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Special G 16 January 2007 13

I just spent the last week holidaying in Melbourne and noted some differences and similarities that often come up in discussion points on the site.


We took our own car on the trip. Whilst in greater Melbourne I was tailgated regularly, cut off, saw people turning left from right lanes, right from left lanes (not hook turns), speeding, parking across two lanes at intersections, and one car parked (I am guessing broken down) in the middle lane outside the MCG at the finish of the cricket which caused some merry havoc.

What I have come to realise is that drivers are crap everywhere. Whinging about how bad Canberra ones are is a waste of time because there’s a fair chance they moved here from somewhere else anyway.

In Melbourne it took far too long to get anywhere so I’ll take Canberra roads and traffic anyday.

Home security

We stayed with some friends in the burbs. We didn’t have a set arrival time and when we rocked up at their house they were all out. Home security consisted of a fly screen door (unlocked) and car unlocked. We found out this is a normal state for the house and no one in the area bothers to lock their doors and crime is extremely low. There is also no government housing in the suburb or the adjacent ones.

It was nice to see that people can live in an area without the fear that someone will ransack there house. At least in Vic they have a good chance the offender will be shot whereas in the ACT they get an angry finger waved at them and are doing it again before the ink on their sentencing paperwork is dry.

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13 Responses to Canberra v Melbourne
smokey4 smokey4 8:23 pm 16 Jan 07

Well Melbourne and Canberra both loose power when it gets to 40c. All those 3hp reverse cycle air conditioners are going to have to be recycled and replaced with something more green.

darkladywolf darkladywolf 1:57 pm 16 Jan 07

I found trains, trams and busses easy to find, and catch while I was there. I also thought paying a single price (about $13) for an all day pass that worked on all three was a great idea.

andy andy 12:44 pm 16 Jan 07

yep.. we were stayin on st kilda road, so jumped on and off trams quite a lot.. into the city, back out, down to st kilda an dback a few times.
avoided the ticketman the whole time, which was good.
We were well located, and it was heaps easy.
Even the bus we had to catch out to highett, wasn’t too bad. took an hour or so, out not so bad.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 11:38 am 16 Jan 07

Did you hop on any of the local transport? I am interested on how it compares with canberra =)

andy andy 11:13 am 16 Jan 07

i actually found driving in melbourne (apart from my dodgy map, and lack of geographic awareness)to be fine. I was stressed by being lost, and being out of a comfort zone, as such (i can navigate canberra with my eyes closed) but I found the drivers in general to be really really good.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 10:49 am 16 Jan 07

“Yes, but Canberra doesn’t have Greeks, Serbs and Croats running amok at sporting events! :)”

They’re all from the same damn country anyway – just ask them!

poptop poptop 10:29 am 16 Jan 07

“Yes, but Canberra doesn’t have Greeks, Serbs and Croats running amok at sporting events! :)”

We seem to be too busy shooting them in Kingston

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:17 am 16 Jan 07

Yes, but Canberra doesn’t have Greeks, Serbs and Croats running amok at sporting events! 🙂

edlang edlang 10:13 am 16 Jan 07

What about speeds? Do they regularly drive twenty to thirty kilometres above the speed limit, too? Watching buses and taxis do 100km/h south Adelaide Ave at peak times is crazy…

Sammy Sammy 9:51 am 16 Jan 07

no one in the area bothers to lock their doors and crime is extremely low.

In Victoria, 1 in 97 people was burgled in 2005, compared to 1 in 71 in the ACT, and 1 in 65 in NSW.

So yes, Victoria would seem to be a better place to live, in terms of ‘unlawful entry with intent’.

dr. faustus dr. faustus 9:48 am 16 Jan 07

Having driven in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney over the Christmas/New Year period, my experience is that Canberra drivers are a little worse than Melbourne drivers, but there are so few Canberra drivers that driving in Canberra is much less stressful.

Sydney drivers, on the other hand, are so much worse than either Melbourne or Canberra drivers it isn’t funny. I *hate* driving in Sydney.

Ralph Ralph 9:48 am 16 Jan 07

Well it is a positive.

simto simto 9:22 am 16 Jan 07

Ah, only on Riotact would you hear “Melbourne Police shoot people” said as a positive…

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