’s sense of fun. Bring back the old format!

LlamaFrog 1:18 pm 18 Mar 08

Meh, just look where the fast food is located for definition of where overweight people live, also same location as the socially economically depressed

Thumper 1:15 pm 18 Mar 08

Did I say how much I hate this new format?

Thumper 1:15 pm 18 Mar 08

Or sell one to a passing troupe of Brad and Angelinas…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:14 pm 18 Mar 08

I reckon the baby bonus is a stupid idea anyway (although we have received it). Better would be a (much) larger tax deduction for children. That way, the better educated (and typically higher paid) people are more incented to have children than bogans. Also, handing out welfare to all and sundry does nothing for the self reliance of humans.

Sammy 1:10 pm 18 Mar 08

Mælinar said :

I’m currently talking with the wife about upgrading our car…

You might have to aim for twins then. But then you’d need a bigger car.

Better aim for triplets. But then you’d need an even bigger car.

Better aim for quadruplets. But then you’d need a *really big car.

…. chicken and egg.

S4anta 1:09 pm 18 Mar 08

I cant get Guinness in Holt anymore, as I dont live there matey! Its all yours. As for Maggie meaties, there is nothing more fun tham watching the punters behave like drunken pack of zebras of a jumping castle, its belco tradition, next to the Mungo clubs Friday Night Trivia.

Sammy 1:08 pm 18 Mar 08

Life is all about incentives.

The Government offers people an incentive, and some people seek to maximise said incentive.

Interesting the way the researcher talks about ‘overcooking’ and ‘undercooking’ babies.

Mælinar 1:05 pm 18 Mar 08

And here I was thinking to myself this morning ‘I’ll lay off S4anta for a while, cause he wants to steal my Guinness and go to maggies meaties’.

I don’t have a problem with my new TV (child 1) and my new boat (child 2). I’m currently talking with the wife about upgrading our car…

S4anta 1:01 pm 18 Mar 08

The Govt seemed to get stuckinto a bunch of longitudinal studies, which just shows the lack of foresight the last Minister for Health had. Cutting research because of lack of short term results (which means Minister can dance like a monkey on a wagon in Paris, particulary in Medicine and Health is what I would term, freaking ridiculous.

bighead 12:55 pm 18 Mar 08

Premature eh. I have done fairly ok. I was born a few months prem. The only thing was that my lungs never fully developed, so passive smoking used to affect me really bad. I was sick for 3 days after Foreshore last year from all the smoke around. Still in a way it’s a good incentive not to smoke knowing that you will most likely be dead in 2 months.
I was having research done on me every 4 years so they could follow me through my life. But the Howard government cut the funding quite a while ago. So that all stopped.

Cameron 12:28 pm 18 Mar 08

Funny, I was just reading this story on ABC.

Two comments. First – I agree, people spending their baby bonus on rubbish are idiots. Second – I’m not sure that I would even entertain the possibility of deliberately putting off the birth of our child for financial gain. The concept sickens me.

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