Bicycle Path Danger

messner 29 June 2009 41

Just a quick reminder to be careful on the cycle paths around Canberra. I was cycling home last Friday 26/06/2009 through Mawson.

l was going under Athlon drive between Marist Brothers and Melrose High schools. I had one hand off the handle bar taking a drink out of my bidon, when I noticed an object shining and blending into the background.

I was probably doing 35kph. The object was a metal pole sandwiched between the handrails of the cycle bridge and spanning  the bridge at waist height. Lucky I was not on the drops, I would have collected the pole at head height.

Because of the speed I was travelling at and had one hand off the bar I sat up to take the impact of the steel pole. Result one trip in an ambulance,  ribs are broken and one bent bike.

After sitting in hospital for the night and mulling over whether I could have pulled the bike up in time to avoid the pole. I have come to the conclusion that it was not avoidable, due to the light and inability to see the bar until I was virtually on it. On investigation there have been a number of acts across Canberra which have been deliberately carried out to endanger cyclists. My advice when on the paths please take it easy.

Mind you I would love to catch those that did this as I have been red carded by my doctor for 4 – 6 weeks, not to mention the pain when all you ribs are fractured. This was a deliberate act to hurt a cyclist!

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41 Responses to Bicycle Path Danger
Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 7:35 pm 02 Jul 09

Brandi said :

Canberrans, please be on the lookout and report these hazards to the police immediately.

The police won’t do much about it. Best thing would be to clear the hazzard so the next cyclist/walker/jogger/whatever has no risk of being injured.

Over the last week some northside under passes have has there stone work ripped out and lay across the cycle paths. Every morning I stop to clear the mess. Yesterday on one of the underpasses the council had put cones around the debris and this morning the cones were pulled apart and lay across the path.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:35 am 01 Jul 09

Get better soon, messner. The act was dispicable though and reminds me of a few weeks in the early 90’s when some moron was putting fishing wire across bike paths at head height around Hold and Latham. Certainly stopped me riding to work for a month or so.

stace8383 stace8383 12:25 am 01 Jul 09

It makes me so mad, the stupid things people do with no thought for the consequences. Hope you recover quickly, messner, best wishes!

Aeek Aeek 10:24 pm 30 Jun 09

knockknock-eggman said :

WTF, this crap is why too many cyclists can’t give a _ any more. Safer on the road, at least there everyone is “supposed” to obey the road rules and their more space to avoid the mantraps placed by morons.

knockknock-eggman knockknock-eggman 3:48 pm 30 Jun 09

An undeniable despicable act – no doubt. I wish you a speedy recovery Messner.

Though it seems that aggression towards cyclists in Canberra is not uncommon ? Where is this coming from do you think ?

I’ve always wanted to know, where does the funding come from for the thousands of dollars spent on modifications made to roads for cyclists.

Im sure there majority of serious cyclists abide by road rules…but the stories and aggression people show towards them are coming from somewhere….

pepmeup pepmeup 3:16 pm 30 Jun 09

I hope the police have looked into this,people need to be taught that you can not just do things like this. I hope they get caught and punished apropriatly

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 2:25 pm 30 Jun 09

True Deye… the lowlifes will always think of something creative to cause harm

wednesday wednesday 1:22 pm 30 Jun 09

🙁 Messner, I hope you have a quick recovery. I’ll be taking the paths a lot more carefully from now on.

deye deye 1:20 pm 30 Jun 09

DawnDrifter said :

maybe the govt via our lobby group pedal power can act on this and change the type/height of railing to prevent items being strung across
bloody disgusting

If it’s not a railing it can be hooked to any convenient tree/sign. You can’t really prevent idiots from doing this crap unless you have a cleared area beside each path which wouldn’t be a good thing.

Qbn Gal Qbn Gal 1:02 pm 30 Jun 09

Speedy recovery to you Messner, and Karma in spades to those low-lifes!

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 12:40 pm 30 Jun 09

I was shocked when i read this because i have cycled many times across that exact same path.
I hope you are much better and it doesnt keep you out of the saddle for long. Also hope karma is served in spades to those that set up this trap.

This is totally unacceptable. It was a planned and deliberate attempt to cause injury or worse to cyclists. it is just as bad as throwing a cement block into oncoming cars the outcome is serious injury or death
Please if you walk/jog and see something like this snap a photo on your phone, remove it and report it to police
maybe the govt via our lobby group pedal power can act on this and change the type/height of railing to prevent items being strung across
bloody disgusting

punkarella punkarella 12:05 pm 30 Jun 09

I’m now looking to buy a good LED for my Bike….

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 10:42 am 30 Jun 09

Oh and that’s shocking what happened to you Messner. I hope you recover quickly.

hax hax 10:31 am 30 Jun 09

Any reasonable person would remove something like that if they came across it, unfortunately you were probably the first after it was put there 🙁

These losers might not care about the random person they could harm – but if they were in jail for manslaughter (murder?) they would think twice.. I don’t think they’re capable of thinking that far ahead, though.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 10:20 am 30 Jun 09

I rode with my son to school a bit last term and the footpath (which every kid uses as the bike path as otherwise it’s the road of course) leading to Miles Franklin in Evatt pretty much looked like the bottom of a (mostly beer) glass recycling centre in lots of areas. I would spend my trip back home again kicking as much to the side as I could, the next time you rode it would be much the same again.

It definitely put me off after a while and only ride now if we have to.

Danman Danman 9:49 am 30 Jun 09

cosiety = society – Its only early….

Danman Danman 9:48 am 30 Jun 09

Someone said it in another thread… Can not safely ride on the roads, now it is evident we can not safely ride on the bike/shared/whatever you want to call them pathes.

Seems the only way is to take to the skies

Absolutely pathetic behaviour by what is meant to be a civilised cosiety we live in.

As a fellow daily commuter, my condolences go out to you messer.

00Daniel00 00Daniel00 8:51 am 30 Jun 09

Hi everyone, first post here.

What sort of pole was used, as in, how big was it? I saw a guy (his little child watching on) trying to pull out a big sign pole earlier that day, or might have been the day before. However that was further towards tuggeranong, near the underpass just before Fincham Crescent.

The swinger hill bike paths, just after the bridge, was also vandalised by a bunch of kids a couple of weeks ago. My friend saw them pulling big tree branches across the path, and there was a broken bottle lying upright.

And what’s with all the broken glass on the path, is that there deliberately???

niftydog niftydog 8:49 am 30 Jun 09

luther_bendross said :

…bringing this to the attention of the surrounding high schools?

+1 – if it was school kids one of them will have blabbed, or will start feeling guilty. I was always amazed how the teachers in my neighbourhood seemed to find this stuff out.

MrPC said :

This is going to happen a lot more now that shared paths are being equipped with pairs of curved steel barriers… Stringing fishing line or something similar between the pairs of barriers…

Thanks, MrPC, I think! Now I’m paranoid!

Actually, having come close on two occasions to a run-in with one mouth-breating Skyline driver in the Ginninderra Dr underpass near Kaleen, I’m very happy to see them going in. However, in some places it’s possible to just drive straight around them.

DrKarl DrKarl 10:35 pm 29 Jun 09

I good flogging may fix them nothing else seems to at the moment.

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