Barr to tackle compo in CTP reform gambit

johnboy 16 July 2012 7

Andrew Barr is taking a swing at Canberra’s compulsory third party insurance monopoly.

The issue is that with the ACT’s courts no second insurer is willing to take a chance with our small market and potential for large ongoing payouts.

The key goal of the Government’s legislation is to get injured people to access medical diagnosis, treatment and health services as soon as possible to facilitate quicker return to health and a reduced propensity to develop long-term injuries. In other words, injuries treated now are better than injuries treated tomorrow.

The Government last year introduced the Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill to target more complex claims. This would bring the ACT’s claim regime more into line with other states and territories, thereby encouraging other firms to enter the Territory’s CTP market. This would promote competition among CTP providers and create the right market conditions for lower premiums.

I am calling on the Liberals and Greens to support the legislation in the Assembly in the August sitting. They should support this important legislation to make CTP fairer and reduce the cost of insurance.

I’m not entirely convinced the current system is so bad it warrants tort law reform, with the stripping of rights that comes with it.

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7 Responses to Barr to tackle compo in CTP reform gambit
rhino rhino 5:24 pm 18 Jul 12

So what is the trade-off? Paying more for CTP versus how much the maximum is that you can claim for for injuries in accidents?

davo101 davo101 4:04 pm 18 Jul 12

Chop71 said :

Don’t blame the opposition.

You’re in government ……. fix it

You do know that we have a minority government in the ACT?

Chop71 Chop71 3:52 pm 18 Jul 12

Don’t blame the opposition.

You’re in government ……. fix it

cranky cranky 6:38 pm 16 Jul 12

Had a valued employee accident damaged prior to employment. Seemed a straightforward case, the car she was a passenger in was smacked by another vehicle going through a give way. Resulted in back injuries, a sad result for a 16 year old.

The ongoing saga, over 10 years, can be boiled down to:

1. NRMA decided that she claimed too quickly, and was therefore a fraud candidate. (Only discovered once a settlement had been decided). She was advised to claim immediately by her first (of, from memory, about 5, solicitors).
2. Various local solicitors walked away because there was no money in it.

The whole system is a crock. This lass was injured, and the result was evident for years. I had to carry her to the car and take her to the Doctor when a simple twist resulted in almost paralisis.

NRMA fought tooth and nail to reduce the payment to her.

But once a payment had been decided on and paid, she was able to access a brilliant recovery program at Civic Pool, which transformed her health (and life).

I can understand that the NRMA have to treat virtually every claim as fraudulent. But they certainly need a cleverer system of identifying these crims.

Having said all that, this girl was not compensated to anywhere near what I would consider acceptable for the injury and 10 year misery she was put through.

But hey, NRMA is making a fortune, so thats all that matters .I’d buy shares, but I’m saving up for my TPI. 🙂

vet111 vet111 1:53 pm 16 Jul 12

It’s the only way to reduce the costs of CTP in the ACT. Also, while to some extent I agree with your sentiments about tort law reform, it works perfectly well in other jurisdictions, i.e. NSW, NZ etc. It’s not stripping rights, it’s capping financial penalties in cases of negligence. I don’t necessarily think being able to sue someone for $10 million because you tore a ligament in your knee is a right, so much as a privilege very unique to the territory….

Or we could just get rid of CTP altogether, and see how well that turns out. Wonder how many people would be calling for capped compensation schemes then!

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 1:19 pm 16 Jul 12

Hey I just asked the same thing! Why can’t we choose?j

bd84 bd84 1:14 pm 16 Jul 12

He’s been swinging and missing for years, I think he’s well and truly stuck out and should be off the team by now.

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