Breakfast at the Dek Hotel in Jamison – Review

johnboy 21 August 2005 7

Dek Hotel
Where: Jamison Shops
Cost: $13 (inc coffee and juice)
Phone: N/A
Date Reviewed: 21-AUG-05

Following on from our visit to Trash and Treasure at the Jamison shops on Sunday morning, Che and I were in need of sweet nutrience and so decided to pop into the refurbished Dek Hotel overlooking Jamison shops.

Bacon and Eggs on the Dek.

And so we climbed the steps to the Dek, enjoyed the frisson that always comes from walking into a pub at 9am, and discovered a pleasant traditional australian pub with a fire roaring and a friendly, competent, girl behind the bar to take our breakfast order.

We decided to pass on the “Big Breakfast” and settle for the smaller “Dek Breakfast” with a coffee and orange juice each. As you can see the “smaller” Dek Breakfast is still a substantial thing.

As the sun was shining brightly we decided to set up outside on the Dek.

Outside of the Dek

We were given our juice before we left the bar, the coffee arrived shortly thereafter, and was still warm and not completely consumed when the food arrived. Bonus points need to be awarded because were were given salt, pepper and tomato sauce to have with our meal, something not every breakfast in this town includes.

The view from the Dek is not stunning. Mostly it overlooks the car parks of Jamison Shops which are noteworthy primarily for their dreadful ordinariness. But you can see rolling hills off in the distance and we got a refreshing dose of winter sun out there.

View from the Dek

As bacon and egg breakfasts go it was workmanlike but not spectacular. The eggs had been done in egg rings on a too-hot pan (leading to bubbling and crispies). There was some softness left in the eggs but not a lot. Also the bacon was thick and still had the rind on.

On the other hand the tomato had been cut in thick slices and well cooked through with salt and pepper. Also there was plenty of good thick bread.

I’ve paid an awful lot more for a breakfast not half as good.

In short, if you do find yourself waking up in South-Eastern Belconnen, then this is a pretty good option for breakfast at this money. Breakfast is served from 0800.

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7 Responses to Breakfast at the Dek Hotel in Jamison – Review
Patherat Patherat 3:24 pm 08 Jun 06

I was at a party at the Dek last Friday and I saw “Vote for Pedro” and those guys went off. Does anyone know if they play anywhere else or just the Dek. I’d luv to see them more. They did a version of Weezers El scorcho that rocked.

stevo 001 stevo 001 1:55 pm 25 May 06

The dek Bar would have to be the best un-tapped resource in Canberra. The food there is great, and at a very reasonable price. Fridays we sit around the fire for a meal while enjoying the house band “Vote for Pedro” featuring “BEGS” from the old days of “begs and salvo” at Waffles. He has still got it, playing all the old and new favourites! Great people, great tunes, great food, great times!! I know where i will be fridays, and any other days i can get out there. Good work boys keep it up! Love the DEK!!!

seepi seepi 10:19 pm 22 Aug 05

Yeah – I can’t pay 15.00 for breakfast – so I never eat breakfast out.
I’d love some other suggestions though.
Bernadettes is ok – bit on the heathy side.
and Black Swan in Kingston is cheaper than some, but mixed quality/very dodgy service.

Tempestas Tempestas 8:14 pm 22 Aug 05

Thanks for the review.

I must say, what has happened to breakfast in this town. Most of the cafes are either overpriced for what you get or else very dissapointing. There was a time when Essen was still new and Gus’s gave arrogance as well as quality and it seemed getting a bad brekkie was a function of foolishly choosing 1) a shopping mall or 2) a restruant which had doubtful cred as a early opener anywhere.

Is it so hard to make a dollar in the Cafe scene that prices have moved up to mid-teens and above for a sub $10 meal. I know Canberra is not Melbourne or Sydney but the standard here is really getting worse.

bonfire bonfire 5:26 pm 22 Aug 05

jb you didnt say hi at the markets.

i was the one riding a monkey bike around and insulting people using awkward grammar and incorrect spelling.

i made that last bit up.

Ralph Ralph 8:56 am 22 Aug 05

Making me hungry.

Those eggs look like chicken fillets or fish cakes. I don’t like them runny though.

che che 8:33 am 22 Aug 05

as noted to JB on Sunday morning Jamo seems to be going downhill

The Jamo Inn is now the only place around to get a coffee and breakfast what with La Brushetta (aka Heidi’s) and the Chicken Pen closing down

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