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Big Brother is Still Watching You

By che - 21 December 2005 36

For all the paranoid loonies out there I’d just like to remind you that Big Brother is still watching you. Someone at work recieved a notice the other day from Queanbeyan City Council stating they wanted to come out and inspect his pool fence. He’s got a small above ground pool set up in his backyard that he hadn’t told them about. And it wasn’t a dobbing neighbour peeking over the fence or a dog walker.

They had discovered the pool by taking a satellite image of the area that then located the blue spots in peoples yards, determined the address and set out a notice all nice and automatically. So I wouldn’t be putting up any unapproved structures or cutting down any significant trees because Big Brother is watching (at least in Queanbeyan).

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36 Responses to
Big Brother is Still Watching You
Bodhichitta 1:26 pm 21 Dec 05

NO NO NO. Tin foil actually works as a booster and INCREASES the leakage of brainwave activity to those nasty people.
Best bet is to use a hat made up of at least 3 inches of lead lining.

Geoffco 1:24 pm 21 Dec 05

Um, from the sound of the article, they just want to suss out the fence around the pool – presumably to a) make sure there is one and b) make sure it’s safe…

Carelessly brushing privacy issues aside, it’s a pretty neat use of using technology that already exists to do something positive (perhaps prevent kids drowning in backyard pools this summer?)

Thumper 1:01 pm 21 Dec 05

Option 7.

Wear a tin foil hat with a steel colander on your head so that they can’t read your brainwaves.

Just in case you have tried all the above options.

Adam 12:34 pm 21 Dec 05

Option 6: Blue dye some lawn

ssanta 11:49 am 21 Dec 05

Option Five: Crop a significant crop of pot in your backyard adjacent to said unapproved structure. The powers that be will be to busy wasting your arse for drugs to even care about an unapproved struture.

Ari 11:44 am 21 Dec 05

Option 4 – just don’t chlorinate the pool and let it develop a natural green camouflage

Maelinar 11:38 am 21 Dec 05

Option 1 : can of spraypaint – paint your pool cover
Option 2 : lie – tell the council that it was a portable pool and it’s now been dismantled
Option 3 : Kick your neighbours teeth in, regardless of if they dobbed, you’ll become one of those ‘horrible neighbours’ and the council won’t go near you.

che 10:30 am 21 Dec 05

I’m sure they did just use Google Earth but it was the automatic processing of that info for bureaucratic uses that then becomes a little scary,

it means they’re becoming an invasive and organised and competent bureaucracy, something that everyone should be scared of

BOM 10:29 am 21 Dec 05

I kind of get turned on by the fact that someone is watching..

ssanta 10:27 am 21 Dec 05

time for a garden mosaic in the shape of giant one finger salute…

johnboy 10:23 am 21 Dec 05

want to bet they just used google earth?

Thumper 10:14 am 21 Dec 05


Put the satellite out of action and blind some poor bastard at NASA….

Mr Evil 9:39 am 21 Dec 05

I’m going to cover my whole property with mirrors: that’ll stuff them!

Thumper 9:20 am 21 Dec 05


About time I painted my garage, garden shed, and pergola camo green…

RandomGit 9:08 am 21 Dec 05

Thank You Google Earth, Bastards!

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