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Atheists only in Santa’s grotto? – UPDATED

By johnboy - 30 October 2006 61

Over on The Concatenate I’ve got a cutting from Westfield Belconnen’s “centre news update” in which the mall makes clear that it only wants atheists to be Santa’s elves.

We wouldn’t want faith intruding on the shopping frenzy now would we?

UPDATED: Over at The Concatenate I now have the correction published by Westfield and I draw your attention to it in the interests of fairness.

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61 Responses to
Atheists only in Santa’s grotto? – UPDATED
vg 4:46 pm 08 Oct 06

“However that “thou shalt not steal is a commandment” relies purely on a belief in god”

What utter bollocks. I am a Catholic and the not stealing part is an essential human innate belief. Its not ‘right’ to take other people’s stuff. Nothing to do with whatever beliefs I have or don’t. Its just wrong.

Hard line athiests are as bad as hard line religious people. Have a bit of tolerance that people may have a belief, other than what your own is, and get on with life rather than argueing about shit like this.

When beliefs on either side of the spectrum are extreme thats when problems start (as the world so patently demonstrates on a daily basis). But an athiest prattling on about how they are so right bores me as much as the Hillsong displays.

Binker 4:27 pm 08 Oct 06

I don’t think it’s the “doing the right thing” that atheists have a problem with It’s the what is “right” that is more problematic and that religious people are informed about what is “right” through the word of god etc not necessarily by logic. For example thieving is not “right” the real reason for this is probably that society will suffer if it occurs willy nilly, by suffering one probably means that net happiness or net economic worth some other measure decreases, this can be empirically tested. However that “thou shalt not steal is a commandment” relies purely on a belief in god the bible etc. It’s fine when it is a simple example like thieving but when it is homosexual marriage, or abortion, or the need for women to wear a veil in public or something more opaque falling back on a belief system based in faith not empiricism is problematic and often discriminatory.

PS there are stacks of non-religious charities or not-for profit organisations

pierce 4:06 pm 08 Oct 06

Sorry AD but isn’t it just a little bit too easy to poke holes in Christian fundamentalism. What about Christians who take the bible as something more metaphorical, who believe in evolution and so forth?

As I said before, fundamentalism is the main problem here.

And just out of curiosity, how exactly does sitting back smugly saying that everyone else’s spiritual beliefs are wrong make the world a better place?

Where exactly are the Atheist soup kitchens? homeless shelters? rehab programs?

No belief system (religious or otherwise) has ever gotten it entirely right in known history and it’s entirely fair to say that some have gotten it spectacularly wrong on many levels – but lets not forgot the shades of grey in there that try to do the right thing and succeed.

vg 2:59 pm 08 Oct 06

By preaching religious intolerance I’m sorry, but you’re just as biased as the people you think are so wrong. By preaching that ‘athiests are the most right’ is the theoligical version of ‘my dad’s tougher than your dad’. It will go nowhere.

Just let people have their beliefs in peace. If they try and force it down your throat then say something, but just let them have their beliefs if it keeps them happy.

And on 3rd read Pierce is right

seepi 2:57 pm 08 Oct 06

thanks pierce.
i thought they must’ve meant altruistic, only that didn’t make a lot of sense either.

Absent Diane 2:21 pm 08 Oct 06

the aetheists are the most right. sorry its fact. anyone who believes the bible is actual history is seriously deluded. I will always preach religious intolerance… like I said most aetheists won’t because they are reasonably apathetic. but i actually care about the state of this planet. The only way religion can exist for the planets benefit is in peoples personal lives.. it should be systematically removed from science, politics and and not taken as serious history.

But all things said and done i suspect peirce is right about enthusiastic.

pierce 2:09 pm 08 Oct 06

You haven’t figured out yet that they obviously meant “enthusiastic” but got tripped up by spellcheck or autofill or just a simple brain freeze?

Who says “atheistic” and what logical reason would they have for doing so?

Wake up Australia.

(And for the record, religion is virtually never the problem, fundamentalism is (eg we’re always right and you always suck) – even in atheism)

vg 1:30 pm 08 Oct 06

It is still a belief that people are being discriminated for/against. Just as bad a being pro religion is being anti religion.

Last I checked Christians celebrated the birth of the big boy at Xmas, rather than a fat guy in a red suit. The correlation between elves and atheism is moot.

Although its a minor subject, its still discriminating someone on the basis of their beliefs. I’m sure if they got the job and continually broke into Kumbaya then there would be an issue, but wtf has your beliefs got to do with being an elf?

I work with Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, Proddys, Athiests etc. Religion doesnt get discussed at work. I’m sure its not a hotbed of conversation for Xmas elves either

Absent Diane 11:11 am 08 Oct 06

that would be there perogative.. and quite often they do.. look at the christian music scene for example they can play in the all comers scene, but not everyone can play in their scene – i know it’s a pretty lame correlation but is similar.

Aetheists are the least offensive to all religions in my humble opinion.. because we won’t argue that our god is the right god.. because our god doesn’t exist 🙂 and generally aetheists (except for your hardcories) are far more accepting of everyone and just want everyone to get along.

johnboy 11:03 am 08 Oct 06

OK for christians to exclude atheists from jobs then is it AD?

Absent Diane 10:52 am 08 Oct 06

thats fucking fantastic.

By cancelling out religions you have less problems and zero political/religious agendas. Think about it.

Anyway Kudos Westfield… you have my respect ( at least as much respect as a mall could get).

nyssa76 11:40 pm 07 Oct 06

Does it even fall under HREOC guidelines?

Perhaps they’ll argue that it is not a religious connotation – Santa – and therefore they can ask for people who aren’t religious.

el 10:14 pm 07 Oct 06

Isn’t the politically correct name ‘little people’?

terubo 7:08 pm 07 Oct 06

Ah come-ooon, they’re only the elves!

vg 5:37 pm 07 Oct 06

Somebody just opened themselves up an anti-discimination suit

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