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Ntp 1 April 2007 14

Most, well a fair number at any rate, Riot posts can be considered a bit of a joke and if not the post themselves then a lot of the comments definitely can but the REAL media in this town (ie the ones that can afford to pay their staff) normally have a April Fools story today and, unfortunately, they are normally lame – with few journalists also being good comedians.

So what April fools stories have you encountered today (heard on the radio, read in the paper, saw on TV) and what japes have you had inflicted on yourself or inflicted on others today?

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14 Responses to April fools
jennybel75 jennybel75 3:44 pm 02 Apr 07

remember back in ‘00 when Triple J announced that the Sydney Olympics were going to be canceled. When he heard that, my little brother ran downstairs crying…

Oh yeah, that was a good one.

Gmail are advertising a which is certainly an april Fools.

Captain America Captain America 10:43 am 02 Apr 07

I remember back in ’00 when Triple J announced that the Sydney Olympics were going to be canceled. When he heard that, my little brother ran downstairs crying…

Al Al 9:00 am 02 Apr 07

Everyone fell for the ‘Dick Smith is going to haul ice bergs up to Sydney to solve the water crisis’ one a few years back.
On April 1 all the news was of him hauling in a big white lump into the harbour. Turned out to be a big pontoon covered with boxes and a big white tarp or something…

sheer sheer 9:30 pm 01 Apr 07

Google is today advertising free broadband which connects via your local sewerage system – just flush the provided hardware down, and away you go.

Chowderhawk Chowderhawk 9:04 pm 01 Apr 07

A forum that i usually go on had a link to this…


el el 6:07 pm 01 Apr 07

Well, Google has come up with a couple of interesting ones:



teddy bear teddy bear 4:18 pm 01 Apr 07

I liked the story where Garry Humphries is said to have suggested that the statue of Al Grassby should be put in the Parliamentary triangle. Trouble is that that is just the kind of thing that the Senator for doing nothing of particular value is likely to come up with.

caf caf 2:36 pm 01 Apr 07

I liked the front page story about how digital televison meant the top of black mountain tower would be chopped off.

ant ant 2:03 pm 01 Apr 07

Many years ago, the CT ran a front pager about draining the lake to get rid of the carp. The last para (on page 3 or 5) told people to look at the first letters of each paragraph, which spelt out april fools. Trouble was, the story about draining the lake made a really good case for draining the lake!

schmerica_ schmerica_ 1:00 pm 01 Apr 07

In Wollongong one year they announced on the radio that Michael Jordan would be at the local Basketball Stadium to sign autographs. When people got there, standing there was a 5yr old who just happened to be named, Michael Jordan.

Sammy Sammy 9:37 am 01 Apr 07

And here is the 2005 version.

Sammy Sammy 9:35 am 01 Apr 07

Using the power of the Internet Archive’s wayback machine, I present the ThinkGeek April Fools page from last year.

Sammy Sammy 9:32 am 01 Apr 07

ThinkGeek always run some amusing products on April 1. Nothing has appeared yet though.

Sammy Sammy 9:29 am 01 Apr 07

I recall many years ago the Canberra Times ran a front page story on April 1 about a new bridge to be built over the lake.

If you took the first letter of each paragraph of the story, it spelt ‘APRIL FOOLS’. That was quite clever.

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