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Barking mad about parking

By Jorge - 1 September 2008 32

There needs to be some consistency to ACT parking rules.

You can park in “no standing” areas in some places but if you did the same thing elsewhere you’d get booked.

What is with all the cars parked illegally behind Old Parliament House? They should either be booked, or the Government should build anorther carpark. The same thing happens around Manuka Oval – fair enough I say – but why isn’t there a sign saying “match day parking” or something.

It just leaves people open to arbitrary action by parking inspectors.

Personally, I reckon people should get on a bike or a bus, or walk a bit from a legal carpark. The ACT Government likes to think its green, yet they can’t take a tough decision.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Barking mad about parking
Julius Constantius 5:18 pm 01 Sep 08

I have my one legged uncle’s disable sticker that I have on permeant loan. I find it does supply me with great parking opportunities but more importantly it does highlight how easy the diable community really has it. One word “lazy”

Jorge 5:15 pm 01 Sep 08

Hi JC. That’s exactly my point. They are the rules.
But take a look behind Old Parly House.
Yes, Canberra is a car city. It’s the one great flaw of WBG’s grand plan (ah blasphemy!)
But we can’t let the cars eat the place by letting people park anywhere they like.

Mia80 5:12 pm 01 Sep 08

Parking will always be an issue, as the Government puts up more office blocks, usually built where car parking used to be, and expect EVERYONE to walk ride or catch a bus.

Now I live too far from my work place to walk or ride. But a daily bus fare (from NSW into Canberra return) would be edging $20 A DAY.
Thus parking & petrol ends up being much cheaper in the long run.
Where is the public transport for those peeps? Huh?

Where ever you go, my friend, you either need to be at work by 7am, or risk the inevitable ticket.
This is the nature of our current society (or until the Gov wakes up and gives us more parking).

Duke 5:10 pm 01 Sep 08

“…..Personally, I reckon people should get on a bike or a bus, or walk a bit from a legal carpark….”

Dude you struggle just walking out to your front yard to pick up a newspaper!

There’s plenty of parking available in most places, you just have to park a bit further away and accept that a 5 minute stroll might be involved.

I always get a laugh out of those people who circle car parks for ages and ages burning fuel and wasting time just on the chance they might get a premium position up the front – meanwhile i’ve already parked 3 minutes walk away in a deserted carpark!

JC 5:07 pm 01 Sep 08

You park in a designated parking space or area if you don’t want to get a ticket.

For the record you cannot PARK in any no parking, no stopping or no standing zone. You can STOP in a no parking zone to let passengers out or to unload, but you may not leave the vehicle doing so is considered parking.

I also understand that no standing zones are being phased out and are being replaced by no STOPPING zones. So if you see the S with a line through it, it means no stopping, not no standing, although the rules are the same.

Overheard 5:05 pm 01 Sep 08

Jorge said :

Thanks Overheard.
I’m actually recording it here for some Stanhope Government adviser to pick up on and do something about it.

“recording it here” does not give you any guarantee of action. Much as I believe they lurk here, I don’t believe they use RiotACT as the trigger and agenda-setter for all of their business of the day.

If you really want to raise it as an issue, raise it directly.

peterh 5:04 pm 01 Sep 08

the only time that someone may get away with parking somewhere they shouldn’t is if they are a disabled sticker, but if they park in a no standing area, they will get pinged too.

Jorge 5:02 pm 01 Sep 08

Thanks Overheard.
I’m actually recording it here for some Stanhope Government adviser to pick up on and do something about it.

Overheard 4:58 pm 01 Sep 08

Er, if it says ‘No Parking’ or ‘No Standing’ or ‘No Stopping’ or anything like that, don’t park there.

If you do park somewhere where there’s such a sign and you don’t get booked, just thank your Lord our Bob that you got away with it.

If you DO get booked in this scenario, well, Parker Emptor — you knew the risks.

If you feel aggrieved by what you deem to be an inconsistency, then (in a similar vein to my comments on the Chronicle thread), pick up the phone, ring the RTA or Traffic Operations or whoever it is in the Toytown Administration that looks after this stuff and have a polite chat with them. Ask some questions, suspend disbelief, and you might just get some answers.

Jorge 4:54 pm 01 Sep 08

This is where internet forums fall down – people end up with nothing to say after a while.

Jorge 4:50 pm 01 Sep 08

I just want to know where I can park without getting a ticket.
And in case someone thinks I’m some sort of neocon redneck, I point out that I also like to ride a bike.

Overheard 4:49 pm 01 Sep 08

The Chronicle. Parking.

Stay tuned for dog sh!t on footpaths and kids on skateboards.

Film at 11.

mutley...again 4:46 pm 01 Sep 08

Methinks Jorge has just discovered an outlet.

Skidbladnir 4:42 pm 01 Sep 08

Jakes is right, 360 degree vitriol is hard to achieve.

jakez 4:31 pm 01 Sep 08

Wow, you managed to spray in all directions at the same time. That’s quite an achievement.

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