Are we happy with our library service?

johnboy 1 August 2008 13

RiotACT commenter, and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, has returned from lunch and fired out a flurry of media releases including this one triumphantly claiming an improvement in satisfaction levels relating to our public libraries (the ones he hasn’t closed at any rate).

    The results for this year sees an increase in satisfaction levels across all library services from 92% to 97%,” said Mr Hargreaves.

97% of Canberrans agree on anything at all and it’s satisfaction with a Government service? Truly amazing stuff!

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13 Responses to Are we happy with our library service?
SheepGroper SheepGroper 9:12 pm 03 Aug 08

What annoys me about the ACT public libraries is the missing books – it’s bad enough that a useful title comes up on a search and it turns out to be unavailable due to theft or loss, but it’s pretty poor that a title you’re waiting for can be returned to the library system, move to “in transit” then never be seen again, it happens a couple of times a year.

heinous heinous 8:44 am 02 Aug 08

The problem I have with the ACT Library Service is that the libraries are just so small. It’s like they exists just to show that they exists rather than fulfilling a need. The need I am talking about is a comprehensive repository of information available to the public. To me this is the primary purpose of a library, not a political brownie point or a social gathering point.

In my humble opinion the ACT Library Service should at least provide one decent library somewhere in Canberra that is the size of a university library.

johnboy johnboy 9:50 pm 01 Aug 08

it’s not actually negotiable Vic.

Bubzie was intelligible, on topic, and informative.

You two have not been.

We’re going to have more of her and less grammar nazi’ing and abuse of other posters.

And that isn’t negotiable.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:44 pm 01 Aug 08

Disagree JB re: “play the ball”. I totally agree with SOS.

Some posters like bubziegirl hop on their high horses, yet in their own backyard don’t have a saddle, bridle etc. And so deservedly need to be put in their place.

Granny Granny 8:47 pm 01 Aug 08

bubzie said :

geez, who gave grandma the internet, anyway??

Never you worry about that you young whippersnapper! Why I’ve been roaming the internet since before you were even a grasshopper disguised as a spring chicken …

*consumptive hacking cough*

Now where’s that blessed spittoon?

johnboy johnboy 8:12 pm 01 Aug 08

Play the ball, not the girl SOS.

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 8:08 pm 01 Aug 08

Damn, bubzie. You’d better keep studying for a while, learn how to spell and how to construct sentences – particularly before slinging misspelled mud at kids, bogans and grandma’s. Chances are you’ve either been or will be all of these at some stage.

Hopefully you can aspire to something more.

bubzie bubzie 7:37 pm 01 Aug 08

Ok. So, my school libary, IS a public libary, so i’ve had plent of experience with them.

1. Opening times! ARRGH!
Take monday’s for example, the libary doesnt open till 11.
Which is wonderful, i cant even go into my own school libary, for the first three lessons..which is hopeless!
(And, on every other day, they do open at the same time as our first lessons start, which kinda annoys me, there has been some times when i’ve needed to read/borrow something from there, before first lesson.

I know its not just mine. Other libaries have their share of them as well.
I found out from a friend, that a friend of mine, was going to the toilets there, and got approached by an older man, and was asked for a root.

3. Lack of stuff you need.
I am so sick of some bogan from ..kippax hogging the book that I need.

4. Obnoctious bogans, who dont realize that a library is a quiet place.
I love, when i’m studying, to suddenly be interupted by some bogan a table away with their phone. Who talk at the top of their lungs.

5. Small children who run around, and act like our school’s study area, is some playpen.
seriously, fuck off. Kids section is downstairs, all the way to the left.
And arrgh! stop playing with the lifts! they’re not for you!!

*steps off soapbox*

geez, who gave grandma the internet, anyway??

miz miz 7:15 pm 01 Aug 08

I love our libraries, but one small bugbear of mine is that they are not open on the days between Xmas and NY – just when you finish your holiday reading stash and need some more! Erindale seems a tad understaffed on weekends, also.

It seems daft that they are often closed when many people (dare I say ‘working families’???) have time to browse the shelves!

iCanberran iCanberran 6:41 pm 01 Aug 08

ACT Libraries… why bother?

Granny Granny 5:07 pm 01 Aug 08

We have been annoyed that the hours at Dickson have been cut back.

Swaggie Swaggie 4:58 pm 01 Aug 08

No complaints from me – we use both Erindale and Tuggers frequently and can’t really fault either of them.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:56 pm 01 Aug 08

“The results for this year sees an increase in satisfaction levels across all library services from 92% to 97%,” said Mr Hargreaves.”

Yep – and 82% of Zimbabwe’s population voted for Mugabe too!

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