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Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?

By johnboy - 30 June 2009 35

Normally the ACTEW website is a dry affair, but today they’re offering something a little different:

    ACTEW Corporation is offering free ice scrapers to help you get the frost off your frozen windscreen on those cold Canberra mornings.

    To get your free ice scraper contact ACTEW’s Water Conservation Office on 6248 3131 or by email with your name and address details.

    Numbers are limited so get in quick, and help make it a waterwise winter.

To save on jugs of warm water?

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Anyone want a free ACTEW ice scraper?
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TP 3000 9:44 pm 06 Jul 09

I was caught out once where a light shower came through & then the temp dropped below 0 degrees. I picked my car up at 1am & the windscreen was partly frozen. I just used my video store tag to scrape what ice I could & then when it was clear enough for me I just held the windscreen washer button & let that liquid clear the ice. I was only going 10 mins up the road. I could see clear enough & no one was on the road anyway. I know now it was dangerous, but it was my first time.

I’ve picked up one of these ice scrapers anyway for those few times when my car might be stuck outside.

SpellingAndGrammar 9:10 pm 06 Jul 09

Thanks for the advice there johnboy – mine is on its way…

Mike Bessenger 3:52 pm 06 Jul 09

or making fancy patterns when you want to delay your arrival to work.

johnboy 2:36 pm 06 Jul 09

I believe it’s for hacking at snow pack when you’ve got something heavier on than a frost.

PBO 2:35 pm 06 Jul 09

Used mine this morning as well, maybe the serration just makes it look handier than what it actually is.

peterh 2:17 pm 06 Jul 09

i used my ice scraper this morning. worked a treat. though I don’t know why there is a side with serrations on it, anyone know?

hairy nosed wombat 1:57 pm 06 Jul 09

Mine turned up on Friday

The bust trick i have found with water is use an 2 litre old juice container (that has been rinsed well).
Poor warm water in it. 3/4 from cold tap. 1/4 from hot tap.
Secure house.
Start the cars engine.
Put heater onto demist.
Pour some water on windscreen , TURN ON Windscreen wipers
Repeat this step until the windscreen is free of ice.
Splash water on the other windows.
The advantage of using an old juice container (rather than a jug from the kitchen) is at this point you can throw the juice container onto your back seat, or into a passenger seat footwell.
Wait a couple of minutes for the window to demist.
Drive off.
The next time you go out to your car and notice ice on windscreen, you can reach into the passenger footwell and get your juice bottle, go back into the house and start again.

jessieduck 1:40 pm 06 Jul 09

Me too- excellent timing!

OzChick 1:36 pm 06 Jul 09

I got this posted to me within two days. Sweet!!

sepi 10:20 pm 01 Jul 09

Or just throw a blanket over the whole car roof – you’ll protect the front and back windows and the driver’s side if you get it right.

Furry Jesus 8:31 pm 01 Jul 09

I use my windscreen’s sunlight-reflecting cover – the silver one I use in the summer to keep the car cool when it’s sitting in direct sunlight. Just put it across the windscreen at night – on the outside, of course – and take it off in the morning. no watering or scraping or running the engine to warm up the aircon/demister.

ant 1:19 pm 01 Jul 09

On clear nights, I park my car in a spot where the dawn sun hits first, so the frost has melted (or at least softened) by the time I get in. Then it has a slow 1st gear trundle down 500m of rocks, which lets it warm up gently (takes it about 3km to warm up noticably though). The car seems happy with that.

AG Canberra 1:13 pm 01 Jul 09

Letting it warm up properly, removing the ice and making sure you have a clear screen BEFORE you drive off are all important actions many of Canberra’s drivers ignore.

At least once per winter I am nearly run over while standing at my bus stop by idiot drivers that can’t see when the sun hits their iced/foggy windscreens. They then don’t stop – they keep driving hoping it will instantly disappear.

I think there was a fatal a couple of years ago where this was the cause…..

trevar 9:34 am 01 Jul 09

Danman said :

Trevar – that’s why you use water and windscreen wipers at the same time 😛

I’ve often found that approach still causes refrost once you start moving… although it is not so bad on a polished windscreen.

Actually, I think the main reason I like using a scraper is because of the novelty of having one! When I don’t have one with me for whatever reason, I have been known to use water or a credit card instead! Or I just let it run and go back inside and wait; saves getting into a cold car too…

nota 3:05 am 01 Jul 09

Danman said :

Actually JB – you will find that modern car engines will get fouled spark plugs if you let them warm up like an old points ignition engine…

Of course if your car is not EFI then you are fine 🙂

Modern car engines use Electronic Ignition systems which deliver a zap powerful enough to be fatal, unlike the weak old points ignition. And computerised EFI enables much more precise and leaner metering of fuel than any primitive carburettor could, including during the warm-up phase, again reducing the risk of misfire. As a consequence of EI and EFI, fouled plugs are basically a thing of the past to any modern well-maintained engine, in any motoring circumstance.

Others may disagree but bitter experience has taught me, especially on really cold mornings for cars parked outdoors, to allow engines to ‘idle up’ gently until the radiator thermostat opens, to reduce the thermal shock that can occur when the thermostat pops open and introduces cold coolant into a warm engine which might at the time be bearing higher revs or load.

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