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Canberra’s Best Orthodontists


A great smile can be your biggest asset.

If you or your child suffer from crooked teeth, a bad bite, or misaligned jaw you will require the services of an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist who has undertaken an extra three years of specialist training at university.

Largely known for straightening teeth, orthodontists provide a number of treatment options for children, teenagers, and adults including fixed and removable plates, metal braces, ceramic braces, invisible braces, and clear aligners.

A good orthodontist will make sure you or your child get the correct procedure for your problem, and hopefully, your new smile will give you or your child a renewed sense of confidence.

What Makes a Good Orthodontist?

How do you know your orthodontist is the right one for you or your child? Ask yourself if they have these qualities of a great orthodontist.

  • Impeccable qualifications and reputation. When it comes to a great smile, the results speak for themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask your orthodontist about their qualifications and experience. Some orthodontists have before and after photo’s on their website so you can get an idea of what to expect.
  • Latest technology. Staying up to date with current techniques and equipment means you get the best possible outcome in the shortest time necessary.
  • Orthodontics work is not cheap. Your first worry may be, how will I pay for this? Ask if your orthodontist offers a flexible interest-free payment plan.
  • Child-friendly. The orthodontist can be a scary place for kids, look for an orthodontist that provides children with a fun and relaxed environment. For example, some clinics have a games room with Xbox and Play Stations.
  • Cleanliness. Orthodontic surgeries should use what is known as Class B or hospital grade sterilisation procedures.

The Top Orthodontists According to You

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

We’ve done some of our own research and come up with what we think are the top orthodontists in the Canberra region.


Orthoclinic is located in a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility in Manuka, Canberra.

You will feel instantly welcome and relaxed as soon as you enter Orthoclinic with a complimentary refreshments bar, comfortable seating for parents of patients, and a handy tooth brushing station. There is even a game/internet station for your use while you wait for your appointment.

But it’s not all about the fun, Orthoclinic also offer the very latest technology including 3D tooth modelling, the highest standard of x-ray machine that emits up to five times less radiation than standard machines and hospital grade sterilisation procedures. And to top it all off, Orthoclinic can arrange for you to pay your bill on a flexible interest-free payment plan.


Supersmile was established in 1998 by Dr Hyde who is now joined by Dr Temo and Dr McConnell. With the goal of being the friendliest, most caring and fun practice in Canberra, they offer Play Stations and Xbox, fun patient activities, dress up days and Fun Tuesdays.

All this fun plus the very latest equipment, Invisalign, plasma curing lights, fully computerised practice, mainly non-extraction treatment (80%), runs on time, coloured braces, clear braces, registered specialist orthodontists, orthodontics for adults and children and up to 24 months interest-free plans. Every patient at Supersmile is treated to the same standard that Dr Hyde would treat his own family.

Embrace Orthodontists

Embrace Orthodontists is an award-winning practice with two locations in Manuka and Belconnen. Dr Pazios and Dr Papas have performed over one thousand Invisalign procedures, so if you’re looking for experience you will find it at Embrace. Invisalign has awarded them Black Diamond status.

Embrace put patients first, they can offer treatment from the age of 7 to adults, use the latest technology including a modern scanner that eliminates the need for impressions, and offer interest free flexible payment plans.

Who did you pick?

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback on the best and worst Canberra Orthodontists.

If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Comment below detailing your experience with Canberra based orthodontists. Who would you recommend? Who would you use again? Who would you steer clear of?

What's Your Opinion?

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30 Responses to Canberra’s Best Orthodontists
Shosh Shosh 5:17 pm 31 Oct 17

Has anyone had their braces with Dr Graham Shaw at Hawker? Dr Gita Mazaheri took over the business from Dr John McMahon at Charnwood and I do not believe they do orthodontics

Paul65 Paul65 10:00 pm 21 Jan 16

Dr Brice is excellent though you’ll need to turn your hearing aid up to hear what he says.

Previously tried Glenn Carty, I found him to have an appalling bedside manner.

jameswilson jameswilson 6:10 pm 10 Jul 14


Super Smile Orthodontics is absolutely the best! Not only do they do a great job of giving you an awesome smile, but they actually listen to what’s going on in your world. They have been organising weekly and monthly events for years and my daughter definitely likes the face painting day! Now how many other orthodontists do that?! I’m so glad we chose them!

avaabrownn avaabrownn 8:33 pm 25 Jun 14

+1 Supersmile Orthodontist

Last month, my mum asked me to accompany her to her orthodontist. I can say that my mum has a high standard of picking orthodontists. I was happy with what I saw, so much so that this month I am scheduled with Dr. Hyde for clear braces.

cholemartin132 cholemartin132 1:57 pm 17 Jun 14

I highly recommend Super Smile Orthodontics; it has been a great experience and I am glad to say that I had the opportunity to get my Incognito braces fitted with them. It has changed my life and smile completely, because now I can say that when I smile, I feel better about myself. This is why Super Smile is the place to go, the staff make you feel comfortable, and every patient I spoke to in the waiting room also had similar views.

jakeprice112 jakeprice112 6:42 pm 05 Jun 14

I recommend Supersmile. They are the most polite and accommodating Orthodontists around. Dr. Hyde and his staff really know how to make my daughter and son feel comfortable and stay calm. Each procedure done at the office has always been explained in details to each and every one of us. Dr. Hyde is fun loving and full of energy. He has definitely found his calling and that is helping patients feel comfortable and confident in their new braces as well as learning the importance of keeping a healthy smile.

TDB TDB 10:53 am 20 Apr 10

I’d just like to say that I have found Dr Glenn Carty fantastic, our son has been with Dr Carty now for two year and the work that he has done is Amazing! The staff are very nice and friendly. we also have a payment plan that we pay monthly.

cleo cleo 11:12 pm 03 Mar 10


If you are on a low income you may be able to have the work done for nothing at Westmead Dental, don’t ring Canberra public dentists they wouldn’t have a clue, ring Westmead, I advised a friend to do this as her daughter needed braces, all she had to do was get a referral from the public dentist, her daughter has lovely straight now.

    Keryn Markham Keryn Markham 12:18 pm 05 Dec 19

    CLEO. ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Westmead in Sydney or did you see someone in Canberra for your daughter?

motleychick motleychick 4:15 pm 03 Mar 10

Also would not recommend Dr McGlaughlin. He did my braces about 6 years ago now and when he took them off put a wire at the back of my bottom teeth to stop them from moving but not on my top teeth. When I queried it he said the top teeth didn’t need it and I should wear my mouthguard at night. My top teeth have now moved (not too much, but enough for me to be angry about considering how much money my parents forked out for my braces) and after discussing check ups for afterwards and saying that they would send me reminders, etc. I never heard from them again.

Have to get my wisdom teeth out and would love any recommendations about a good dentist for that. I have heard that Dr Hardwicke in Woden is very good.

nazasaurus nazasaurus 1:17 pm 03 Mar 10

Totally agree about avoiding Dr McGlaughlin, Mountain and Carty. The practice staff were rude and unhelpful, they charged like a wounded bull and after 2 years of braces, my teeth have moved, have spaces from where (healthy) teeth were extracted, and my wisdom teeth which he recommended I dont remove have caused more movement in my teeth and should have been removed right at the start.

I went back to get them fixed and they couldnt have been less interested in seeing me after 6.5K+ that I’d paid.

tillyard tillyard 4:56 pm 24 Jan 10

Here is who NOT to go to:

I got my braces at Tuggeranong with Mountain and McGlaughlin. They had 2 practices then and when I moved to the Northside it was where Glen Carty is in Gungahlin. BAD IDEA.

I’m not sure which one I got, Mountain or McGlaughlin, but he was TERRIBLE. The whole time he was working on my teeth he would chat with the assistant and pay no attention to me. I was told I’d have braces for about 6 months to 2 years. It ended up being 3 years. I was told I’d need a retainer for 6 months. Now, 5 years later I still wear the retainer every night and if I skip a night my teeth are still moving as it’s tight to put the retainer in.

They don’t tell you that your teeth will need permanent retention BEFORE you cough up $6000.

And by the way, my two top front teeth are still crooked. 3 years and he still couldn’t get the damn things in line. Well he DID for a while, then it’s as though he deliberately made them crooked again.

Now I don’t wanna give them BOTH a bad name since I can’t remember the name! But if you get this guy, you’ll know it. Don’t stay there, find someone better.

AND I don’t think much of Glenn Carty in Gungahlin either!!!

lizt lizt 12:59 pm 05 Dec 09

Thanks for the feedback Snarky- very much appreciated! Dr Brice sounds like a good starting point for me!
Im hoping to shop around but as its usually not possible to obtain a ‘quote’ over the phone, without actually having to attend an appointment in person, ‘shopping around’ could become quite expensive with all those consult fees. I realise cost depends on the complexity of the problem but Id just like to get a feel for what’s reasonable before I start forking out for initial consultation fees.

I did attend an appointment last week, with a Dr on the Northside, and was quoted approx $6500 treatment + $400 consult fees for an 18 week treatment plan. Through my online research Ive found most people pay under $5000 for a straightforward 1-2 year treatment.
What did you pay for your daughters treatment with Dr Brice Snarky? How long did the treatment last for?

Snarky Snarky 2:09 pm 02 Dec 09

lizt said :

Call me cynical but I’m a little suspicious of all these recommendations for Dr Brice?!
Either his family and friends have been busy posing here as satisfied clients or he’s a really sh#t hot dentist- hopefully the latter!?…

I’ve been quite surprised at how many kids get orthodondics these days. When I was my daughter’s age and then right through high school (about 3 decades ago now!) I can only recall perhaps 2 kids who had braces. In contrast I’d estimate that fully two thirds of my daughter’s friends have had them at various times throughout the last 5 years.

So, in reply to your comment no, I’m not a shill, and given that there are relatively few specialised providers for what appears to be a booming service area it’s not totally surprising that a few names should surface regularly.

But shop around – if you find someone else not too expensive but who does good work be sure to post an update. I still have one more daughter who may need their assistance .


lizt lizt 12:01 pm 02 Dec 09

Have a friend who was very impressed with Dr Manani of Manuka- anyone had any experience with him?

lizt lizt 11:57 am 02 Dec 09

Call me cynical but I’m a little suspicious of all these recommendations for Dr Brice?!
Either his family and friends have been busy posing here as satisfied clients or he’s a really sh#t hot dentist- hopefully the latter!? 😉 I’ll definitely check him out but I’m on a low income so I mightn’t be able to afford him.

I have been quoted approx $6500 treatment + $400 consult fees over a 18 week treatment plan. Is this a reasonable expense for treatment with regular braces? Id really appreciate any feedback on the costs of treatment, i.e. total expense of the entire process, experience with payment plans etc! TIA

Archangel Archangel 7:00 am 16 Oct 09

My dentist (Dr. Scott Park at Preventive Dentistry) refer me to see Dr. Pazio at Manuka. He isn’t cheap (in comparison to others), but he does wonderful work and I do trust my dentist’s recommendation.

Try him out, but you will need your dentist referral to go and see him…I think….?

deezagood deezagood 7:59 pm 18 Aug 09

kctiger – that is so weired … I just spoke to somebody today who recommended the same guy! Now I have too many options to choose from!

kctiger25 kctiger25 6:59 pm 18 Aug 09

Same place as Dr Brice is Dr Whittle, great with kids, mine absolutly love him!!

Nemo Nemo 11:39 am 15 Aug 09

My son got braces a couple of weeks ago. We went to Dr Pazios – Belconnen and Manuka. It was a little on the expensive side but I have been very pleased with his work so far.

After the braces were fitted, someone mentioned an orthodontist in Hawker who was considerably cheaper and did a great job – almost half the price I paid. Shop around and get quotes.

pug206gti pug206gti 10:18 am 14 Aug 09

Dr McMahon in Charnwood (maybe now in Hawker?) was recommended for my sister’s braces.

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