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Canberra a green island

By tabascoted - 29 November 2007 27

Well it looks like Foskey is at it again. Apparently we are going to get inundated with GMO in the ACT now that NSW has opened the flood gates.

{Sarcasm}I wonder if the ‘buffer zone’ includes road blocks to stop people smuggling GMO across the border{/sarcasm}

ACT Greens call for GM crops buffer zone

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Canberra a green island
sepi 2:30 pm 29 Nov 07

so they’re not mutually exclusive?

GnT 2:28 pm 29 Nov 07

‘Organic’ and ‘GM’ are mutually exclusive. (That is, you can have GM foods which have been organically grown.) The two issues are separate, although green groups and activists seem keen on lumping them together.

exp73 1:36 pm 29 Nov 07

I agree with sepi’s comment “not for nor against”. In a consumer market such choices should be made available to anyone who may want to purchase a GM food product, however my concern is how would this effect the availability of organically produced food? & how effectively would GM products be regulated?

caf 1:27 pm 29 Nov 07

Maybe you should read the article before going off half-cocked, shauno. The idea is about asking NSW not to plant GM crops within some distance of the ACT border, although she’s lost me somewhat with the reasoning about pesticide-resistant weeds?

shauno 1:06 pm 29 Nov 07

How the hell can Canberra be a buffer zone? We don’t grow crops in Canberra and every thing we eat is imported. So well have to either starve or search the land for any food not GM. Fairly hard thing to do these days especially imports.

It might work but at the cost of 10 times your grocery bill and shutting down quiet a few of Canberra’s Restaurants. Yep another great idea from the greens.

Thumper 12:25 pm 29 Nov 07

Apparently cane toads are getting so big that they are developing arthritic knees.


barking toad 11:42 am 29 Nov 07

My cousins were never genetically modified. I fail to see the relevance.

sepi 11:37 am 29 Nov 07

Maybe the GM corn will do them in.
Pregnant mice that ate it had stillborn or sterile pups.

Mr Evil 11:29 am 29 Nov 07

Maybe the Cane Toads can be genetically modified to eat themselves?

sepi 11:24 am 29 Nov 07

Cane toad – scientific ‘improvement’ introduced to help farmers. Unable to be reversed.

Replace Cane Toad with GM Canola – rinse and repeat.

barking toad 11:22 am 29 Nov 07

Buffer zones will work as efficiently as the old lines drawn on the carpet in pubs/clubs to differentiate between smoking/smoke-free areas.

And wtf has GM canola to do with my feral cousins?

Thumper 11:18 am 29 Nov 07

And will this DMZ be a free fire zone?

slaxwarez 10:56 am 29 Nov 07

So where does the GMO DMZ go, is it going to be in the ACT or in NSW? And how wide does the DMZ have to be?

Thumper 10:32 am 29 Nov 07

I’m not against GM crops, yet I’m certainly not for them.

I think the whole issue needs a lot more research before its let loose on the countryside. At this stage, with the rural industry in a crisis, the last thing we need to do is jump on the GM bandwagon for the wrong reasons. If we make a mistake now, the country will pay for it forever.

having said that, I can hardly see how the ACT can protect itself.

Rather large border fence anyone?

sepi 10:27 am 29 Nov 07

I think GM food is a massive mistake.

It is very short sighted to allow it to be grown in Australia – and undemocratic – lots of people and farmers don’t want it, but we had no say in the matter.

And once it is here, and turns out to be a massive mistake there is no getting rid of it.

Cane Toads anyone??

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