yellowredme 7 July 2009 12

Since moving to Canberra I have visited and phoned many delicatessans in an attempt to find Scottish small goods for my elderly Scots parents (I even phoned the Burns Club, they weren’t really sure what I was talking about).

So after finding a deli who could help me out, thought I would let anyone who dreams of tattie scones, square sausages, really black black pudding, mince pies and bridies (Scots pasties) know that Gourmet City Deli at Belconnen Mall can supply these stodgy tidbits.

They were able to order in for me and then had on display some of these goods, so I thought I would give em a plug, they apparently go to a Sydney every now and again and pick up these items.

Ma’ Mam an’ Da will be shortly scoffing into some artery clogging treats.

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JimCharles JimCharles 9:33 pm 14 Jul 12

fabforty said :

The butchery at Dickson does a nice line in tattie scones

And scotch pies….nice too. Right hand side as you walk in.

fabforty fabforty 5:38 pm 14 Jul 12

The butchery at Dickson does a nice line in tattie scones

yellowredme yellowredme 2:21 pm 14 Jul 12

Resurecting an old post.

Market Meats at Belconnen Markets now stocks a small selection of Scots smallgoods:, black pudding, white pudding and fresh haggis. They currently dont have Scots pies but said they will to try to get them. I forgot to ask them if they have square sausages.

ant ant 3:08 pm 08 Jul 09

DanRayner said :

I believe Deli Mart at the Fyshwick Markets regularly has good looking black pudding

There is no such thing.

astrojax astrojax 1:44 pm 08 Jul 09

och, ye were looky.

Thumper Thumper 10:00 am 08 Jul 09

Was ‘tacked be rogue haggis once. Up ‘t in highlands hunting feral whisky stags in the mist an glen an gloamin. Took leg off in one bite..


Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 9:53 am 08 Jul 09

Hah, you should see what the Burns Club does to Scotch Eggs.

astrojax astrojax 5:35 pm 07 Jul 09

mmmm, black pudding! this site needs many more offal threads.

i got a sydney swiss butcher from ashfield’s chippolata, bratwurst and their black puddings from the deli at belco mkts – is that the one nearest the covered dance floor space? – and have also found the deli in the city markets to have a nice one, though when they have one…

but toad, if the white bits were black, it’d be always rainin’; ‘cept on days when it were fine. so not in canberra!

Tonka Tonka 10:46 am 07 Jul 09

Irn Bru from woolies too!

barking toad barking toad 9:43 am 07 Jul 09

Black pudding is no good unless the white bits are black

Feathergirl Feathergirl 9:42 am 07 Jul 09

I can believe that the Burns Club didn’t know what you were talking about, it is, in this featherperson’s opinion, the most useless club in Canberra, and it’s about as Scottish as a kangaroo in a kilt. Glad that you found some tasty treats though, thanks for the info.

DanRayner DanRayner 9:32 am 07 Jul 09

I believe Deli Mart at the Fyshwick Markets regularly has good looking black pudding (but happy to proved wrong here)

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