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Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?

By johnboy - 30 June 2009 35

Normally the ACTEW website is a dry affair, but today they’re offering something a little different:

    ACTEW Corporation is offering free ice scrapers to help you get the frost off your frozen windscreen on those cold Canberra mornings.

    To get your free ice scraper contact ACTEW’s Water Conservation Office on 6248 3131 or by email with your name and address details.

    Numbers are limited so get in quick, and help make it a waterwise winter.

To save on jugs of warm water?

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?
imarty 8:43 pm 30 Jun 09

I’ve got a whole wallet load of these. Some of which I can even buy things with…

Danman 8:34 pm 30 Jun 09

Actually JB – you will find that modern car engines will get fouled spark plugs if you let them warm up like an old points ignition engine…

Of course if your car is not EFI then you are fine 🙂

johnboy 8:29 pm 30 Jun 09

On a REALLY cold morning cold water will give you a thicker coat of ice.

Generally I find if it takes a few minutes for the engine to warm up to the point it can melt the ice it does no harm to let the engine do that warming up at idle.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:23 pm 30 Jun 09

A watering can with cold water from the outside tap works fine. Put the heater output on highest heat on the windscreen setting for a couple of minutes as well.


OzChick 8:22 pm 30 Jun 09

hetzjagd1 said :

Which email address to we use? ?

No, use the address.

I got a reply saying that I would get it in the next two weeks.

Danman 7:52 pm 30 Jun 09

Trevar – that’s why you use water and windscreen wipers at the same time 😛

trevar 7:04 pm 30 Jun 09

The problem with using water is that it often refreezes. If you just push the ice off, there’s nothing there to refreeze.

I was given an ice scraper about five years before I moved to Canberra, when I went to Canada for Christmas. It was a novelty, but I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I brought it home to Sydney. After my first Canberra frost, I drove back to my parents’ place to get it, and have kept it in my glovebox ever since.

johnboy 6:02 pm 30 Jun 09

I’d try the water conservation one myself.

hetzjagd1 5:59 pm 30 Jun 09

Which email address to we use? ?

Danman 5:58 pm 30 Jun 09

Thats why you use tepid water…..BTW tempered safety glass is pretty resilient…But I wouldn’t use HOT water – just tepid – which is still about 37 degrees hotter than the windscreen – killing the ice as quick as hot water.

Inappropriate 5:17 pm 30 Jun 09

Wouldn’t warm water on cold glass crack it?

OzChick 5:12 pm 30 Jun 09

Yay. Freebie.

Icepoet 4:18 pm 30 Jun 09

Glad you’re not my Secret Santa this year. 😀

PM 4:13 pm 30 Jun 09

I’ve asked for one and I don’t have a car. I figure it’ll make a nice xmas pressie 🙂

Icepoet 3:55 pm 30 Jun 09

Darn. I just paid $2 for one at the servo last week.

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