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Roland GRNS 8 August 2007 34

Greens Senate candidate for the ACT Kerrie Tucker has called on political
parties to be up front about donations to their election campaigns,
following the public release of the ACT Greens list of donors, and
subsequent comment by Liberal Senator Gary Humphries.

“The Australian Greens policy is to declare all donors who have made total
donations of $1500 or more during the previous twelve months. The ACT Greens
list of donors can now be found on our website” Ms Tucker said.

“The bulk of the donations we receive are from individual members and
supporters of the Greens, and through community based activities.”

“Our largest donation to date has been from an organising fund of the ACT
Branch of the CFMEU (Construction and General Division). Senator Humphries
has attacked me on the basis that Greens and the CFMEU have a very different
approach to forest industries.”

“Unfortunately Senator Humphries doesn’t appear to understand that this
donation came from the Construction Division of the CFMEU – which does not
deal with forestry or mining.”

“The Union plays a very important role in the Canberra community, not only
for its advocacy for workplace safety but through its training of thousands
of young Canberrans over the years and financial support for community
groups. I am pleased to acknowledge its support for my campaign.”

“The Greens are setting the standard for disclosure of political
donations before the election in the ACT, and we look forward to Senator
Humphries, and the Labor Party, following our lead.”

“The Australian Greens support public rather than private funding of
elections, and have consistently campaigned to clean up political donation
disclosure laws.”

“We opposed the Coalition’s recent changes to electoral law which made it
harder to vote, but – by raising the disclosure threshold from $1,500 to
$10,000 – made it easier to donate tens of thousands of dollars to political
parties, anonymously.”

“We believe the public has the right to know, during the election period,
who is giving money to political parties. Yet most large political donations
are only disclosed after the election, if at all.”

“The Greens are quite prepared to be upfront about the source of our
electoral funds. If other parties do not similarly offer full information
about their donors before the election, ACT voters are entitled to ask what
they have to hide” Ms Tucker said.

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34 Responses to Be up front about donations
thetruth thetruth 4:50 pm 10 Aug 07

Left wing I ain’t – What is the impact of a two party system? Why do most the greens come from Tasmania? Because under our system of governemnt 450,000 get 12 senators and 4,1 million queenslanders get 12 senators – so don’t be a complete moron

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 4:26 pm 10 Aug 07

thedunce: You got anything against democracy? 45% vote Labour, 45% vote Liberal.. The remainder (be it One Nation or the Greens) will help make up the 50% required to make a decision. DEMOCRACY! Maybe you haven’t been taught properly by your left-wing teachers?

thetruth thetruth 4:18 pm 10 Aug 07

“it’s okay to vote green, but remember, they will never, ever have any power whatsoever. The best they can hope for is the balance of power in the senate.”


Thumper Thumper 3:39 pm 10 Aug 07


hehe.. Friday on my mind…

Thumper Thumper 3:38 pm 10 Aug 07

Balnace of power is the very best the Greens can ever aspire too.

Simple as that.

And to get that you have to have some strange voting patterns in the Senate.

I was quite surprised to see the Federal Liberal party end up with a majority in the last election.

Thumper Thumper 3:33 pm 10 Aug 07

Damn, so I’m a Dem now am I?

Maelinar Maelinar 2:26 pm 10 Aug 07

Another Dem’s supporter, 45 to go Thumper.

Jazz Jazz 2:01 pm 10 Aug 07

not me, i vote for whomever i recognise on the ballot sheet.

Pandy Pandy 10:29 pm 09 Aug 07

Any Labor stooges post here?

I-filed I-filed 8:42 pm 09 Aug 07

Glad Roland cleared that up – it sounded suss at the time. And Pierce, no, I belong to no political organisations.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:33 pm 09 Aug 07

Tucker’s been too busy walking around the carpark near her office looking for something on the ground – maybe a lost cheque from the CFMEU?

Maelinar Maelinar 3:36 pm 09 Aug 07

Tucker has never posted here has she ?

There’s probably a reason in that first sentence as to why she’s not bending backwards to meet sandwich’s demands.

pierce pierce 2:05 pm 09 Aug 07

Yeah, Labor probably did vote for it as well (not that it would have made any difference if they hadn’t)

As for Tucker not posting herself, I find it encouraging that she has more to do than sit around chewing the virtual fat all day.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 12:38 pm 09 Aug 07

“it’s okay to vote green, but remember, they will never, ever have any power whatsoever. The best they can hope for is the balance of power in the senate.”

This argument as a deterrent works everywhere else, but is bullshit here, because of the preferential voting system. Unlike in America the vote is not lost in Australia

sandwich sandwich 12:01 pm 09 Aug 07

Didn’t the Labor Party vote for the change in the threshold as well?

And why isn’t Tucker posting herself? Seems like she wants to hide behind someone else…

bourke bourke 10:24 am 09 Aug 07

“it’s okay to vote green, but remember, they will never, ever have any power whatsoever. The best they can hope for is the balance of power in the senate.”

Errr, holding the balance of power in the senate constitutes having power I’m afraid!!

“They’re not “upfront’ at all!, I refute that comment totally.”

Care to elaborate!? And are you implying that Labor/Libs ARE upfront!?!?

pierce pierce 10:11 am 09 Aug 07

News Radio were reporting this morning that the Govt has been buying up a shirtload of tv advertising slots in October and early November.

I think the lease on Howard’s campaign office also expires in early November

Roland GRNS Roland GRNS 9:19 am 09 Aug 07

re Radio National: As it is a personal comment, I’d better respond.

When I rang the ABC I identified myself as to the producers as asomeone who works for the Greens, but I was not (and still aren’t) a spokesman.

I don’t know who I-filed is.

Ralph Ralph 9:13 am 09 Aug 07

I would prolong the announcement until January 19, then set the campaign period for as long as possible.

boomacat boomacat 9:07 am 09 Aug 07

No way, I reckon after APEC, little Johnny wants to dress up with his big important friend George and play world leader, ooh how exciting for him getting to play with the big boys!

I reckon November, otherwise October (less likely).

Mr Howard might give us the opportunity to have our vote soon, given the 3 year anniversary of the last election is looming, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to do anything decent or honest.

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