Canberra – We Sell Weapons!

Ntp 6 June 2007 13

ABC 666 Canberra (perhaps an apt number in relation to this story) informs us that local company EOS has just signed a 4 year, $50mil deal with a an “undisclosed country” to suply whoever that may be with their Stabilised Remote Weapon Station (SRWS).

I hope they’re our friends …

[ED (Ntp) – Thanks to Mr Evil for finding confirmation that it is indeed the yanks who EOS are selling their high tech toys to.]

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13 Responses to Canberra – We Sell Weapons!
Ntp Ntp 3:33 pm 06 Jun 07

Have another look Al, my previous comment looks fine to me 😉

Al Al 2:32 pm 06 Jun 07

“Thanks Al. I’m normally picky with grammar too, sliped [sic] up this time. Sorry.”

And again it would seem… 🙂
…he says, laying himself wide open to being dumped on next typo…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:35 pm 06 Jun 07

Took me awhile to remember where I’d seen it!,20867,21843805-31477,00.html

Ntp Ntp 11:50 am 06 Jun 07

Thanks Al. I’m normally picky with grammar too, slipped up this time. Sorry.

Mr Evil, any info to back that or like me just the best guess given the current info?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:21 am 06 Jun 07

I believe it’s the US who has bought the system.

It’s to stop their gunners being shot while using the pintle mounted machineguns on tanks and APCs.

Al Al 11:12 am 06 Jun 07

Grammar gripe:
their – possessive – “that is their belief”
they’re – abbreviation for “they are”

soulman soulman 7:25 pm 05 Jun 07

My concern isn’t so much who we sell it to. Unless of course the order form says Bin Laden. But rather security when it reaches the end user. The Australian military has weapons go missing. In Papua, a staggering number of the weapons (almost 2/3) that Australia gave to their military has gone missing* and is likely in the hands of militia and extremists. Or worse, for sale on the black market.

By all means trade military hardware/toys with allies to foster economic and defense cooperation. But make sure they lock them up after playing with them!

*Source: Foreign Correspondent, ABC

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 7:01 pm 05 Jun 07

Well according to EOS’ media page in their own press release and again in an article in the Asia-Pacific Defence Report it looks very likely to me to be one of Singapore, UAE, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, “others in the Middle East” (Israel?) or the US.

Having said that for any sale to go ahead they would require an end-user certificate from DFAT and Defence. Given human rights, political and other historical factors an end-user cert. is unlikely to be granted to any Middle Eastern country including the UAE and Israel and likewise for Singapore, Thailand and Sri-Lanka. Our Govt. will allow the sale of items to friendly countries (such as dingies to the Philippines) but tends not to let the sale of weapons, as opposed to support items, or high end tech items be sold to those with even slightly dodgy human rights records.

In addition although Singapore could easily afford such items, high end tech sales have in the past not be sold to them because CIS (Chartered Industries Singapore – now part of ST Engineering) have had a tendency to be a little cavalier with the western concept of intellectual property laws, reverse engineering things they like rather than buying them. Thailand could also afford such an amount but would unlikely be allowed given reasons above but additionally having had a coup recently.

All in all it would be a surprise if the contract was with anyone other than the US although given the past announcements of winning contracts with the US why this would not have been announced as such rather than as a “foreign country”.

soulman soulman 6:41 pm 05 Jun 07

A $50mil contract to supply Stablised Weapons Platforms.
Ha, big deal. I picked one of those up on eBay last month.

Pandy Pandy 6:37 pm 05 Jun 07

EOS is losing staff left-right-centre.

futto futto 6:28 pm 05 Jun 07

be warned fellow rioters! Stanhope is arming his minions with the funds amassed from the school firesale of 2006.

MWest MWest 5:49 pm 05 Jun 07

A good summary of the SRWS can be found in this press clipping on EOS’s website…

areaman areaman 5:29 pm 05 Jun 07

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