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What to expect when Canberra Centre takes over Civic

Smackbang 21 March 2006 31

In Civic today at lunchtime, I parked in the Canberra Centre carpark overlooking the building site. The development at Section 84, which has been adorned for some time now with signs saying that it will be an expansion of the Canberra Centre and will include 90 new shops, restaurants and cinemas, is really starting to look huge.

Does anyone know what is going in there? I know there will be a 9-screen Dendy Cinema, incorporating Electric Shadows. But does anyone have any other news on what we can expect when the Canberra Centre takes over Civic?

What’s Your opinion?

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What to expect when Canberra Centre takes over Civic
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RandomGit 2:12 pm 27 Mar 06

Melbourne DFO pisses all over the Sydney DFO. Much bigger drive though.

Mr_Shab 2:10 pm 27 Mar 06

Yay! More oppotunities to consume!

I’ve never been so happy…

OzChick 1:47 pm 27 Mar 06

Its great, thats for sure, not more drives to Sydney for factory outlet shopping…

RandomGit 12:52 pm 27 Mar 06

Hurray said my wife. DFO gets her all in a tiz!

OzChick 10:06 am 27 Mar 06

Canberra is defiantly on the GROW… With the expansion of the Canberra Centre, and the addition of Brand Depot and DFO: Canberra, we are going to have lots more places to shop…

seepi 8:02 am 27 Mar 06

I don’t mind the road. Peo;le are gettng used to the lights now. But what it does mean is that crowds of people who cross at the lights together all try to get in the doors of the Canberra Centre together – and there just isn’t that much room.

skeletons 2:58 pm 26 Mar 06

What I think is disgusting is that freakin highway through the Canberra Centre Mall, they should have paid to have the street go underground cos I see people everyday walk out in front of cars thinking there is still a pedestrian crossing (now has stoplights). Why don’t we put a 50km/h road through Westfield, or Woden Plaza or the HYperdome eh? Who builds a mall on top of a raod anyway?

Thumper 8:42 am 24 Mar 06


How the hell do they anchor them!

areaman 5:58 pm 23 Mar 06

Tower cranes are a bit of a fixation for me. There are are 6 in Section 84, 1 at the old electric shadows car park, one next to the lakeside, and i think 1 over the old ymca near the pool. I don’t remember seeing any at all in civic until the the begining of the decade (although I’d say there must have been at least one when they built SAP house).

seepi 6:44 pm 22 Mar 06

also huge dark underground car parks don’t sound like a good place to be late at night…

kimba 4:34 pm 22 Mar 06

True it was paid parking…….but at least before the development you could get free parking in the evenings, Saturday aftenoon, Sunday and on holidays.

Now it will be paid parking all the time (perhaps not Sunday under present policy).

There was talk that parking will cease in the new centre after 12 midnight…. which will stuff local night life.

Blamemonkey 3:18 pm 22 Mar 06

there are about 6 or 7 just in the city area..

Canberra City on the GROW

Thumper 2:57 pm 22 Mar 06

I just went for a smoke and the skyline behind the 16 Mort street is an amazing one consisting almost exclusively of giant white cranes….

Thumper 2:45 pm 22 Mar 06

Why don’t we just build a massive Dubydome over Civic and call it the Corbelldome….

che 2:23 pm 22 Mar 06

I hope that is the case folks, anyone know positvely one way or another?

Blamemonkey 2:17 pm 22 Mar 06

Bulldog, I heard the same thing about the Noise Law.

With Gypsy Bar Mk1, the scuttle butt was that management decided not to fight, but with complaints coming from a Cafe/Restaurant maybe they mismanaged the whole problem…

wonsworld 1:49 pm 22 Mar 06

Forget Civic… has ANYONE had to try and find a park at the Canberra Hospital? Thank God the brown bombers don’t hit there, they could fix any Govt’s deficit problem in a week.

erewego 1:19 pm 22 Mar 06

interesting sounding law given the fate of Gypsy bar mk1 going under due to the whims of some twats in a coffee shop that didnt like the subterranean rumble of live music while suping their chino at 11 at night in East Row for fks sake! honestly how was that complaint upheld? I wouldnt sit in east row having a cuppa at night unless I was packing heat – its round the cnr from mooseheads !

bulldog 12:59 pm 22 Mar 06

Che – was speaking to a couple of mates who run/manage pubs last night and they were saying that in December a law was passed that the business that was operating first has the right to continue with their current practices – this was specifically turned to the matter of live music. if this is true (any players heard of this before?) then live music should have nothing to fear from new establishments.

Thumper 12:46 pm 22 Mar 06

And thus less live venues Che….

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