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Brod pushing his luck?

johnboy 9 April 2010 39

brodburger van

Brodburger v. the NCA

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Here at RiotACT we played no small part in the rise to public prominence of Sascha Brodbeck’s Brodburger van in Kingston’s Bowen Park.

(Not that we’ve ever had so much as a free burger out of it and now that the late-coming big media’s gushing over him I won’t hold my breath)

But reading today’s story in the Canberra Times on the breakdown in negotiations with the National Capital Authority I can’t help but feel he’s pushing his luck.

It’s not always nice to be a victim of one’s own success, but IMHO the business has been wildly successful and needs to evolve in order to cope with the massive demand.

Public support has won unprecedented concessions from several tiers of government for Brod, but if he goes to court it won’t count for anything.

I hope before it’s too late he shows some flexibility.

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39 Responses to Brod pushing his luck?
Genie Genie 11:06 pm 17 Apr 10

Service is not that good… Drive past there tonight and figured we’d get a feed..

After standing around for 10minutes they said they still weren’t taking orders so we left.
They were more people waiting to be served than waiting for food.

Food can’t be that good.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:03 pm 17 Apr 10

Ari said :

….Those who bring the Aboriginal Tent Embassy into the argument have a point … precedent … but who has the energy to argue that to finality?

Maybe Mr Brod could be moved to the Aboriginal Embassy site, and start havesting some of the inhabitants for his burger fillings?

And once that resource is all used up, move him up to Capital Hill……..

A win-win situation for all Canberrans!

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 6:46 pm 17 Apr 10

The NCA should use this as practise for getting rid of the really ugly eyesore in the Parliamentary Triangle: the tent embassy. I went past there the other day, and there were old cars parked on the grass, at least half a dozen tents, and small fires burning. It’s a bloody disgrace.

Northside-Guy Northside-Guy 9:24 am 17 Apr 10

I think the real question seems to be that they gained approval from the ACT government for their hawkers licence (as stated by JouJou in another thread), however it does not seem that the gained approval from the NCA prior to setting up shop (Caravan)at Bowen park.

So is the NCA to blame or is it Mr Brod for not getting all of his approvals upfront, and then trying to force the NCA on the grounds that he is already there.

Well if it was any other business they would have been shut down, I think Mr Brod should move to an ACT Government owned piece of land, or set up shop in an actual shop, the clientele will follow if the burgers and service is that good.

GottaLoveCanberra GottaLoveCanberra 7:44 pm 12 Apr 10

I can verify that the owner does indeed pay for electricity services.

While I’ve not tried the Brod Deluxe I must say that their chicken burger is to die for.

“Why are only some of the vans getting targeted ?”

Money/Real Estate

Genie Genie 12:23 pm 12 Apr 10

Just to start off with I have never eaten at Brodburger (mostly because the 3 times Ive driven out there during his so called opening hours – HE IS CLOSED)

Why is it an issue that he cant stay out there when as someone has mentioned all the other food vans around the place ?

Checkers, The G-Spot, RJ’s at Woden, the other one at Phillip… These places could also be concidered an eyesore but the NCA doesn’t want to evict them.

Family friends used to own Dolly’s until the government ran them out and refuse to renew their food licence unless they moved. Why are only some of the vans getting targeted ?

nexus6 nexus6 9:42 am 12 Apr 10

hey has anyone else noticed that the chip serving size seems to have gotten a lot smaller at brod? when i first went 6 months ago the chip bad was nearly full, but now it usually half empty. anyway i like brod , great burgers and good service if your not stupid enough to go there in peak hours. I hope they stay there in some form.

Overheard Overheard 7:32 am 12 Apr 10

Only been there once and loved the chicken burger I had. Yeah, there was a wait, but I was with a big group of people and it’s such a pleasant setting that most of us didn’t mind the wait. Going back there again some time this week.

Agreed, there should be some sort of recompense for electricity and something that looks like rent or rates or whatever, but moving it every night doesn’t sound like a smart move at all.

The cat did it The cat did it 1:08 pm 11 Apr 10

Aeek said :

Rampant over development at the airport. Hang on, that was the NCA.

I’m happy to be corrected, but was it the NCA? IIRC it was John Howard, helped by those two talentless clowns John Fahey and Peter Reith, who sold off the Commonwealth’s airports to private interests, but, to make the deal more financially attractive, ensured that normal state and local planning laws wouldn’t apply to the sold land. That’s why it looks like Legoland, with heaps of office accommodation where it’s not needed.

Ryan Ryan 12:31 pm 11 Apr 10

dvaey said :

Ive been out looking for this brod place many times, trying to follow directions and maps posted over the months on RA, and have never even seen a hint of its existance.

Any chance someone can accurately describe or pinpoint on a map, where this place is?

dvaey dvaey 11:13 am 11 Apr 10

Ive been out looking for this brod place many times, trying to follow directions and maps posted over the months on RA, and have never even seen a hint of its existance.

Any chance someone can accurately describe or pinpoint on a map, where this place is?

WillowJim WillowJim 5:35 pm 10 Apr 10

I quite like the Edmund Barton Building. Dunno why people hate modernist architecture.

miz miz 1:06 pm 10 Apr 10

I heard ‘on the grapevine’ that this issue is actually about the fact that hawkers like Brod are not paying anything for services like electricity, and therefore formalising the arrangement would actually be in the interest of tax payers. Can anyone verify this?

trevar trevar 10:05 am 10 Apr 10

Personally, when I’ve tried the Brod, I found it disappointing to say the least. After the massive build-up on RA, I was expecting something spectacular, not a slightly above-average hamburger with fancy cheese and a half hour wait.

If the van is part of the appeal, there’s no reason why a permanent kiosk couldn’t be built to look like a caravan, is there? I mean, this is just argument for the sake of argument! I hate the NCA as much as the next half-sensible human being in the city hates the little buggers, but there’s no point cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 9:49 am 10 Apr 10

For what its worth there are a number of food vans around the place that are pretty much permanent – the one in woden near the corner of Hindmarsh and Melrose immediately springs to mind – and older Rioters will remember Dollys in West Civic which was there for about 25 years. So there’s obviously a capacity to allow that sort of thing. I guess the big diference is that those other vans weren’t smack on the shore of LBG so they woun’t have come under the gaze of the NCA – who have traditionally been hyper protective of the lake shoe and any possibility of development.

toriness toriness 9:46 am 10 Apr 10

bah to people with irritating senses of entitlement and thinking they are above the law which the rest of us must live by. as others have said – put up or shut up and move on mister brod.

Ari Ari 2:21 am 10 Apr 10

Brod’s been given a dream run so far … to the point it’s been suggested public funds should be expended on providing him with a little grotto to sell his wares.

The burgers are actually pretty good.

He’s been given a very reasonable timeframe to sort it all out.

His argument that it’s impractical are bullshit. If he still has an issue I’ve got some ice boxes I’ll sell him for … oooh $1000 a pop.

Should we be alienating public land and giving a free right to a be a burger seller on that land simply cos we like the food?

If so, I’m in the wrong business, give me some of that free action. I can sizzle a patty with the best of them.

Those who bring the Aboriginal Tent Embassy into the argument have a point … precedent … but who has the energy to argue that to finality?

Grrrr Grrrr 11:11 pm 09 Apr 10

Swaggie said :

Let Broddy stay FFS – moving the van every day serves what purpose other than to let some public servant show how tough he is?


I-filed said :

The van is an eyesore.

Pfft, I didn’t even notice it for months. I haven’t eaten there yet but I’d like it to still be there when I decide to.

braddonchick braddonchick 11:09 pm 09 Apr 10

I don’t really have an opinion on whether the Brod van should move on but if the government want to be taken seriously they should expend their efforts on getting rid of the Mandalay bus in Braddon first. It serves no food and no purpose!

The government seem to ignore this eyesore whilst wasting their time trying to evict Brodburger? Something doesn’t add up here… someone looks like they have their nose out of joint (maybe they waited the 2 hours and didn’t like the burger?)

Aeek Aeek 10:58 pm 09 Apr 10

I-filed said :

The van is an eyesore. They should move to business premises – if they are that good, clients will drive kms to get a good feed. They’ve had a very good run.

Grail, without the NCA, the ACT Government would run rampant. Fancy houses all the way up Mt Ainslie? Every skerrick of open land turned into flats?

Rampant over development at the airport. Hang on, that was the NCA.

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