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Bicycle Path Danger

By messner - 29 June 2009 41

Just a quick reminder to be careful on the cycle paths around Canberra. I was cycling home last Friday 26/06/2009 through Mawson.

l was going under Athlon drive between Marist Brothers and Melrose High schools. I had one hand off the handle bar taking a drink out of my bidon, when I noticed an object shining and blending into the background.

I was probably doing 35kph. The object was a metal pole sandwiched between the handrails of the cycle bridge and spanning  the bridge at waist height. Lucky I was not on the drops, I would have collected the pole at head height.

Because of the speed I was travelling at and had one hand off the bar I sat up to take the impact of the steel pole. Result one trip in an ambulance,  ribs are broken and one bent bike.

After sitting in hospital for the night and mulling over whether I could have pulled the bike up in time to avoid the pole. I have come to the conclusion that it was not avoidable, due to the light and inability to see the bar until I was virtually on it. On investigation there have been a number of acts across Canberra which have been deliberately carried out to endanger cyclists. My advice when on the paths please take it easy.

Mind you I would love to catch those that did this as I have been red carded by my doctor for 4 – 6 weeks, not to mention the pain when all you ribs are fractured. This was a deliberate act to hurt a cyclist!

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41 Responses to
Bicycle Path Danger
Grrrr 6:07 pm 29 Jun 09

messner – sorry to hear about the bones. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone confessed to this?

Now you need to drink lots of milk for the next few weeks .. preferably chocolate. Mmmm.

astrojax 6:05 pm 29 Jun 09

jeeze messner, godspeed in your road to recovery (as one getting over twelve fracture to nine ribs from a collision with a car, know aaaa-llll about that pain!)

this is appalling behaviour of homicidal morons who need some swift surgery to their corpus callossum – one hopes [though despairs] they will see justice…

Whatsup 6:04 pm 29 Jun 09

Hope you recover well and the buggers that did this get caught before anyone else gets hurt.

If anyone notices anything suspect around bike paths it’s time to pay attention, a sly pic of those who might be up to no good on your mobile isn’t much effort. If you hear later of an incident the police will appreciate the help.

Thumper 5:50 pm 29 Jun 09

That sucks man. hopefully karma will catch up with this nob and he get flattened by a runaway track

Deckard 5:44 pm 29 Jun 09

Is there such thing as attempted manslaughter?

I’ve often seen rocks placed in the middle of underpasses where they can’t be seen – and these are big head sized rocks that will knock you off if you hit one. But have never seen anything like this.

Old Canberran, I remember a story like that in western Sydney where a guy strung up the wire to stop the local trail bikers and it ended up almost killing a young girl on her bicycle.

Inappropriate 5:32 pm 29 Jun 09

All I can say is: that’s f-cked.

All the best in mending those broken bones.

Brandi 5:29 pm 29 Jun 09

Canberrans, please be on the lookout and report these hazards to the police immediately.

old canberran 5:24 pm 29 Jun 09

It sounds like you were lucky to get away with some broken ribs Messner. It could have been a lot worse and thankfully it wasn’t. I hope you have a successful recovery.

There was a similar incident years ago on Mount Majura when an adult type person who was sick and tired of kids on trail bikes roaring around in the foothills behind his house, strung a wire between two trees about neck height. Fortunately a bike rider spotted it first and took it down but he reported it and the guy was charged.

GardeningGirl 5:22 pm 29 Jun 09

Kids, older people, opportunistic kids from a nearby high school, whatever, how could anyone not have any idea of the dreadful potential of such an act!

Get well soon Messner.

Disposable 4:46 pm 29 Jun 09

That sucks man. If it had of been at head height it could have been fatal.

ant 4:42 pm 29 Jun 09

I’m sorry to hear about this, and furiously disgusted as well. What kinds of people are doing this? Are they kids? Older people? It’s bloody disgraceful, whoever is doing it.

G-Fresh 4:37 pm 29 Jun 09

Sorry to hear it messner.

All the best and get well soon

timgee2007 4:23 pm 29 Jun 09

Jebus there are some f–king idiots around. I’d hope this is just the result of unfortunate (and opportunistic) stupidity from kids at the nearby high schools, and not a deliberate attempt to maim/injure cyclists, but who knows. Guess you can only just keep your eyes peeled, and of course, you should only ride as fast as your available light allows – in other words, make sure you can come to a complete stop within the distance of your headlight/s. Low powered lights = low speed, high powered lights = faster speed.

@messner: All the best for a speedy recovery (I know how much broken ribs hurt) and getting back on yer treadly as soon as you can.

peterh 4:21 pm 29 Jun 09

considering that if you had been on the drops, as you put it, it would have been at head height, what about a younger rider, who, whilst sitting up at full height would have been a candidate for a serious head injury?

the people who do this kind of thing sicken me. I am not a cyclist, but i would never wish harm on someone who rides a bicycle. I have a daughter who is learning to ride, she occasionally belts off in front of us on her bike. I would be horrified if she was hit by one of these dangerous obstacles, whilst looking back at us. I really hope that the oik that did this is found and punished.

But, I have learned to expect that this probably won’t be the case.

toriness 4:12 pm 29 Jun 09

it is simply abhorrent that someone would do this – it is as bad as those idiots who throw rocks off bridges onto roads, do they really not think that someone could be killed??

it is a real fear of mine as a cyclist to have something like this happen – in fact i am so fearful of it that or just being attacked as the paths are poorly lit (if at all!) – i do not ride along them in the dark.

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