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Canberra cattery recommendations?

By Jueves - 27 October 2010 45

Christmas holidays will soon be upon us, so it’s time to consider what to do with the kitty-cat whilst away.

Although he’s black and white so would fit in quite nicely with the drain cats, I’m thinking of placing him in a cattery over the Christmas period.

Any suggestions of good catteries in Canberra? I’m not too fussed on the price; I just want to make sure puss receives some quality care.

From perusing their website, Curtin Cat Care looks reasonable, but does anyone have personal experience with them?

And on an unrelated note, are there any pet grooming places in Canberra that trim/clip cats? We appear to have an abundance of dog groomers, but I’ve yet to see a listing that mentions cats.

Is that because it’s not advisable to clip them?

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
Canberra cattery recommendations?
carnardly 2:14 pm 27 Oct 10


Thumper 1:45 pm 27 Oct 10

They lost your cat?!?! What was the explanation??

“He ran away when we opened the door”

And yes, we got him back, but only because Ms Thumper and I made a big effort to find him and trap him. Tara staff didn’t really seem interested.

Hopefully they’ve improved their procedures.

Gantz 1:12 pm 27 Oct 10

Thumper said :

Tara lost my cat.

Maybe they’ve improved over the past five years, but they still lost my cat.

They lost your cat?!?! What was the explanation??

rpearce 1:07 pm 27 Oct 10

I’ve found Canberra Pet Care ( great as a cattery.

The Gungahlin vet will clip cat claws, it’s quite cheap too since you only need a nurse to do it.

Indi 1:03 pm 27 Oct 10

I’d advise to take great care when trimming your pussy

montezuma 12:58 pm 27 Oct 10

Curtin cat care is supposed to be great but they were booked out for xmas when I rang over a month ago. I ended up advertising for a house/cat sitter – it’s a win-win!

cmdwedge 12:57 pm 27 Oct 10

Thumper said :

Tara lost my cat.

Maybe they’ve improved over the past five years, but they still lost my cat.

Wow, that’s awful. Did they eventually find your cat? If not – what happened? Compensation I would hope?

Captain RAAF 12:51 pm 27 Oct 10

Make a pair of slippers, a hat or if you can get about a dozen, a nice jacket!

Thumper 12:39 pm 27 Oct 10

There’s a woman at Kippax vet clinic who runs a cattery, she’s one of the vet nurses. I’ve heard nothing but good reports about her.

far_northact 12:35 pm 27 Oct 10

I used to get Fur Faces to come to my house. This is less disruptive for the cat (if it’s an indoor cat). They empty the litter box, feed and water cats, bring in your mail and put out your bins. Their service was affordable and reliable. It makes the house look lived in as well, which is an additional bonus.

carnardly 12:30 pm 27 Oct 10

I know the 3 owners of Curtin cat care and they are lovely people. They’ve had all sorts of animals for years.

Otherwise, is there a local animal loving local teenager type in your area who might pop in to feed and cuddle in the morning and shut in again at night?

Give them $5 a day pocket money or something?

p1 12:25 pm 27 Oct 10

Leave them in a drain in Woden, and a crazy old lady will feed them each day for you.

Holden Caulfield 12:24 pm 27 Oct 10

Our vet (Gungahlin) clipped our fluffball last year. He didn’t like it much, but it got rid of some dodgy matted fur and he got over it soon enough. According to the vet it is not uncommon for those with long haired cats to bring them in for an annual clip.

When we go away we generally use ACT Home Pet Care, as the name suggests, they come to your home. This also has the added advantage that they can put out/bring in rubbish bins and so on.

It’s about $20 per visit IIRC, so it can get a bit exxy with 2 vists a day if you’re away for extended periods. No idea how much the cost compares to a cattery.

Thumper 12:24 pm 27 Oct 10

Tara lost my cat.

Maybe they’ve improved over the past five years, but they still lost my cat.

cmdwedge 12:13 pm 27 Oct 10

We have used Tara Boarding Kennels & Cattery –
9 Beltana Rd, Pialligo – (02) 6247 5227 about 10 times in the last 5 years. Highly recommended, they looked after our little girl very well and are very caring.

Give the Siamese at reception a pat – he or she loves it.

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