14 October 2006

Births and names 14-OCT-06

| Kerces
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Well there was bumper crop of births in today’s BirthsDeathsMarriages (and yes, I did spot the Little Git in there) which brought a bumper crop of interesting names.

The first isn’t bogan as such, but I think the parents just couldn’t decide what species their precious little flower was: Jessica Rose Lotus Rees.

This one I read three times before realising they hadn’t actually named their child Aryan. Perhaps it is rather an entry for the phonetic spellers out there: Aran Christopher Freemantle Moody.

Another victory for fans of phonetics was this little girl: Jorja Annie Hamilton.

The way this name works out interested me; I think it sounds like two precious stones and one not so precious: Jaida Pearl Cole

But my favourite one for this week has exciting spellings all round: Mikayla Jenifer Loughton.

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“Feeling harsh today VYBV8 ? “

A little, but no doubt it will soon pass.

Thanks Kerces 😉

Absent Diane12:25 pm 17 Oct 06

yup slides right off with minimal cleaning. You need to employ the scrape technique.. which can get a little messy.

I blame glossy mags – for being useless for wiping your arse with.

Absent Diane12:07 pm 17 Oct 06

I blame glossy mags and glossy tv

I think the blame for a lot of these names lies with celebrities. I mean what sort of tools name their children Tigerlily, Apple or Dweezil?

Feeling harsh today VYBV8 ?

Bogans completely lack class, and as such don’t know that making up a name because their uneducated 19 year old thinks it’s ‘pretty’ or ‘special’, doesn’t mean that their kid won’t grow up into a life of crime and loserdom.

Absent Diane9:23 am 17 Oct 06

No its adolf backwards… but flower and soda is a fantastic idea

At childcare drop-off this morning, I saw a file for a kid named “Taylah”. Poor little bastard. And yes I use the term ‘bastard’ deliberately.

Absent Diane2:54 pm 16 Oct 06

now there is a bogan name for the children of daryl and kylie…


The most common name in the world is Mohammed”

Bugger, I always thought it was Daryl or Kylie.

“(i like the name loki)”

Why is it not surprising that AD picks the Norse God of Mischief? 🙂

The most common name in the world is Mohammed

loki could be bogan for lachie

as in lachie daddo…

aka lachlan

Latest issue of ‘cruizin’ magazine (with the 8 sec nostalgia drag car on the cover…) has a photo of a little darling in a flamed pedal car. her name is ‘porsha’

the poor kid.

although i always smile when i hear that portia de rossi actresses name – does she know she is ‘the red porsche’ ?

Absent Diane10:12 am 16 Oct 06

but Floda could have been a popular name for hippies and the like.

Adolf doesn’t seem very popular as a baby name anymore either.

I think Stalin would be a nice name, but spell it Starlynn!

Absent Diane9:52 am 16 Oct 06

Yes enola would definately be gay… but then for a bogan to understand the reference would be pretty impressive..

A boganised version of loki could be lowkey?

VY I would have had them killed years ago.

My wife’s cousin got his occasional missus knocked up, and when they had the kid they decided to combine their own 2 names into one for the kid. The result? Cynthia and Matt called the kid Macyn (pron. Mason).

Are they bogans? Shit yes! I am seriously considering having them killed, and calling Madonna to tell her the kid is available for adoption.

AD, surely naming your kid Enola would guarantee they become gay?

A friend called their baby Charisma. I figure that it is kind of like calling a quiet person Rowdy. That kid better be damned Charismatic or else she is in trouble!

By the way Kerces, thanks for lighting up my Monday mornings with this post. I also no longer need to by the CT.

I’ve never had a problem with Bevan, although apparently I’m never ever allowed to call my child that in Australia…

Lochia. tee hee.

If we ever have a boy, I’ve got an ultra-boge name picked out. No way am I going to be the only member of my family with a bogan name.

in ITS myriad

jeez, shoot me

Heaps of Muslims are named Mohammed (in it’s myriad of spellings)…I wonder why Westerners shy away from the name ‘Jesus’.



What would the bogan spelling of loki be though?


Ebola, Anthrax or Syphilis would be spiggin’ bogan names. Or Sphincter.

There’s tonnes of ppl names ‘Jesus’ in South America and hispanics in the U.S. It is pronounced ‘Hey-zeus’ though.

*te he* Die Hard references

Loki is pretty bogan. On that note you don’t see many kids called Jesus. Is the name off limits because some bloke 2000 years ago told some stories.

Mary was the most popular name throughout the 20th Century.

Absent Diane9:29 am 15 Oct 06

if I ever step up to the society plate and have little life enders and name them after like a norse god (i like the name loki) or something completely gay like that – something interesting from history or mythology. Would that be bogan?

I kind of figure it would be bogan if you had certain prejudices…say for example you hated the japanese so you named your child enola.

I do love that we’re creating living monuments to functional illiteracy.

“Jorja” in particular, which is a shame as i’ve always had a thing for girls galled Georgia.

We had a son in Canberra hospital on the 5th, in the room was a card left over from the previous resident…from x, y and son Kaylen welcoming the arrival of a Tahneesha. WTF are they thinking?

BTW, we named ours Toby.

I met an acquaintance today with her new baby. As you do, I enquired of the infant’s name. The answer: Masen. Spelt like that. Oh, how original, I say through a polite smile.

His sisters are called Denver and Kendall. Yup.

But she called them ‘designer’ names. I assume designer names match the designer brand clothing – Fred Bare, Esprit and whatever expensive gear her kids wear.

this baby names update is the most enjoyable internet content i have possibly ever witnessed, well done you Kerces

I saw Jorja….someone watches too much CSI. The flat-faced, gap toothed thing on there’s real name is Jorja….again there’s no such name

bah. wankers.

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