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What to expect when Canberra Centre takes over Civic

By Smackbang - 21 March 2006 31

In Civic today at lunchtime, I parked in the Canberra Centre carpark overlooking the building site. The development at Section 84, which has been adorned for some time now with signs saying that it will be an expansion of the Canberra Centre and will include 90 new shops, restaurants and cinemas, is really starting to look huge.

Does anyone know what is going in there? I know there will be a 9-screen Dendy Cinema, incorporating Electric Shadows. But does anyone have any other news on what we can expect when the Canberra Centre takes over Civic?

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31 Responses to
What to expect when Canberra Centre takes over Civic
wonsworld 1:49 pm 22 Mar 06

Forget Civic… has ANYONE had to try and find a park at the Canberra Hospital? Thank God the brown bombers don’t hit there, they could fix any Govt’s deficit problem in a week.

erewego 1:19 pm 22 Mar 06

interesting sounding law given the fate of Gypsy bar mk1 going under due to the whims of some twats in a coffee shop that didnt like the subterranean rumble of live music while suping their chino at 11 at night in East Row for fks sake! honestly how was that complaint upheld? I wouldnt sit in east row having a cuppa at night unless I was packing heat – its round the cnr from mooseheads !

bulldog 12:59 pm 22 Mar 06

Che – was speaking to a couple of mates who run/manage pubs last night and they were saying that in December a law was passed that the business that was operating first has the right to continue with their current practices – this was specifically turned to the matter of live music. if this is true (any players heard of this before?) then live music should have nothing to fear from new establishments.

Thumper 12:46 pm 22 Mar 06

And thus less live venues Che….

che 11:08 am 22 Mar 06

more appartments will mean more noise complaints about businesses that have been around for a long time but will anyone take any notice?

jamius maximus 10:36 am 22 Mar 06

If there are 3-4 stories worth of car parks, there may actually be more car parks there that before anyway.

I hate to say it but I am looking forward to it getting done. Morbid curiosity I guess.

Kerces 10:25 am 22 Mar 06

All the carparks that used to be where the new building is going were paid parking anyway Kimba, so I don’t see a problem there.

kimba 10:00 am 22 Mar 06

There will be plenty of carparks within the new complex….but all paid.

The cinema’s will be a big plus for the city. I’d say Greater Union will fold in time.

Apart from the new shops there will be offices (including the tax office) and, yes, more apartments

jamius maximus 9:00 am 22 Mar 06

When they started construction in that area I seem to remember there being a ruddy big hole in the ground. Perhaps there will be underground parking?

Smackbang 8:54 am 22 Mar 06

There are at least three levels of carparks under the new development. Do you not remember the huge excavations before they started building?

Bags, as for the Electric Shadows issue, check out these links:

jr 8:25 am 22 Mar 06

Haven’t you heard the new Urban Services marketing slogan for Civic:

“This used to be Canberra… now it could be bloody anywhere!”

Thumper 8:00 am 22 Mar 06

It is bloody enormous!

And surprise surprise, no car parks.

bags 10:20 pm 21 Mar 06

As long as Gus and Landspeed remain, I dont care.

What’s this about Electric Shadows!?

OzChick 9:39 pm 21 Mar 06

I know what to expect… no parking space…

Indi 8:46 pm 21 Mar 06

umm…you mean QLD investment corp?

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