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Canberra Orthodontist Recommendations?

By deezagood - 13 August 2009 28

It appears that our poor children have been cursed with inheriting a not-so-winning combination of their parent’s ultra manky-teeth genes.

Major orthodontic overhauls are in our future (there goes the overseas trips).

Can anybody recommend an Orthodontist in Canberra?  

I remember those miserable days of digging-in wires and aching teeth with dread, so an orthodontist skilled in the early-intervention/space-making retainers would be an advantage.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Canberra Orthodontist Recommendations?
lizt 11:57 am 02 Dec 09

Call me cynical but I’m a little suspicious of all these recommendations for Dr Brice?!
Either his family and friends have been busy posing here as satisfied clients or he’s a really sh#t hot dentist- hopefully the latter!? 😉 I’ll definitely check him out but I’m on a low income so I mightn’t be able to afford him.

I have been quoted approx $6500 treatment + $400 consult fees over a 18 week treatment plan. Is this a reasonable expense for treatment with regular braces? Id really appreciate any feedback on the costs of treatment, i.e. total expense of the entire process, experience with payment plans etc! TIA

Archangel 7:00 am 16 Oct 09

My dentist (Dr. Scott Park at Preventive Dentistry) refer me to see Dr. Pazio at Manuka. He isn’t cheap (in comparison to others), but he does wonderful work and I do trust my dentist’s recommendation.

Try him out, but you will need your dentist referral to go and see him…I think….?

deezagood 7:59 pm 18 Aug 09

kctiger – that is so weired … I just spoke to somebody today who recommended the same guy! Now I have too many options to choose from!

kctiger25 6:59 pm 18 Aug 09

Same place as Dr Brice is Dr Whittle, great with kids, mine absolutly love him!!

Nemo 11:39 am 15 Aug 09

My son got braces a couple of weeks ago. We went to Dr Pazios – Belconnen and Manuka. It was a little on the expensive side but I have been very pleased with his work so far.

After the braces were fitted, someone mentioned an orthodontist in Hawker who was considerably cheaper and did a great job – almost half the price I paid. Shop around and get quotes.

pug206gti 10:18 am 14 Aug 09

Dr McMahon in Charnwood (maybe now in Hawker?) was recommended for my sister’s braces.

bd84 10:33 pm 13 Aug 09

bubzie said :

Yeah. What everyone else said, dr brice is wonderful 🙂

(according to my mother, he mumbles, which she was kinda irritated about, may of just been her?)

It’s probably your mothers hearing going 😉

Dr Brice was excellent when I was a younger fella 10 or so years ago, he’d probably be horrified if I returned and discovered how long it’s been since I last went to the dentist.. lol

bubzie 9:48 pm 13 Aug 09

Yeah. What everyone else said, dr brice is wonderful 🙂

(according to my mother, he mumbles, which she was kinda irritated about, may of just been her?)

Snarky 9:39 pm 13 Aug 09

Dr Brice for the orthodontics was very good with our daughter, but relatively expensive. Fortunately they have a payment plan.

At the end of it all she still needed to get wisdom teeth out, and while Dr Brice did recommend a surgeon who, while I’m sure is very good at his job, was also fairly expensive. We found Dr Carmelo Bonnano (on the ground floor of the same blg as Dr Brice at Woden) for the wisdom teeth surgery was excellent and markedly cheaper by just over $1000.

Here’s hoping your kids don’t need wisdom teeth out, but if they do, check him out.

No relation, just a satisfied customer.

deezagood 8:50 pm 13 Aug 09

Thanks guys; I think Dr Brice seems to be unanimous … making an appointment tomorrow. Goodbye future holidays 🙁

Gin02 8:43 pm 13 Aug 09

Dr Pedley (Belconnen) did a great job fixing the mess another Orthodontist made of my mouth(the first guy was a fan of filing away bits of tooth too make space, thankfully I think he has retired!).

What the first guy took three years to barely achieve, Pedley did in just over 12 months.

ainslie 8:38 pm 13 Aug 09

Can highly recommend Dr Brice in Woden.

Whatsup 8:11 pm 13 Aug 09

Dr Mountain in Tuggeranong

A really nice bloke who seems to put the patient a priority over extracting huge amount of cash from the parents.

AussieRodney 6:59 pm 13 Aug 09

Dr Brice in Woden


sunshine 6:46 pm 13 Aug 09

Dr Brice in Woden – Brice Whittle and Co. He is FANTASTIC

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