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Break and Enters in O’Connor

By grundy - 20 August 2007 21

I know there are a fair few RiotACTers in the inner north area, so this is a heads up for all those readers!

Today (Between 10am and 11:30am, Aug 20) in Waratah St, O’Connor, our house was broken in to and several thousand dollars worth of electronic goods were stolen.

The thief(s) appeared to have searched thoroughly for cash first but fortunately we don’t keep any at home.
They then collected any easily sellable electronic goods in the house. (XBOX 360, Wii, digital cameras, portable consoles…)
To top it off they also took my 24″ LCD monitor. If you saw anyone in the inner north area with a large bag and a 24″ LCD under their arm, please let me know!

The police stated that there has been several similar cases in the area recently.

The house was fully secured, a window was smashed to gain entry.

If anyone saw anything or anyone suspicious in the area during that time, please let me know ASAP.
Hopefully this is ‘heads up’ for everyone else in the area and you can ensure your house and goods are secured!

(Everything was insured thankfully, but damn it’s a pain…)

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21 Responses to
Break and Enters in O’Connor
grundy 4:24 pm 22 Aug 07

Exactly my sentiments too, toriness.
It was definitely just a junkie looking for cash first of all, then went after a list of goodies…
Complete scum, wish I was home to beat the living shit out of them.

toriness 3:39 pm 22 Aug 07

canberra is terrible for break ins. bloody junkies. in 30 years of my life i have only experienced 2 break ins – both being in the past 7 years living in canberra. both times the police said, based on the items stolen and opportunitive (sp?) manner of entry, it was junkies.

first time in turner, the only thing taken was my brand new digital camera (complete with its box and instructions etc all sitting right beside it, i’d literally only had it a few weeks), small backpack (to put camera in?), washing up gloves (to avoid leaving finger prints?), and pack of smokes which was all i wanted when i got home and discovered the break in. police said the camera would have been on the dealer’s shopping list to clear up his customer’s debt and that it’s not unusual for 4 places in a row (as in physically) to be broken into and only one specific item missing from the 4th place and nothing from the first 3 – because what they wanted wasn’t there. i was dumb enough to leave bedroom window ajar during the day – thief clearly walked through complex, saw open window and got in without doing any damage other than ripping off the flyscreen!

second time in lyneham – window smashed to gain entry (no window deadlocks) and then out the back door (no deadlock). deadlocks installed throughout now – and apparently this will deter 98% of burgulars?? these theives were weirdo junkies – stole ps2 (old sh*t one – got a nice new slimline on insurance!), my ‘charlies angels’ box set, toastie maker (which had cheese encrusted on it) and our shampoo and conditioner.

it is creepy being broken into, you feel violated, and there’s always the fear they’ll be back for more. the most determined burgular will find a way to get in though no matter what you have on your doors and windows. like just remove a few tiles in your roof and climb down in through the manhole!

alephnull 4:50 am 22 Aug 07

The theft of the photo albums may have been an aborted ransom attempt.

asp 6:08 pm 21 Aug 07

Toilet paper? Great, they’ll sell it on the black (or should that be brown?) market for 50cents a roll. I mean, WTF is wrong with some people. And what could they do with photo albums and clocks, those aren’t worth much except to the owner. I guess sometime it’s more than just theft to make a few bucks for a hit of drugs. Sometimes it is really just to hurt people. I mean, toilet paper, Christ!

FB 3:21 pm 21 Aug 07

Quite a number years back my mothers house was broken into while she was holidays. The thieves obviously knew she was away as they spent a lot of time in the house and made several trips. They literally stole everything they could carry. From the kitchen they took all her dishes and crockery, pots, pans, everything including the dishwashing liquid, food, drying rack and dish cloths. The only thing they left was the empty fridge. In the lounge room they left the couch and big screen TV.

They took everything from her wardrobe including sheets, blankets and curtains.

They took ½ her clothes and all her bedding.

They took her toiletries from the bathroom including the toilet paper.

They even took the clocks & pictures off the walls and her nick nacks off her window sills.

The police said they had never seen a house worked over so much. She’s a pensioner and was under insured so less then ½ was replaced. The effect that it had on her was devastating as she had lost everything she had ever owned and held dear. They even took her photo albums and personal belongings. She was so upset she was unable to return to the house and had to move. It still effects her today.

The little sh*ts have no idea the effect that it cause, and even if it did they don’t care.

A few months later I got word of who the thief was. He was known to the family. The police were contacted again and admitted they had him as a good suspect too, But they said without evidence there was nothing they could do. The sh*t has police history as long as the Nile, including some violent assaults.

A few days later he was spotted at a local pub. A few calls were made and within an hour he was admitted to the local AE with severe bruising and a fractured wrist. I was happily minding my own business 300km away at the pub with plenty of people around. I know it doesn’t solve anything but It certainly made me feel better.

Cokes 3:18 pm 21 Aug 07

Same thing happened to me in Turner. 42″ plasma, xbox, jewelery, laptop, cameras, ipod… then they came back the next morning for my motorbike (which is when i realised they also took my spare key)

I was almost more annoyed that no one in the apartment complex noticed a thing…..

asp 11:16 am 21 Aug 07

“But be sure that any modifications made to make the windows more secure don’t inhibit your ability to get out via them in the event of a fire. I’ve read more than one or two news reports of families dying in house fires because they couldn’t get out due to bars on the window.”

Bars are unsightly and don’t work that well anyway if the burglar is prepared. Security Film lets you get out as do plantation shutters (if you get hinged ones with locks). Rollar shutte can if you use a system known a OzRoll which I have on my bedrooms. They use battery packs which allow you to perate the shutter even if the power is out de to fire or storms.

grundy 11:03 am 21 Aug 07

As my wife and other family members pointed out, at least I didn’t catch him in the act, otherwise I’d be up for murder charges too…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:00 am 21 Aug 07

Wait at home during the day in a few weeks time, and when they come back for a second bite, take care of them yourself…

Ruby Wednesday 3:54 am 21 Aug 07

Yeha, B&Es suck, but are an all-too-common fact of life. Thankfully, we’ve not had any problems here in Canberra.

Some professional burglars will often try and revisit you in 6 to 8 weeks when your insurance has paid out and you’ve replaced everything.

But be sure that any modifications made to make the windows more secure don’t inhibit your ability to get out via them in the event of a fire. I’ve read more than one or two news reports of families dying in house fires because they couldn’t get out due to bars on the window.

grundy 12:04 am 21 Aug 07

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

On a plus side, the two smoking hot AFP constables

Funny you mention that, as I was rather impressed with the ‘smoking’ AFP officer that showed up as well. (I guess she calmed my nerves a bit)

We are only renting, but have already spoken to the home owners to get a full security system installed. The house is an obvious target in the area, as it’s only 2 years old and looks like it would be full of expensive goodies… -__-

asp 11:42 pm 20 Aug 07

“The house was fully secured, a window was smashed to gain entry.”

3M security films, roller shutters and plantations shutters. The latter is very stylish and very secure. roller shutter are over kill for many (though I have one of many windows now) and the security film will keep most intruders out.

asp 11:39 pm 20 Aug 07

Terrible to hear.
I’ve been through it myself. Few years back, must have been a professional crew. They came in, didn’t disturb the obvious stuff but made a bee line to a cupboard at the back of the house where a safe used to be. Made of with it. If they were able to crack it, they would’ve found 30 years of collectibles worth many thousands of dollars.

It could have been worse. Friend of mine was burgled while on holidays. They stole 1 speaker (not the pair), a few CDs, made a mess of the toilet, used the house to sleep in and shoot up drugs for a couple of nights, did over the kitchen and left before they got back. Hope nothing like that happened to you.

Good luck with everything.

bighead 11:10 pm 20 Aug 07

Make sure you ring microsoft and get the serial number traced. They SHOULD tell you if it has been used on LIVE. Glad to hear you are insured, Best of luck with everything.

Also futto…. I can understand perfectly the save game crisis.

futto 10:57 pm 20 Aug 07

I feel your pain. Same happened to me a few years ago…all was replaceable except my Xbox save games..argh, i’m such a nerd.

Most of the people that do it seem to be desperate and on drugs so the reality of how these junkies pay for their habit really hit me.

On a plus side, the two smoking hot AFP constables that came and fingerprinted the smashed window almost made up for it…mmmmm.

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