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Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week

By RiotPost 23 October 2009 24

image of the 2008 Pink Ribbon Ride, curtsy of the GotM website.

image of the 2008 Pink Ribbon Ride, sourced from the Got'M website.

Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week runs from the 24th to the 31st of October and is a joint initiative between the MRAACT (Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT), the Canberra branch of the Ulysses Club, Got’M (Girls on the Move) and Canberra Riders and supported by the ACT Government.

As one of my friends has said on facebook:
“I’m a motorcyclist and I’d like you to please be aware of me on the roads. Please don’t just rely on your mirrors; do a head-check. Thanks!”

During the week there is a host of events and activities concluding with BIKEFEST, a massive day of bands, stunt riding, demos, food, dealers and trade stalls.

Sat 24 Oct – Launch: 9.30am @ Ainslia Pl, City Walk
Sun 25 Oct – Pink Ribbon Ride: 8.30am @ OPH
Thurs 29 Oct – Fashion Parade (bike gear): 7.30pm @ Italo-Australian Cub
Fri 30 Oct – Ride to Work Day
Fri 30 Oct – Bikers Breakfast: 7.00am @ Lennox Gardens
Sat 31 Oct – BIKEFEST: 10am-5pm @ Sutton Driver Training Centre

Flyers for Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week can be found here and BIKEFEST here

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Canberra Motorcycle Awareness Week
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Berragirl 11:38 pm 28 Oct 09

A lot of scooters sold in Canberra are min 125cc, many are 200cc or higher. How is a scooter of any decent capacity any poorer than a motorbike of the same capacity (particularly with LAMS operating here)? So long as the 2-wheels are capable of travelling at the legal speed limit, where is the problem?

Scooter riders undertake the same training to get their licences as motorbike riders. They generally spend more time in the course focussing on actual riding skills, as they don’t have to stuff around learning all about gears. If riders of any 2-wheeled transport (sports bikes, scooters, cruisers, tourers, dirt bikes, etc.) choose to ignore the sensible people at Stay Upright and be completely under-dressed for their mode of transport, then I guess it’s their skin grafts, etc. Helmets are the only mandatory piece of gear.

On the comment about scooters being unsafe, using bike lanes/sides of roads to go at slow paces, perhaps they were electric bikes? These look scarily similar to a motor scooter (travel at a reasonably fast speed & yet only require a bicycle helmet). People on those often use the same travelways as bicycles, as that is what they are classed as. There are quite a few around town.

J Dawg 5:28 pm 26 Oct 09

George D said :

As a motorcyclist, you’re vulnerable and not always seen, and I can sympathise as a cyclist. However, the solution is simply to take more care, not blast my ears out.

In my case, taking more care involves being a ‘bit too loud’ for some people. I ride a 250cc bike, stock everything. I’ve had people shout at me numerous times before for the whiny noise it makes. Why? Because the effective power range of my bike appears be between 9,000 and 12,000 RPM (It redlines at 13,500). This is also the range where it sounds like ‘a whiny piece of shit’. Anything less than this and there is simply not enough torque to get myself out of a dangerous situation, such as someone about to move into my lane and knock me off the road. So I prefer to ride in traffic with the ability to use power if I have to. If this interrupts some 17 year old P-plater singing along to the latest pink album, too bad.

And +1 to cranky about scooters. They are fantastic in Europe, not so much in Canberra. Not as much power and not as much control as a motorcycle. They should be banned.

jase! 3:22 pm 26 Oct 09

it doesn’t come down to volume, it comes down to perception. There are only 2 kinds of bikes that car drivers “see” on a regular basis.

Big white touring bikes, especially if the rider is wearing a white helmet. The reason for this is it looks like a police bike and failing to notice it might cost you money.

the other is Harley Davidsions being ridden by a rider with a black open face helmet, bandanna and dark sunnies. I guess the reason for this one is people are scared that hitting a bikie might result in a sound beating or death.

When I had my BMW and wore a white helmet it was like Moses parting the red sea. seeing the look on peoples faces when they realised i wasn’t a cop was even better

It depends on how quickly they come up behind you. If the rider is doing 30km/h or more faster than you, they can be on top of you with very little warning, especially when they are weaving through steady traffic.

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