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Be up front about donations

By Roland GRNS - 8 August 2007 34

Greens Senate candidate for the ACT Kerrie Tucker has called on political
parties to be up front about donations to their election campaigns,
following the public release of the ACT Greens list of donors, and
subsequent comment by Liberal Senator Gary Humphries.

“The Australian Greens policy is to declare all donors who have made total
donations of $1500 or more during the previous twelve months. The ACT Greens
list of donors can now be found on our website” Ms Tucker said.

“The bulk of the donations we receive are from individual members and
supporters of the Greens, and through community based activities.”

“Our largest donation to date has been from an organising fund of the ACT
Branch of the CFMEU (Construction and General Division). Senator Humphries
has attacked me on the basis that Greens and the CFMEU have a very different
approach to forest industries.”

“Unfortunately Senator Humphries doesn’t appear to understand that this
donation came from the Construction Division of the CFMEU – which does not
deal with forestry or mining.”

“The Union plays a very important role in the Canberra community, not only
for its advocacy for workplace safety but through its training of thousands
of young Canberrans over the years and financial support for community
groups. I am pleased to acknowledge its support for my campaign.”

“The Greens are setting the standard for disclosure of political
donations before the election in the ACT, and we look forward to Senator
Humphries, and the Labor Party, following our lead.”

“The Australian Greens support public rather than private funding of
elections, and have consistently campaigned to clean up political donation
disclosure laws.”

“We opposed the Coalition’s recent changes to electoral law which made it
harder to vote, but – by raising the disclosure threshold from $1,500 to
$10,000 – made it easier to donate tens of thousands of dollars to political
parties, anonymously.”

“We believe the public has the right to know, during the election period,
who is giving money to political parties. Yet most large political donations
are only disclosed after the election, if at all.”

“The Greens are quite prepared to be upfront about the source of our
electoral funds. If other parties do not similarly offer full information
about their donors before the election, ACT voters are entitled to ask what
they have to hide” Ms Tucker said.

media contact Roland Manderson 041 2241379

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34 Responses to
Be up front about donations
boomacat 9:07 am 09 Aug 07

No way, I reckon after APEC, little Johnny wants to dress up with his big important friend George and play world leader, ooh how exciting for him getting to play with the big boys!

I reckon November, otherwise October (less likely).

Mr Howard might give us the opportunity to have our vote soon, given the 3 year anniversary of the last election is looming, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to do anything decent or honest.

Thumper 8:44 am 09 Aug 07

There is a school of thought that APEC will go to sh*t due to protestors and this will reflect badly on the government.

Thus call it earlier.

Ralph 8:32 am 09 Aug 07

No announcement until after APEC.

Thumper 7:54 am 09 Aug 07

Ah pierce,

it’s okay to vote green, but remember, they will never, ever have any power whatsoever.

The best they can hope for is the balance of power in the senate.

And frankly, I don’t think anyone wants to see Bob Browne as PM.

And on that note, things are ramping up around here, an election is definitely in the Spring winds. Anyone got any good hints as to when?

My guess is an announcement on the 27th or 28th of this month.

pierce 10:29 pm 08 Aug 07

That’s a long memory you have i-filed – I’m assuming you don’t have any similar affiliations because the irony would be beautiful.

caf 9:31 pm 08 Aug 07

I would gently point out that in order to refute something you need to go further than just gainsaying it.

I-filed 8:07 pm 08 Aug 07

That’d be the Roland who phoned Australia Talks Back on ABC Radio National during the last election – passing himself off as a simple member of the public while commenting on the campaign as plain ole “Roland from Canberra” – without identifying himself as Roland Manderson, Greens spokesman. That alone demonstrates that he is not a trustworthy voice.

Wino 7:47 pm 08 Aug 07

this is a perfect example of why I intently dislike the greens, despite being a nature lover and a frequent visitor to our NPs.
They’re not “upfront’ at all!, I refute that comment totally.
Mainlinar put it better than I could, but I love to have my say.

boomacat 7:06 pm 08 Aug 07

At least they are being upfront about it, you’ve gotta give it to them there.

The others only disclose a long time after the election, as is required by law.

At least this way you get to know what you’re getting before you vote.

che 6:47 pm 08 Aug 07

Pierce, its so they’re donating friends don’t get hand cramps from writing cheques for $1499.99 over and over again, keeping it under the threshold and anonymous

the reason the CFMEU will be donating to Kerrie is because the ALP are very unlikely to get a second senate seat for the ACT, so the next best chance is to get Kerrie to knock gazza out of his, the enemy of my enemy and all that stuff

pierce 4:41 pm 08 Aug 07

Why did the Libs change the donation declaration threshold by more than 500%?

Maelinar 4:04 pm 08 Aug 07

Congratulations Roland on possibly the most transparent thing the Greens have done all year.

I don’t care who donates your money, as long as it doesn’t aggresively change party policy.

Ant Pant, that’s American policy your touting, last time I checked we were so far up their ass it’s not funny, but we haven’t quite gotten to the stage of their overzealotry over allegiances with terrorist organisations.

Hence why Mambo Hanif is now in India, and not here expecting another 5 years in a Guantanamo style holding pen.

caf 4:04 pm 08 Aug 07

Well I guess we’ll see whether it had any effect when the Greens do or don’t start voting in favour of old growth logging, won’t we?

DarkLadyWolfMother 3:18 pm 08 Aug 07

That’s actually a tricky one. With a large organisation the various branches can be quite separate – the point of having different objectives. I have no idea if that’s the case with the CFMEU.

It’s still in the ‘suspect’ category, however.

Ant Pant 2:53 pm 08 Aug 07

Ooooo…touchy! Methinks she doth protest too much :p

Also: “Senator Humphries doesn’t appear to understand that this donation came from the Construction Division of the CFMEU – which does not deal with forestry or mining”… so if I take a donation from the Accounting wing of Al Qaeda, I’m not condoning terrorism?

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