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Canberra Chronicle – stopping unwanted deliveries

By Pay Attention 7 September 2010 66

[First filed: Sep 6, 2010 @ 9:35]

canberra chronicle [Proof drivers can achieve tight groupings over time]

I do not want the Canberra Chronicle delivered.  The only reason it is delivered free is because it makes enough revenue from advertisers to be economically feasible to publish and deliver.

My reasons are: – the cost to cut the trees down, ink to print the words and images, plastic it is covered in, petrol to deliver them to contractors, petrol of contractors to deliver them to houses, litter of all the copies left on the street, damage to waterways and wildlife from the plastic that eventually leaks into them.

Over the last 12 months, I have made the effort and contacted Paul Webber at the Canberra Times – – to have him add my address to the “Do Not Deliver” list.  This has been unsuccessful recently, and the explanation I was given was “as the day was particularly windy, the paper that landed in your driveway was actually meant for amother house and was blown onto your driveway when it was thrown.

I do not accept this.  If the contractor was paid to do the job in a professional manner, with attention to detail and ensuring that people did not receive the Chronicle if they made the effort to prevent it, then this would not happen.

How could this be accomplished?  In 2002, Kerrie tucker introduced a Bill into the ACT Legislative Assembly that made it a breach of the Criminal Code to put junk mail into letterboxes that had appropriate signs displayed, unfortunately, the ACT Government held an election and this Bill lapsed.

I spoke to the ACT Greens last week, and Chief Minister Stanhope, and both of them advised me that this junk mail legislation has not been mentioned anywhere in the last 6 years.  If this legislation was reintroduced, and amended to include the distribution of free newspapers, I am confident that Rural Press would change the way they deliver, and advise their contractors accordingly.

If the legislation is not re-introduced, I am prepared to take affirmative legal action using the Trade Practices Act.

For both of these solutions, I would appreciate the help of any other citizens of Canberra who are concerned about the delivery of this publication.  In the long term, if Rural Press was forced to only deliver to those who wanted the Canberra Chronicle (which, unfortunately, would also include those people who can’t be bothered making the phone call to stop it), perhaps the real number of readers would become known, and the advertisers would consider whether it was still worth it at all.

If you would like to help, please send an email expressing your concerns to:

Thanks, Andrew

The Canberra Chronicle

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Canberra Chronicle – stopping unwanted deliveries
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zapjelly 2:19 pm 27 Apr 18

Completely! I’m not sure why it had to be wrapped in plastic, why are we paying for printing of physical newspaper. Don’t want it, don’t need it. It’s littering, they don’t bother to deliver it in the letterbox but just chuck onto the ground. Complete waste of resource!

Brett Henry 8:43 pm 31 Aug 17

I know this is an old thread but I recently discovered how to stop having the Chronicle delivered. At the bottom of there is a distribution inquiries email I contacted this email address and they asked for me address and added me to the stop list. That was two weeks ago and so far no deliveries. I hope this helps anyone else that might stumble on this thread like I did a few weeks ago.

ricci 4:09 pm 05 Nov 10

Go Chronicle!!! It’s great to see all those lazy sods having to exercise by getting up off their asses to pick up the Chronicle and take it to the bin. Even better if they walk it down to the bin at the local shops.

WonderfulWorld 9:16 pm 10 Sep 10

The delivery to mine is spasmatic as with the reading of it. Often we get the Northside version when living in the South! Makes great fire starter, but if we are not into reading it that week goes into the recycle (with plastic on). Have a no junk mail and sometimes this works and some times not.

We live in ever changing times…

will roper 7:59 am 10 Sep 10

“as the day was particularly windy, the paper that landed in your driveway was actually meant for amother house and was blown onto your driveway when it was thrown.”

That’s brilliant!!! That means that the house at the end of the street didn’t get a paper All you have to do is pick up the paper and walk it up to that house.

Don’t think for one minute that you will save any paper, petrol, or plastic.

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