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OzPhoenix 20 May 2010 10

I’m after some help from the RiotACT hivemind. Simple question: Is there anywhere in Canberra that still deals with supplies for film photography? Everywhere seems to have gone digital – at least according to the yellow pages and websites.

I’m after somewhere that stocks medium format 120 film, chemicals and film developing equipment (developing tanks, reels, etc) for purchase. Is there such a place, or must Canberrans now rely on websites for such old fashioned supplies? (If so, feel free to point me to some.)


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10 Responses to Canberra Photography Supplies
dannybear dannybear 2:17 am 22 May 10

dannybear said :

I’m a photographer that used to shoot with 120 and expect to pay about $7-15 per photo (thats for film then developing resizing ex.)

Allso i forgot to add. If your using a lomo camera (russian camera) you can use 35mm film in them just search it on youtube

ProudTenant ProudTenant 10:24 am 21 May 10

Contact the Canberra Institute of Technology – they have a brilliant photography department. Just call 6207 3188 student information and ask for the best contact name and number. They do all kinds of developing and would know where to point you to for supplies.

dannybear dannybear 10:05 pm 20 May 10

I’m a photographer that used to shoot with 120 and expect to pay about $7-15 per photo (thats for film then developing resizing ex.)

mistertim mistertim 9:16 pm 20 May 10

Ted’s in Bailey’s Corner stocks all this stuff and Camera House in Civic also has a bit, but they’re dodgy so avoid them. For most of what you want (everything except the developing chemicals) the best deals are on eBay. You can get the best prices on 120 film there and second hand developing tanks, etc are very common.

cross cross 6:27 pm 20 May 10

Bica Prolab now in Green Square Kingston

astrojax astrojax 3:17 pm 20 May 10

or bica prolab, in fyshwick, will possibly have much of what you’re after. ted’s, as others mentioned, should stock most of what you’re after.

otherwise, call photoaccess, the public access dark room – they’ll doubtless put you on to suppliers.

good luck and happy shooting!

OzPhoenix OzPhoenix 2:58 pm 20 May 10

Thanks guys, great info. Teds is on my to visit list so I will definitely check that out. I’m almost resigned to just paying to have the film developed in the end, but that still begs where to get some 120 from. However with the answers above, it looks like I can get it in Civic and then hopefully maybe get it developed there.

Oh, and thanks for that flickr group. I’ll add it.


Inappropriate Inappropriate 2:44 pm 20 May 10

Your best bets are in the answers given above. Failing that, keep an eye out on for people selling the stuff.

Gus929 Gus929 2:32 pm 20 May 10

Ted’s in Civic (Petrie Plaza not Canberra Centre) had a film fridge with some 120 the last time I was in there, and they also stock some common chemicals (D76/ID-11/etc.) They can order other things too, IIRC.

Vanbar in Melbourne ( have a pretty comprehensive range for online order, minimum shipping charge is $18 though. :|.

Depending on exactly what you need, I might even have some things you can have for cheap (I have a few spare developer chems, spare old film & some surplus developing equipment, all lying around.)

Finally, you might get some good answers from the Canberra Photographers group on flickr:

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 2:21 pm 20 May 10

I might be out of date but I thought Ted’s under Bailey’s Arcade and Canprint opposite the Myer end of the Canberra Centre were both still into fillum and supplies. Photoaccess would be able to provide information as well.

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