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Canberra Druggos Out and About

By joeyjo - 8 July 2006 91

Canberra’s druggos are out and about, kicking off this weekend with a stroll around the streets of braddon completed stoned off their faces. I stepped out of Pirates of the Caribbean and thought for a moment I was looking into the dead eyes of Davey Jones’ crew. Luckily it was just a local druggie making weird noises and following me home.

After trawling through the phone book (so why do you have to turn through 67 pages to find the number for police attendance?) I was on hold for a while before figuring that they would ask me “what do you want me to do about it?” like they did last time I called (to report a brawl in Civic).

Ahh Canberra. You gotta love it. Or not.

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91 Responses to
Canberra Druggos Out and About
VYBerlinaV8 9:33 am 10 Jul 06

So what we’re really saying, then, is that as a society we find it acceptable that someone can use an illicit substance to alter their state of mind in a public place. Well guess what, I don’t think it is. I always vote for those who espouse a zero tolerance policy for druggies and drugs. What shits me is that you try to do the right thing and call the police, and they just don’t want to know – but let their tyres down or (God forbid) try to move them along yourself and the police will come down on you like a ton of bricks because you “broke the law”. Never mind that all you want is a clean, safe neighbourhood for your kids to grow up in.

Mr_Shab 8:46 am 10 Jul 06

Special G – I used to be a lab tech, and as far as I know, the test for cannabis is based on an inactive metabolite of THC. In other words, the test can only tell if you’ve smoked in the last 14-90 days (depending on your metabolism), not whether you’re high or not.

As I recall, the test was designed to see if people had been smoking (i.e – for rehab, workplace monitoring, etc) not as a roadside screen.

I think the best way there is (for now) for a copper to tell if someone is off their chops is to speak to them.

shauno 8:26 am 10 Jul 06

Special G I get drug tested on random quiet regularly in my industry and I know very well the ins and outs of the drug testing process. Most of the hard drugs are out of your system in 24 hours to a few days. Marijuana stays in your system for weeks stored in the fat cells.

We all ready have far to many rules and regulations in this country and now Steve Pratt wants to turn it into a Police state. The way Pratt goes on about Law and Order in Canberra its like he still thinks he’s in war torn Bosnia or where ever he was.

In reality how many deaths on Canberra roads last year were caused by drugged up drivers. Bugger all and lets just except the fact Humans weren’t designed to be moving faster then running pace so there is always going to be deaths on our roads. Its a fact of life all be it a sad one but just get over it.

Swaggie 10:29 pm 09 Jul 06

Big Al,

If he was out of his tree I’d have simply deflatesd all 4 of his tyres. he ain’t going nowhere fast then….

Special G 10:13 pm 09 Jul 06

Shauno, Driving after smoking a joint, shooting up heroin, or getting pissed. Same shit, justify it however you like, then justify it when you kill some person on the roads.

I’m not a lab tech although I am figuring that there is some way of determining whether the joint was smoked a month ago or there is still active TCH in the blood stream. You can then use the excuse that you are addicted and want to do rehab for your drug problem and you’ll turn around and walk out of the Court like all the other junkies.

terubo 6:57 pm 09 Jul 06

joeyjo, I had something “making weird noises and following me home” – turned out it was the neighbours’ dog.
How many legs did yours have? Maybe for ‘druggie’ read ‘doggie’.

DVD 3:37 pm 09 Jul 06

Big Al- there is no offence for self administering an illicit substance. There was some years ago but some do gooder thought it would be too traumatic for some piece of shit junkie to get rolled by the cops, have his drugs seized and get locked up, so unless he drove off and was a disqualified driver the Police have no relevant power to arrest him. Instead of bagging ACTP why not bag the squeezers who stripped the ACT Crimes Act and Criminal Code of the offences and powers that could have been used in such situations.

JoeyJo is 131 444 really that hard to remember ?

shauno 2:01 pm 09 Jul 06

What you recon some one who smokes a joint a month before he drives and then fails a road side drug test is as bad as some one injecting and then driving while high as a kite. Come on give us a break.

Special G 1:09 pm 09 Jul 06

Well if there was enough Police in Canberra they would be able to attend to incidences such as the ones you are describing. Many a discussion has been held on RA to this effect.

I have plenty of friends who are Police, they are quite happy to arrest junkies at any opportunity. Too bad they are out on the streets again before they have finished the required paperwork. Blame the Courts and the soft stance on drugs that the ACT Government and civil libitarians have.

As for Shauno “But they seem quiet keen to go along with the insane idea of arrest somebody for driving after smoking a joint a month before hand.” Your just as bad as the bloke sticking the needle in his arm.

Big Al 12:30 pm 09 Jul 06

About six months ago I found one of these drugged up shitbags blocking my parking space when I got to work – he was sitting in the front seat completely out of his tree – still had the tourniquet around his arm. I rang the cops on my mobile – Gave them a full description of the car, the guy everything. I even told them I had him parked in and that I’d be happy to wait while they came and got him – the response? After giving me a serve about trying to tell them how to do their job I was pretty much told that there wasn’t much that could do about it. By this time the druggie had come ‘round and wanted to get out so I moved. I told the cops that there was now a drugged out prick heading toward Wentworth Ave – the cop said if that was a problem for me, maybe I should keep off the road. I let him know what I though of that idea and hung up. I sent a letter to the Chief Minister and the Minister for Police detailing in full what had happened and asking whether or not they felt that this was appropriate – no response as yet …

nyssa76 12:06 pm 09 Jul 06

Obviously not the public…

Thumper 10:58 am 09 Jul 06

Well, the cops can only do the bidding of their masters.

And whom may the masters be in this case?

shauno 1:34 pm 08 Jul 06

But they seem quiet keen to go along with the insane idea of arrest somebody for driving after smoking a joint a month before hand.

nyssa76 11:41 am 08 Jul 06

Just like the druggos out the front of Dick Smith in Civic. They’d shoplift and shoot up out the front of the store, harass customers and passersby and the cops would do nothing.

ant 11:04 am 08 Jul 06

ah, ACT Police. Are they useless or what? If you got a cricket bat to the druggos, then you’d be in trouble.

years and years ago, there was a bunch of aboriginals in town for some event or protest or something. That afternoon, there was a crowd of them in the middle of civic, demanding money off passersby, clutching stubbies, and grabbing at people.

When I got back to work, I phoned the police. Massive boredom from them. WTF do they see as their jobs, I wonder?

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