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Breakfast at the Flathead Cafe

By johnboy - 11 April 2007 25

The Flathead Cafe in O’Connor has rapidly become an Inner North institution for fish and chips. Fortunately Nick The Pig had crashed on my couch the other night and with the morning he was bellyaching about how, without food, he would immediately expire. So we went looking for breakfast with some hope that All Bar Nun might be open.

In that we were disappointed, but I noticed that Flathead’s was doing business and figured they couldn’t just be doing fish and chips for breakfast. Instead we got this magnificent bastard for a mere $10:

The tomato was actually cooked! And the eggs were right (aside from a broken one which happens to the best of us. It had decent bacon, and a sausage lurked in there to surprise the unwary. The hash browns were both enourmous and delicious and it came with a plate of toast with which to conduct mopping up operations. Best of all it had plain old baked beans rounding it out.

If you’re after lightly grilled marinated mushrooms with your big breakfast then this isn’t for you. But if you want a real fry up breakfast for a very reasonable $10 then it’s highly recommended.

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25 Responses to
Breakfast at the Flathead Cafe
Sammy 10:39 pm 11 Apr 07

Pajenkas in the ANU Union offer a similar big breakfast on weekdays for about $8. Eggs, bacon, tomato, hash browns and sausage.

Cameron 8:52 pm 11 Apr 07

If there were a comparable breakfast southside I would be stoked. 10 bucks for that is awesome, but not worth driving to O’Connor for 😉

c` 8:17 pm 11 Apr 07

Their food is great, but their workflow is sloppy and slow. Can sometimes take a while to get what you’re after. Hasn’t stopped me from going back though.

shauno 8:13 pm 11 Apr 07

Yep thats good value we get a similar one in my local pub for about $15

Vic Bitterman 7:55 pm 11 Apr 07

$10 for that? Crikey, I’m gunna drag my arse there on the weekend!!!!!

terubo 7:22 pm 11 Apr 07

Well at least you’re still alive, NTP!

ducks 6:03 pm 11 Apr 07

This picture hurts my diet. 🙁

Nik_the_Pig 5:57 pm 11 Apr 07

You know, besidesthe grease that I desperately needed, it didn’t really do much for me (too greasy and the sangs weren’t very good) and no mushrooms (JB hates ‘shrooms so not a problem for him).

Chris S 5:53 pm 11 Apr 07

Now that’s what a breakfast should be.

Absent Diane 5:00 pm 11 Apr 07

Dear Author

I would like to thank you for this post as it has been used as an appetite supressant for me all day. (apart from the hash browns which actually look quite good, so really it has been a source of confusion for my poor old body).

Kind Regards
Absent Diane of the Imminent Present
Leader and Posterboy
Eggs Are Not A Food Foundation (ENAFF)

sheer 4:28 pm 11 Apr 07

God I’m hungry now.

sheer 4:27 pm 11 Apr 07

Thanks for the find JB, I have been looking for somewhere to replace Fatboys back home. Looking at those hash browns, I think we have a weiner.

toriness 3:34 pm 11 Apr 07

wow now i really want hashbrowns for dinner

Ari 2:26 pm 11 Apr 07

I assume they keep a Packer Whacker on standby?

bighead 1:56 pm 11 Apr 07

$10, I’m going out there one day soon, thats a good reason to wake up early.

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