Canberra Credit Card Conundrum

che 25 August 2005 9

The CT has this story of Canberra residents being denied there right to overspend via credit cards by ACT legislation ensuring that applicants can pay their bills and keep their knee-caps. So the lovely caring, sharing and understanding credit card companies have suggested a solution of getting people to provide a NSW postal address on their application to get around these silly and inconvenient laws.

How can you not love an industry that gives away so much money?

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9 Responses to Canberra Credit Card Conundrum
Maelinar Maelinar 10:38 am 26 Aug 05

I have reduced mine twice in the past sk8er, it’s a simple computer action, obviously they were just being too lazy to remember how to do that.

You have the right to inform your bank that you want your limit reduced, if they maintain they can’t do it inform them that you have a gambling problem and can’t be held responsible for any debts over your requested limit.

I’m sure they’ll change it quick smart after you drop that little beauty.

bonfire bonfire 10:12 am 26 Aug 05

a friend applied for a 3500 limit card and received an offer for 35k…

she’s a student with a part time job.

sk8erboi sk8erboi 10:38 pm 25 Aug 05

I’ve got two, a $10k limit and a $500 limit (for Internet purchases), I tried to reduce the limit of the $10k one (it counts as that much worth of debt when you’re applying for a loan) and I was refused! “Sorry sk8er, that’s the first time we’ve ever heard of anyone asking for their credit limit to be reduced, NO!”

Thumper Thumper 4:04 pm 25 Aug 05

I never owned or used a credit card until about six months ago.

hate the things…

che che 3:42 pm 25 Aug 05

just remember for those of you with kids, if a bank is stupid enough to send a credit card to someone under 18 ( and you don’t gurantee or co-sign it or anything) then let the kid go crazy as kids cannot be held legally accountable for a contract which is what a CC is

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:10 pm 25 Aug 05

Some of us are lucky enough not to have to worry too much about the future because they won’t make it that far. That’s why I refuse to put more in my super – I’m not going to still be alive by 60, I’d rather have the money NOW! Hmm, perhaps I should rack up some credit cards too, lol.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:31 pm 25 Aug 05

I’m looking foward to it bonfire 🙂

It’ll be VERY interesting times muahahahaha

bonfire bonfire 12:16 pm 25 Aug 05

worse than heroin.

Im just old enough to remember what it was like to be jettisonned from school to double digit unemployment and high interest rates.

most people are too idiotic to save money for the longer term.

they owe way too much compared to their income. and credit card companies and banks know this, and dont care.

i fear the next round of stagflation. everything runs in cycles.

when i was in the states people were simply amazed that i had only ‘one’ credit card. it was really common for them to have 5 or more. it was as if their status was linked to their indebtedness.

Ralph Ralph 10:46 am 25 Aug 05

They won’t let you increase you credit limit over the phone if you are in the ACT. You have to more or less apply for the card all over again so they can assess whether you can have a higher credit limit.

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