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Best of Canberra – Butcher

By Sophia Carlini - 18 November 2014 33


The great Aussie barbie is a Summer weekend favourite. Australian’s look forward to barbecues with their friends; the boys bond over taking charge of cooking the meat and the girls gossip over champagne whilst making salad. Now that the warmer weather is here, I’m hosting a BBQ for my friends this weekend. Even though it’s a casual barbie, it needs to be the talk of the town (or my friends). Great meat is they key to a great barbeque … so where can I buy my meat from? I want to have the best sausages, steak, ribs, pork, chicken, beef, lamb. If it’s amazing, I want to know about it! Where is Canberra’s best butcher?

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33 Responses to
Best of Canberra – Butcher
M0les 10:33 pm 18 Nov 14

– Cameron’s Meatways in Kambah
– Whatever that one up the back of the Dickson shops is (with the “miracle bacon”)
– I hear Lindbeck is good, but I’ve never been
– Probably others, but I’m based in the Woden/Tugg/Weston region, so don’t try much further.

MandyK 10:22 pm 18 Nov 14

I’m a big fan of Garran-teed Meats at Garran. Darryl smokes his own bacon and ham, the pork Cumberland sausages are delicious – every cut of meat I’ve purchased there keeps well and has a fantastic flavour

Deborah 9:37 pm 18 Nov 14

Most definitely Meatways at the Kambah Village. Cameron has won several awards for his snags – I think he’s been crowned the National Sausage King a couple of times. Meat is really high quality and the ham is deeeeelicious!

Raging Tempest 9:10 pm 18 Nov 14

Wayne’s in Woden has great lamb.

rosscoact 8:08 pm 18 Nov 14

chappo said :

I make a lot of my own sausages but have trouble finding backfat. Anyone know where I can get some?

It’s a challenge to find good hard fat these days with such lean commercial pigs.

I overcome it by buying whole saddles, making streaky bacon, ribs, braciole and using the loins for schnittys. Leaves the back fat for sausages and backbone for chinese soup and Xiao Long Bao. It’s pretty efficient financially.

ps0104 7:27 pm 18 Nov 14

Bonza Bangers at Hawker….is amazing.

Antagonist 6:03 pm 18 Nov 14

chappo said :

I make a lot of my own sausages but have trouble finding backfat. Anyone know where I can get some?

I keep having visions of bogan chicks in leggings at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome food court …

Reprobate 3:07 pm 18 Nov 14

Jordos Chop Shop, hands down.

pink little birdie 12:49 pm 18 Nov 14

Cameron at Meatways Kambah.

Antagonist 12:34 pm 18 Nov 14

Bruce the Butcher, Tuggeranong Hyperdome. Same cuts as most other butchers, but MUCH better quality. And their Christmas Hams are awesome!

Bunston 12:06 pm 18 Nov 14

+1 Jordo’s Chop Shop

pajs 11:41 am 18 Nov 14

Lost River in Dickson is good. Reliable source for decent skirt steak, among other things. EcoMeats at the Belco Markets for organic and free range (or Griffith butcher if southside and looking for similar). Gino at EcoMeats will do custom cuts is asked nicely (double rib pork chop taken to a single bone, butterflied poultry and lamb for flat grilling, double thickness tbone or rib eye on the bone, bunnies broken down to mince with 30% pork belly for rabbit burgers, etc).

Recent butcher shop discovery (top notch little shop, lots of care & pride, plus good service) is the butcher at the Florey shops.

If you get to the Farmers Markets at EPIC, Boxgum Grazing is top notch for pastured pork. Good beef too.

James McMahon 11:39 am 18 Nov 14

Jordo’s Chop Shop online great service really nice guys

XO_VSOP 11:38 am 18 Nov 14

Lyneham best sausages, go pork fennel its a winner, and really good eye fillet cuts.

chappo 10:59 am 18 Nov 14

Basically there’s three that I like:
Griffith Butcher in Griffith
Lindbeck Butcher in Queanbeyan
Jordo’s Chop Shop in Wanniassa (or online)

The first two are very good quality but a little bit expensive and Jordo’s is great value for decent quality meat.

I make a lot of my own sausages but have trouble finding backfat. Anyone know where I can get some?

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